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How to Watch The Intern? Why is the Movie So Popular?

The Intern came out several years ago but fans are still searching about where they can watch the film released in 2015. The Intern gives us the themes of friendship and how old age changes people. There is a lot of wisdom involved in the tale and Anne Hathaway obviously rocks the screen with her perfect performance. We see a casting call going around the city by the company owned by Jules Ostin. This attracts the eye of an elderly man named Ben Whittaker. He is leading a very boring life at 70 years of age.

Having an opportunity to work just anywhere and look forward to each day excites him. He becomes a senior intern at this online fashion website. Soon, the CEO Jules and Ben become friends and she starts sharing all her problems with him. Ben has literally no one, no family left, and sees Jules as her own child. He goes out of his way to protect her feelings and help her even in her married life. Reviews were neither very bad nor very positive for the film. As for the box office results, the film was a success. It gained over 194 million dollars while being made on an initial budget of just 35 million dollars.

The cast includes actor Robert De Niro as Ben Whittaker. He is the 70-year-old intern at Jules’ company. He has begun an affectionate friendly relationship with the CEO. He helps her with the day-to-day tasks but is surely having a hard time understanding the new technology with which the company works.

Where to Watch The Intern

Robert and Anne as Ben and Jules respectively on The Intern

Then we have Anne Hathaway enacting the character of Jules Ostin. She owns an online clothing brand and it gets really busy in her office Jules is a workaholic. In her introduction, we see her riding a bicycle around the whole office and fixing everything. She is a down-to-earth person and treats everyone with kindness. She has a husband and a daughter.

Where to Watch The Intern


The title is available on Netflix right now. It can even be streamed with the service’s basic plan starting from 8.99 dollars. Its standard plan costs around 15.99 dollars and allows streaming on two devices at once. Then we have the premium version costing 19.99 dollars that provides access to four screens and multiple devices with some content even streaming on 4K.

Amazon Prime Video

The platform offers the viewers to watch the film in HD through demand. Yes, you will either have to rent The Intern or buy it. People can choose to rent it for 3.99 dollars or it can be bought at 4.99 dollars. If you are renting the film, it should be started within 30 days of the transaction. If you do not finish it within two days of starting, the content will be lost again.


The plot of this film follows Jules Ostin as she is working very hard in order to build up her company. At one point, she even offers to deliver bridesmaid dresses in one day to a buyer who had some issues with their clothes. When Ben enters the office as an intern, he feels very lost. Having worked in a slow and offline environment all his life and retiring almost a decade ago, the technology seems to make him uncomfortable. Well, there is nothing that scares him though as Ben takes on the responsibility to learn new things.

Obviously, while running a big business, Jules comes across a lot of obstacles. We see that Ben has started to help her with those. Impressed by his wisdom and a different approach to every problem, Jules starts spending more time with him.

One day, as Ben picks up Jules’ daughter from school and is dropping her off at home, he witnesses her husband cheating on her with another mother in the neighborhood. As it turns out, Jules had a hint about it but let it slide because she is always busy and her husband might need someone to spend time with. But this is obviously breaking her heart as the couple might have to take divorce soon. Ben meddles in between and has a talk with Jules’ husband. This changes his mind and the two try to come over this issue in their marital life.

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