Who Does Hayato Kisaragi End Up With in Hundred? Answered

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Hayato Kisaragi Love Interests
Hundred Anime Main Cast - Hayato Kisaragi and Emilia Gudenburg (Credit: The Otaku Author)

Curious to know whom Hayato end up with? Then you have come to the right place. Hundred, the light novel series by Jun Misaki, is one of the fan-loved series released in the year 2012. There are a total of 18 parts of the novel, which were published from 2012 until 2018, and all of them encircle the adventures of Hayato as a slayer. But what fans love to talk about the most is Hayato’s love interests and whom he falls in love with in the end.

Hundred, the light novel series, has got manga adaption and anime adaption as well. It was illustrated by Nekosuke Okuma in the year 2016, and Production IMS released the anime episodes in the month of April 2016. Hundred has received worldwide acclaim for such a unique storyline and amazing characters. So, what the light novel series Hundred is all about?

Hundred takes you to the world of Hayato Kisaragi, where creatures called Savages are present who want to wipe out humanity. As fighting them is not an easy task, Hayato’s country needs a trained military power who can skilfully kill the Savages, and that is why Little Garden School is formed, which trains young boys who eventually become a part of the military. Hayato Kisaragi joins the school and gets deeply involved in fighting savages and learning the mysteries surrounding them.

Throughout his training, Hayato also receives immense powers called Hundred and gets involved with his classmates to investigate the hidden and darker truths of the Savages while engaging in multiple combats with them. Hayato’s journey is a worthy experience for all those who love supernatural thriller genres, and his love story makes this Light Novel series more intriguing. So, what happened with Hayato and his love interest in the end?

Who are Hayato’s Love Interests in Hundred?

In Hundred, there are several who became Hayato’s potential love interests. As Hayato Joins Little Garden School, he meets and becomes friends with many at the school, who also help him combat the Savages. One of the potential love interests of Hayato is Claire Harvey, one of the main characters of Hundred, who is also the president of the students’ club at Little Garden School. At first, Claire is depicted as Hayato’s rival in school; However, gradually, she begins to develop feelings for him.

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The second potential interest of Hayato is Sakura Kirishima, a sweet and gentle girl who has special healing powers. Because of her compassionate nature, everyone in her group admires her for always helping and supporting others. However, she develops a crush on Hayato and always emotionally supports him. But she is not the one whom Hayato ends up with because Hayato gets romantically involved with one of his childhood love during the events of Hundred.

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Hayato Kisaragi and Claire Harvey
Hayato and Claire From Hundred (Credit: DeviantArt)

Emilia Gudenburg, the third princess of the Gudenburg Kingdom, meets Hayato during their childhood. Both of them quickly become friends and develop feelings for each other. However, Gutenberg becomes a victim of the attack by Savages. During the attack, Emilia gets severely injured, but Hayato saves her life. After the attack, Hayato and Emilia part ways as they become variants and meet again at Little Garden School.

At school, even Emilia becomes a part of the selection to become a slayer and also becomes a part of Hayato’s team. Emilia never forgets any memory of Hayato, and when she sees her childhood crush, Hayato, again, all her memories with him start to rekindle. As she enters the school as a boy with a different name, she cannot tell Hayato about her real identity. So, do they end up with each other in the future?

Hayato Kisaragi and Emilia Gudenburg Relationship Timeline

After the attack on Gudenburg, Hayato and Emilia have to part ways because they become variants. However, they are destined to be together, and that is why they meet again at the school for the “Integrated Hundred” selections. As Emilia runs away from Gudenburg to attend school, she has to keep her identity discreet, being the third princess of the Kingdom of Gudenburg. That is why Emilia pretends to be a boy and finally arrives at the place where her childhood sweetheart is.

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Emilia remembers everything about Hayato, and that is why she never hesitates to be close to him. Emilia, since the beginning of their training, always supports him through all of Hayato’s good and bad situations. Gradually, Hayato starts admiring Emilia and becomes her best friend. As they are always seen together, even many of their classmates assume that they are gay and dating each other.

Hundred Anime
A Still From Hundred Anime(Credit: The Chunni Corner)

Finally, When Emilia and Hayato go on their first mission together, Hayato discovers Emilia’s identity. Emilia, who is fearless in expressing her feelings for Hayato, explains why she kept her identity private and how much she loves him. Hayato soon remembers everything about Emilia as she helps recollect all of their memories together. Emilia also tells him that both she and Hayato are variants and has immense variant powers.

As Hayato is unaware of his powers as a variant, Emilia helps him learn how to control his powers. Sometimes, she also kisses him to deactivate his powers. Soon Hayato starts getting more closer to Emilia, and they finally begin dating. On their first date, Hayato gifts a necklace to Emilia. However, Hayato takes some more time to express his feelings due to his introverted nature and nervousness about being in a romantic relationship.

Do Hayato and Emilia End Up Together?

Even though Hayato and Emilia are romantically involved, their relationship faces numerous threats. The Savages, the biggest enemies of the Slayers, are the biggest threat to the lives of Hayato and Emilia. However, with their utmost skills, they always fight the Savages and manage to be together. Apart from this, there are many from Little Garden School who consider Hayato as their love interest.

As mentioned earlier, Claire and Sakura both fall in love with Hayato, and that is why both of them also become the greatest enemies of Hayato and Emilia’s relationship. Claire always tries her best to end their relationship, but winning over Hayato’s heart is near impossible for Claire because of Emilia’s presence in his life. Due to Clair and Sakura’s constant tries to end Emilia’s relationship with Hayato, surely, they face many problems and get on the verge of breaking up, but they never lose faith in each other, and that’s what helps them overcome all the obstacles and thrive.

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Emilia and Hayato Relationship Hundred Anime
Hayato and Emilia from Hundred (Credit: Love Is Real – Tumblr)

Claudia Lowetto, who reconciles with Emilia during a mission, wants Emilia to go back to her kingdom, assuming that the people of her kingdom need her. However, Emilia always refuses to go back, and that is why Claudia gets curious to know the reasons behind it. Soon, she gets to know that Hayato is the only reason she does not want to go back to her kingdom and serve the people of her society.

Claudia attempts to create problems in Hayato and Emilia’s relationship in order to persuade her to return to Gudenburg, but she loses every time. As her final move, she decides to bring Hayato and Claire together, as she knows that Claire has feelings for Hayato. She tries creating misunderstandings between Emilia and Hayato singing Claire, but both Hayato and Emilia are inseparable from each other, so, in the end, despite Claudia’s numerous attempts, Emilia and Hayato end up together.

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