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At The End Of The Road Manhwa Review: Serious Story Telling!

At The End Of The Road Manwha Review Serious Story Telling - a review

Manhwa has some of the most mature audiences in the community because of the type of manhwa available in the industry. Surely the community of manhwa is not as big as the Manga community, but lately, the attention on this genre is getting popular, and it is bringing diversity as we speak.

At The End Of The Road is a type of manhwa that not every reader can comprehend due to the complex yet realistic plot. It does, however, reflect a very serious tone at the reality of society and its struggle with some mix of fantasy, fans will have a good time if they decide to read it. 

However, getting into a new story could be a hassle, and at the time of the reading, some might have a different opinion on the matter, which might have them question their choice. Since everyone has so little time in their life due to other pesky things such as “Work” and “Living In Society,” we wouldn’t want you or anyone to have their precious time wasted on something that won’t turn out to be good, and we’d rather you spend it on something else.

Thus, we have brought an article with a review for the At The End Of The Road manhwa series and give you a thorough understanding of the subject in mere 700 words. With that being said, here is the review for At The End Of The Road manhwa series by Haribo.

At The End Of The Road Tells An Interesting And Realistic Tale of the Society With Yaoi Setting

The reason lately that the manhwas such as At The End Of The Road are getting famous lately is due to the Yaoi setting they have. Which has not only piqued teenagers’ interest in the matter but has been a way fictional stories that soothe them in the way they want them to be.

At The End Of The Road Manwha Review and plot

The Yaoi genre is defined as the fictional portrayal of Boys’ Love towards each other. So yes, if you are comfortable reading and looking at the graphics of Boys’ Love, then At The End Of The Road is definitely a way to go. Interestingly, the plot of the series is something that could attract anyone’s interest despite other interesting features.

The plot of the manhwa is based on a boy who is transferred into another boy’s body and thus living a life in his life and standing up to society. The narration of the story begins when Taemins gets a dream where he is killed in an accident on the very same day when the boy has jumped off the building.

To his luck, Taemin soon meets this fate, and some supernatural elements transfer him into the other boy’s body. Now living as Soowin, Taemin realizes that the former has had a difficult life due to very harsh bullying in his lifetime. But since Taemin is now living as Soowin he has the power to stand up for himself and face society ahead.

He soon meets Woojin, who is a childhood friend of Taemin, and realizes that it is Taemin living in Soowins. Thus begins a new adventure for Taemin and Woojin.

Give At The End Of The Road A Try

The manhwa is not as graphic as the other Yaoi manhwa series, and thus if you are looking for Boys’ love more than anything, At The End Of The Road might disappoint you.

However, the story and the character development of has some interesting features, and it has a realism of the society and talks about the bad of the society that no one highlights. We do honestly believe that the plot of At The End Of The Road deserves to be read by more from the manhwa and manga community.

This manhwa is recommended to be read by adults as some parts of the series could get really graphic and narrate things that the viewers might not be comfortable with. So please, consider it reading only if you are an adult.

This manhwa won’t explain the only supernatural element used at the beginning of the series, but the rest of the content pretty much makes you forget the only flaw in the series. Make sure to come back and leave your comments regarding the series once you have read it for others down below in the comment section.

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