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The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 Episode 14: Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch


The Real Housewives of Potomac S7 Episode 14’s air date is sooner than you think; if you are one of those who missed the recent episode, dont worry as we will recap the thirteenth installment along with the disclosing of The Real Housewives of Potomac S7 Episode 14’s release date and streaming guide.

Juan Dixon, Robyn’s spouse, and her two boys, Corey and Carter, are fitted for formal wear by a bespoke stylist. Juan has consented to sign the prenuptial agreement, so she can start planning her marriage. She said they hoped to get married in July to this party planner.

The month of July remained 40 days away as they shot this scene. Robyn, stop telling lies! I hypothesize that they all got together in advance to plan what to say, and they then hired this man to come through with a tape measure so the producers would have content.

As it’s her b’day, Karen informed the audience that she and Ashley would be sharing the hosting duties for this trip. Ashley is in charge of the activities and has set the ladies up for a demanding schedule while they are there. No drinking margaritas while relaxing by the pool.

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Recap of The Real Housewives of Potomac S7 Episode 13

Ashley wants to make sure the women are exploring and taking in their surroundings’ culture. I’ll honor that. Additionally, it provides us viewers with greater material. We got a better look at Jackie and Mia’s relationship. Jacqueline would frequently ask Mia to monitor her children, start taking care of them, and even feed them at the time, which Mia said made her angry.


Mia became weary of that over time. I don’t at all blame her. She should not feel responsible for looking after them because they are not her children. Mia and Jackie had a contentious argument about parenthood when the women were on the flight to México.

According to what the other actors were saying, the topic of the talk was their divergent views about how to teach their kids. Jacqueline reportedly added that it takes a community to raise families, but you wouldn’t know anything about that, according to Mia.

The cast attempted to talk to Mia and Jacqueline about their issues when the women were finally let out of the aircraft and seated. They both said they would soon be OK because they argue like this frequently as sisters. Jacqueline claimed that she thought this one was their worst argument ever.


She argued with Mia, who made her remember the time she hurled a rock at her in the 10th standard for refusing to let her copy her arithmetic assignment. Mia mentioned the brick toss, and Jackie commented that she thought Mia required “more d-k.” Mia’s reaction to this could have been more positive.

Before finally channeling her internal NeNe Leakes and telling Jackie to maintain her legs covered around married guys, she warned her not to “challenge me.” The women go outdoors to the shore to see a healer after this violent altercation between Mia & Jacquline, who are now no longer best friends.

The ceremonies often serve as a moment of reconciliation for women who have serious conflicts to settle. The shaman’s methods failed. When Mia attempted to embrace Jacqueline as the women were finishing up and going around the circle with hugs, she received the silent treatment.


It appears like Jackie was sincere when she yelled at Mia, “I’m through with you.” Moreover, in all honesty, that is the right course of action. For some odd, Charisse annoys Karen. We all do not know exactly, but we’d all want an explanation to understand the tension between these two.

Charisse arrived at Robyn’s crazy gaudy family entertainment day event. As quickly as she arrived, Karen raced to the other side of the field, pretending to feel unwell before scurrying away from the situation.

Charisse was the only member of the cast who did not get an invitation to Karen’s live concert event, & Gizelle and Robyn felt bad for her. The women were particularly perplexed since Karen made a special effort to bring ex-Housewife Kate Rost.


Jackie, a recognized “friend of” this season, was also invited. Gizelle made it clear that she would investigate during their Mexico trip.

The Real Housewives of Potomac S7 Episode 14’s Release Date

The Real Housewives of Potomac S7 Episode 14’s release date is Sunday, January 15, 2023. The Real Housewives of Potomac S7 Episode 14 will premiere on Bravo at 8 pm in the USA. While fans from other nations can stream The Real Housewives of Potomac S7 Episode 14 at noon AEDT (January 16), 6.30 am IST (January 16), 1 am GMT (January 16), and 7 pm CST.

The Real Housewives of Potomac S7 Episode 14: Where to watch

The Real Housewives of Potomac S7 Episode 14 will air on Bravo at 8 pm for American viewers. In comparison, fans from regions other than America have to cross-check the times with their respective hours to stream The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 Episode 14 easily via Bravo app, Peacock app and NBC app.

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