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How Many Episodes Does The Sex Lives of College Girls Have?

Sex Lives of College Girls
Sex Lives of College Girls

The Sex Lives of College Girls episodes are causing a banger among the people, and we are here to discuss it all. As the name already suggests, you might have understood that the series focused on teenagers and comedy as well as drama. Mindy Kaling has directed the project. She has been working on such shows for quite a while now and gained major popularity from her Netflix show Never Have I Ever. The Sex Lives of College Girls was released on HBO max last year, and we are sincerely looking forward to another batch making up the second season.

Well, let us wrap up the details about that as well. As for the story, we see the spotlight thrown at teenage girls who are just 18 years of age. These four roommates are living together at a fictional educational institution called Essex College located in Vermont. They have a very active sex life but have to hide it from others of their same age. There are various hardships that life is throwing at them while managing their studies and their degree. This gives us an opportunity to entertain from that.

The first girl we have is Kimberly. Her role is reprised by Pauline Chalamet. She is a student the Essex College who is managing her work and studies. She has come from Arizona. Kimberly has grown up in a very small town in the city, which is majorly white. Then we see Bela, the second girl in the group. Her character is enacted by Amrit Kaur. Bela comes from New Jersey and is an Indian American student. She has dreams of becoming a comedic writer. Her persona is very sex-positive. Then we see Leighton.

How Many Episodes Does The Sex Lives of College Girls Have?

A still from The Sex Lives of College Girls

Her part is done by Renee Rapp. Leighton does not want everybody to know that she is a lesbian. She comes from New York City and has a great legacy. The fourth member of their group is Whitney. Her role is reprised by Alysh Chanelle Scott. She is a great soccer player who has come to Essex College from Seattle. Whitney comes from an elite American family as her father is a U.S. Senator. She is having an affair with her assistant soccer coach. Well, let us get to know more about the series.

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How Many Episodes Does The Sex Live of College Girls Have?

The Sex Lives of College Girls season 1 is made up of 10 episodes. We are looking forward to a second season at HBO Max, which shall also contain a similar amount. Also, there is a great news for you guys about the series. The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 is official. Given the fact that we have the show wrapped up in December of 2021, there are chances that a new season might drop soon. A release date has not been decided yet. The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 release date might be somewhere in October till December.

Where to Watch


The Sex Lives of College Girls is available to watch on HBO Max right now in the United States. The basic plan of the platform starts at 9.99 dollars a month, although it is an ad-supported version. The higher version is ad-free and is staked at a price of 14.9o dollars.


Fans from United Kingdom can watch The Sex Lives of College Girls on ITV Hub. It is the cheapest option to use in order to watch the show. ITV Hub gives away a subscription for just 3.99 dollars a month.

Amazon Prime Video

People in the UK also have an option to watch the show through a demand on Amazon Prime Video. You can buy any episode in HD for 2.49 pounds. The entire season can be bought in HD for just 7.99 pounds.


The finale of The Sex Lives of College Girls seasons 1 presented itself with a hard time for Kimberly. It was seen that her punishment requires her to retire to her dormitory. Although, she will also be needed to present her entire case in front of the honor board at her college. This means that Kim might even get an expulsion, although not for sure. When she breaks this news to her dad, he is initially furious and disappointed at the news. Although he assures her to take care of and that her family will love her no matter what.

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