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Rikudou Chapter 203: Release Date, Spoilers, Time & How To Read

Rikudou Chapter 203
CC: Rikudou

Are you excited about Rikudou Chapter 203? We got you!! The next translation of the manga chapter is all set to release this week. Before revealing the release date and how-to-read guide of the manga, let us first take a look at the introduction and characters of the story. 

Rikudou is unpopular and it’s more of a hidden gem. The manga focuses on the character Riku and the wild things that happen and continue to happen in his life. Riku had a rough life filled with crime and tragedy and because of that this manga is very dark and covers themes and topics that you don’t really get touched on a lot in anime and manga today. So, if you like those kinds of things, in a fictional sense of course, then this is right up your alley. 

There are a lot of gruesome and graphic things that happen as the story unfolds, I am talking about things like murder, drugs, rape, prostitution, gangs and the list goes on.

In the first chapter, we get to see Riku, punching his father’s hanging corpse, now you might be thinking, what on earth was this, and what’s going on; Well, Riku’s dad own money to the Yakuza but he wasn’t able to pay it off, so he decides to kill himself in the house while his son, Riku, is home. 

This is also where we first get to see the former boxer turn Yakuza, Kyousuke Tokozawa. He walks into the house looking for the money that Riku’s dad owes, and sees Riku is punching his dead father, and you know what he does?

If you are thinking of calling the cops, then you are dead wrong. Instead, he punches Riku and then he punches his dad’s dead corpse to show Riku, how to through a proper punch. He also tells Riku that his dead father was a loser.

Rikudou Chapter 203

CC: Rikudou

After this incident Ruku gets sent to live with his mother, so think that things are starting to look up for our main character, Right? Nope, wrong again. It turns out that Riku’s mom is a drug addictive prostitute. She is so addicted to drugs that she goes down on her drug supplier in front of Riku because she is craving them so badly. 

This makes Riku starts to yell at his mother to stop, which pisses off her drug supplier and makes it start beating up Riku. During this beating Riku manages to throw a counter punch which ends up killing his mother’s drug supplier. Keep in mind all of this everything that we have just said, happens in the first freaking chapter. 

Rikudou Chapter 202 Release Date

Chapter 202 of Rikudou opens with the protagonist, Riku, standing in front of a door. On the other side of the door is his mother. Riku feels nervous about this meeting, but his friends and coach encourage him by reminding him that they will be there for him and that he should make the most of this opportunity to reconnect with his mother. 

When Riku opens the door, he sees his mother lying on a hospital bed, with a doctor standing by her side. As Riku approaches the doctor, he greets Riku and expresses how glad he is that Riku has come to visit his mother.

Rikudou Chapter 203

CC: Rikudou

The doctor also informs Riku that his mother had a scare a few minutes ago, but she is stable now and the medical team is doing everything they can to save her. The only thing that matters is that they can use this moment in the best way possible

Rikudou Chapter 202 Release Date

There is not any specific scheduled date for the release of Rikudou. Although the most expected release date for Rikudou Chapter 202 is Monday, January 16, 2023.

  • 08:30 PM in New York City, USA (EST)
  • 01:30 AM (Tuesday) in London, UK (GMT)
  • 04:30 AM (Tuesday) in Paris, France (CET)
  • 10:30 AM (Tuesday) in Tokyo, Japan (JST)
  • 09:30 AM (Tuesday) in Sydney, Australia (AEDT)
  • 04:30 AM (Tuesday) in Mumbai, India (IST)
  • 03:00 AM (Tuesday) in Beijing, China (CST)
  • 07:30 AM (Tuesday) in Seoul, South Korea (KST)

How To Read Rikudou Chapter 202

You can read the upcoming Rikudou Chapter 202 and the previous release on the official site of Shonen Jump Plus, although officially, it is only available in raw format. 

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