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Yellowjackets Season 2 Renewal: Is There a New Season in Plans?

Yellowjackets Season 2 Release Date

American drama television series created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, Yellowjackets is a series that premiered on Showtime on November 14, 2021. The show had received critical acclaim for its story and cast performances. Ever since its renewal for the second season in December 2021, fans are excited to know about the Yellowjackets Season 2 release date. In this article, we will be looking in detail about that. The show tells us a gripping supernatural story, and just after premiering the first five episodes, it was renewed for the second season. It signifies how much influence the show has had since its release in society.

Yellowjackets examine what happens to the survivors of that plane crash mentioned above in the immediate aftermath and then what’s been happening with them 25 years later. We could see the survivors are still struggling to process their trauma, and it soon gets both very mysterious and ugly. Now that the Season 1 finale has aired, fans all want to know about Yellowjackets Season 2.

Yellowjackets Season 2 release date


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What happens in the Season 1 Finale of YellowJackets?

While covering the Yellowjackets Season 2, We need to also look at what all had happened in season one. Let us recap what had happened in the Season finale of YellowJackets. Before we look at the YellowJackets season finale, we would like to give a spoiler warning for those who still haven’t completed the first season.

The last episode of season one of yellowjackets has been a huge whirlwind of shockers. Another member of the Yellowjackets meets her in the finale episode, but it was not even the most shocking part. Many events took place in the very little time of the season finale, and we will be looking at them in detail about them.

The sun rises on the Doomscoming aftermath, and the teenagers wake up, confused, on the forest floor, where all look bedraggled and freaked out. Among them, only Jackie was the sober person the night before. She shows up and sees the others, and she gets pissed. Coach Ben informs everyone that they were in ‘shrooms, courtesy of Misty.

Yellowjackets Season 2

YellowJackets cast members

When everyone turns to Misty, she confesses that it was only meant for Ben. Meanwhile, a giant BEAR wanders in front of the cabin before everyone can even process what’s been going on. Natalie goes in search of a gun, and the others try to make a distance away from the beast. Instead of being with others, Lottie walks toward the bear, quietly asking Shauna for the knife.

When Lottie gets quite close, the bear lies down in front of her like a golden retriever anticipating a Sausage. She uses this opportunity to stab the bear and kill it. Everyone decides to cook the bear for survival, and at one point, Shauna even goes ahead to lick the bloody knife but is stopped by Akilah when she said it would make her sick. Inside, Tai notices Van wearing the bone that Lottie gave her and starts to tease her on who the wilderness has made her into believing anything.

At dinner that night, Van suggests a blessing before they eat; they need to do the blessings, and Lottie leads it. Jackie doesn’t join in, which hinted to the sparks that will be seen for the rest of the episode. Seeing this, Shauna starts yelling at Jackie. To which, Jackie tells everyone that Shauna’s baby is Jeff’s. Shauna says Jackie is a self-involved jerk who doesn’t care about anyone else and doesn’t know about the girl she calls her best friend.

release date

Yellowjackets young cast members

Jackie replies that Shauna is so jealous of her. In response, she says she feels pity for Jackie, calling her tragic, boring, and insecure. Shauna says that High school was the best her life would ever get. This offends Jackie and orders, Shauna out. Instead of leaving, she asks Jackie to leave. Coach Ben tries to cool things down but gets quickly overruled.

Jackie heads outside, saying she doesn’t even know who she is. Shauna shoots back that maybe she will never. Elsewhere, Natalie finds Travis in the woods and asks if he’s OK. Later, he can’t find Javi, and Natalie offers to help, but he refuses. He soon begins to cry and apologizes for sleeping with Jackie. he opens up that he loves Natalie, and they hug and cry.

Outside the cabin, Jackie tried to get the fire started; Shauna went out and apologized. She brings Jackie inside, and the group wraps her in blankets in front of the fire. Everyone tells them how much they love her, handing her hot chocolate. The wannabe pilot asks her if it’s as bad as he thought. By this time, it becomes clear that Jackie is no longer among the living.

Then a man in the shadows at the back of the cabin says he’s so glad they are joining them and have been waiting for her. In the attic, Shauna wakes up abruptly. She realizes it’s very cold in the cabin as she can see her breath. Outside she sees a blanket of snow covering Jackie. She runs to unearth her former BFF from the snow. Shauna shakes the girl, crying, and asks her to wake up.

Yellowjackets Season 2


Meanwhile, we see Lottie taking the bear’s heart and placing it on the show’s tree altar. Misty and Van, who accompanies her, kneel reverentially behind her as she puts down the organ. While seeing the bear heart on the tree altar, she tells Now, let the darkness set us free in French. Fast forward to the present-day, Misty picks up industrial-strength cleaning supplies from the nursing home where she works and drives to Adam’s apartment for Operation This Never Happened.

Misty tasks Shauna with dismembering her dead lover and assigns Nat as an assistant. Misty and Tai scrub the crime scene, and Natalie asks Shauna if she still remembers how to do that. Natalie thinks that Adam had something to do with Travis’ death, and Shauna thinks Travis killed himself. With the dismemberment done, Shauna hands a bag that contains Adam’s head and then hands it over to Misty.

