How To Watch Soul Land Episodes? Streaming Guide

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Soul Land
Soul Land (Image Credit: WeTV)

People will hardly forget the most watched donghua (Chinese animation). It is the most popular and most followed donghua by local audiences, as of 2020, with every episode having 200 million views. It started broadcasting in 2018 with 250 episodes in China in Mandarin Chinese. Later, a series based on the same content called ‘Douluo Dalu’ got released in 2021.

Soul Land, also known as Soul Continent, gets based on the fantasy novel called ‘Douluo Continent,’ which contains 315 chapters and 45 volumes written by Tang Jia San Shao. The series is full of drama, sci-fi, adventure, action, animation, and more.

Tang San, the protagonist of the donghua, commits an unforgivable crime by stealing the most secret concepts of the Tang Sect for his betterment. It is how Tang San has to die and get reincarnated in the parallel world, where he begins with a new identity and adventures. Japanese anime lovers may consider it an ‘Isekai,’ where the protagonist goes into another world.

The voice actors for the donghua are Zhao Lu (for Dai Mubai), Huang Ying (for Zhu Zhuqing), Zhai Wei (for Tang San), Zhihao Su (for Ma Hongjun), Tao Dian (for Xiaowu), Li Changfei (for Ning Rongrong), and Zhao Qianjing (for Oscar).

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Soul Land Plot

Tang Sect, also known as Tang Men, is an organization that stands in the Heaven Dou Empire and gets known for assassinations through poisons, hidden armor, and lightness skill. The original Tang Sect gets divided into two sects: the inner and the outer sect.

The disciples in the Outer Sect remain busy using and developing hidden mechanical weapons. On the other hand, the disciples in the Inner Sect must master the courses such as Mysterious Jade Hand and Purple Demon Eye. Similarly, they must possess extremely powerful eyesight and hand strength.

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Tang San, the protagonist, who created and mastered hidden weapons, remained only in the Outer Sect. However, he committed an unforgivable crime by stealing the secrets of the Inner Sect to boost his skills. It did not get tolerated by the Tang Sect, and he jumped off a cliff to prove his dedication.

The Chracters In Soul Land
The Characters In Soul Land (Image Credit: Mobile Mode Gaming)

Tang gets reincarnated in another called Douluo Dalu, a world with no martial arts, magic, or fighting, where everyone has an in-built spirit. Every spirit has different levels of power, and people can strengthen them. Those born with powerful spirits can boost their spirits to be the ‘Spirit Masters.’ Such professionals get respected by others, and luckily, Tang San and his father are Spirit Masters.

After getting reincarnated, Tang gets the same name and memories from their past life. He gets raised by an alcoholic blacksmith, Tang Hao, who is a Spirit Master. Tang inherits the useless spirit power skill, as considered by many, called the ‘Blue Silver Grass’ from his mother. He later realizes that he has also inherited the most powerful spirit skill called ‘Hammer Spirit’ from his father.

So, the series focuses on Tang’s journey of meeting new friends, the Seven Devils Of The Shrek, and enemies while boosting his spirit skills. However, he continues to learn and grow from all ups and downs. Japanese animated series is called ‘Anime,’ but remaining countries may consider Soul Land the same.

So, the noun does not get restricted for Japan. However, to stick with the Chinese origin and avoid confusion, we call the series a ‘donghua.’ The story also has a manga adaptation that has a notable amount of fans. The donghua is already a hit but has dragged the story a lot.

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Soul Land Release Date

The first episode of the anime named ‘Soul Land’ got released on 13 January 2018, and the next episode will get aired on 27 May 2023 (Saturday). It will be the 261st episode and the 119th episode of the eighth season. All episodes get released every Saturday.

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Xiao Vu And Tang San In Soul Land
Xiao Vu And Tang San In Soul Land (Image Credit: WeTv)

Soul Land Streaming Guide

WeTV, the fourth largest video streaming platform in the world, streams Soul Land. Similarly, it is one of the biggest online video platforms in China. The site contains all 263 episodes of the series as of now. The content on the site might not be available in all nations due to government bans. Mundo Donghua, GamesHunters, Izfanmade, and Hax Talks are some fansubs groups that have translated the series into other languages.

Soul Land Episode 261 Time Schedule

We are in the eighth season of Soul Land, and the 20 minutes long 261st episode will get released on 27 May 2023 (Saturday) according to the following time zones:

  • EST (Eastern Standard Time): 08:00 hrs on 27 May 2023 (Saturday)
  • PST (Pacific Standard Time): 05:00 hrs on 27 May 2023 (Saturday)
  • JST (Japan Standard Time): 21:00 hrs on 27 May 2023 (Saturday)
  • CST (China Standard Time): 20:00 hrs on 27 May 2023 (Saturday)
  • KST (Korea Standard Time): 21:00 hrs on 27 May 2023 (Saturday)
  • BST (British Summer Time): 13:00 hrs on 27 May 2023 (Saturday)

Soul Land Upcoming Episode List

The upcoming episodes of Soul Land (Season 8) will get released as follows:

  • Episode 261: 27 May 2023 (Saturday)
  • Episode 262: 03 June 2023 (Saturday)
  • Episode 263: 10 June 2023 (Saturday)

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