She’ll get rid of them, and the rest of his body will get buried in a remote area of a park. Shauna wears a dress that Jeff bought, and Tai shows up at the event and takes a moment before entering the gym. Shauna wonders how she is very scared for the whole day. Then Natalie and Misty arrive. Allie hits on Jeff, and Kevin Tran finds Nat looking at a photo of Travis. She tells him that they were a lot alike. Tai, Misty, Shauna, and Nat do shots.

Shauna threatens to kill Randy if he ever tells anyone about their blackmail scheme. Allie puts together a slide show about the unfortunate soccer team, then calls Class King Jeff to dance with Shauna, who’s standing in for Class Queen Jackie. The next morning, Misty tells her adventures to Jessica but is hesitant to release her, wondering if she goes to the police when released.

Jessica assures Misty that she’s a fixer as she has cleaned up messes for the rich and the powerful and has seen LOTS of stuff that she shouldn’t. She tells Misty that she’s got no plan to involve the authorities. Hearing this, Misty unlocks her. Jessica says she’ll talk to some contacts at big lit agencies. They have a little back-and-forth about how Misty threw out Jessica’s cigarettes as they’re bad for her.

While driving away, Jessica lights up and soon starts feeling woozy as she goes through the flashback where Misty injects the cigarettes with some kind of drug. Jessica slows the car onto the sidewalk and stops as she passes out. The good news in the episode is that Tai wins her state senate run against all odds and predictions. The bad news is that Simone goes to the house to pick up a few things.

She heads to the basement and notices something weird about the grate in the wall. She finds blood on the floor and in the crawlspace behind the grate upon closer inspection. At the Sadecki household, Jeff and Shauna watch Dateline and seem to be having a great time hanging out on the couch. When Callie comes home, she gets weirded on seeing her folks getting along so well but eventually joins them.

While watching the tv, she sees the news report about Adam and how he’s gone missing. Meanwhile, at Natalie’s motel, she seems to have to accept Travis’ death was a suicide and nothing more. She cleans up, sits on the bed, and prepares to kill herself with the shotgun. But just before she kills herself, someone busts in the door and stops her from doing something stupid.

But it was Misty who came there with a group of four people, one of them wearing one of the wild symbols on a necklace. They swoop in, grab Natalie and then load her into a van and take off. It was at the same time when Nat’s old sponsor, Suzie, left a panicked voicemail saying what she had landed him into as he discovered who had emptied Travis’ bank account and found out that it was Lottie Matthews. But no one knows who she is, and we will only know the answer next season.

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Is YelloJackets coming for another season?

Great news for all those waiting for yellowjackets season 2 release date, as it has been officially confirmed that the show will be returning for another season where Levine told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement that They have been overwhelmed by both critical responses as well as the audience response of the series.

Since the show even made it into the Best of 2021, it was inevitable for the show producers to bring the show for another season. Fans were excited to see when their favorite show was announced through the official Instagram handle. In the title, it was mentioned. Those girls were special. And champions. The #Yellowjackets will be returning for Season 2.

Yellowjackets Season 2 release date

The show creators have confirmed that the production of the series will soon be complete, and it is expected that Yellow Jackets Season 2 will be released at the end of 2022. The show creators further confirm that they are planning for an annual cycle and want to maintain momentum in that. This can also be confirmed as a hint for the Yellow Jacket Season 3.

release date


Season one of the series was premiered on November 14, 2021, and if we consider that, we can expect the yellowjackets season 2 release by November 2022. Along with that, the initial showtime of the series during its first season was at 10 p.m. ET on Sundays. As for streaming, YellowJackets is available to stream on Voot, Showtime Anytime, Pluto TV, FuboTV, Roku, Hulu, Sling TV, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. When Yellowjacket Season 2 arrives, we are expecting to see the series at the same time. As for the number of Yellowjackets Season 2 episodes, we expect it to be similar to the first season.

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What can we expect in the Season of Yellowjackets Season 2?

Yellowjackets tell the story of a high school girls soccer team who gets stranded after a plane crash in 1996 while on their way to a tournament. The survivors soon realize that they have descended into violence and even cannibalism. Fast-forward to 20 years since the accident, we are soon met with the players going through some changes.

We still don’t know what had happened to them and for which we have to wait till the next season to know more. For all those wondering if Season 2 will be the last season of Yellowjackets, then we don’t think so. While there isn’t any official confirmation for the third season of the series, since the show has a wide appearance, we can expect it to soon come for another or even more seasons. We are saying this because the show creators had pitched the show specifically with a five-season arc. So we can hope that we will be able to see the series fully tell its story as intended by the creators.

Yellowjackets Season 2 release date


Who all will be returning for Yellowjackets Season 2?

While the series had been announced for another season, it hasn’t been made official who all will be coming for the next season. But given how much Yellowjackets jumps between the past and the present and how much it relies on dream sequences and flashbacks, we can be assured that most cast members will probably return unless anyone quits from the series.

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