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Who is Mr. Bean’s Daughter? Rowan Atkinson and Lily Sastry Lifestyle and Relations

Lily Sastry
Lily Sastry

Eager to know about Lily Sastry Lifestyle? Well, Lily Sastry is the daughter of Mr. Bean, who is a very famous comedian and actor. Her father’s real name is Rowan Atkinson, who became famous worldwide for his character as Mr. Bean in the British series of the same name. Lily took her first breath in the world in 1995 with Sunetra Sastry, a beautician and highly acclaimed artist, Rowan Atkinson. She is very close to her experienced brother Benjamin Atkinson. She concluded to keep her mother’s surname after her first name when her parents segregated, and later it was disclosed that Rowan Atkinson is now together with a young woman. Their relationship status has not been revealed due to their secretive nature. Lily loves to turn on music, especially R&B and pop. Apart from her work, she also likes to see dance exhibitions.

Lily entered the acting world as a child artist and first appeared in the 2004 children’s film Tooth. Later, she, along with her father, was portrayed in the film Mr. Bean’s Holiday and Jonny English Reborn. She is a self-cultivated artist and is known for her execution, singing, and various vaudeville movements. Being the daughter of a famous man, and living up to everyone’s expectations, was always a challenge for Lily, she thought. Lily is a British citizen and belongs to a mixed ethnic group. She attended a private all-girls school. In addition, she has been taking acting and singing lessons since she was five years old.

Lily Sastry Lifestyle:

Do you know about Lily Sastry Lifestyle? Well, Although Lily had a career and started working at a very young age, Lily’s net worth and exact salary are not available. However, she is the daughter of a celebrity and, of course, enjoys the great fortune of her parents. According to sources, Rowan’s her father’s estimated net worth is around $130 million, and he accomplished this amount from his acting career.

Lily Sastry Lifestyle

Lily Sastry Lifestyle

Likewise, her mother, Sunetra, is also no less than her father, as her mother’s estimated net worth is around $15 million. She made this vast fortune as a makeup artist. If you look at the great wealth of her parents, we believe she must enjoy the great wealth of her parents. She must have lived a lavish lifestyle as a celebrity kid. Also, she is pretty active on social media and has a lot of followers there. On Instagram, she usually posts selfies on fashion and lifestyle. Also, it is believed that Lily’s estimated net worth will be around $3 million (USD) in 2021.

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Personal Information:

Lily entered the media as a kid craftsman. In 2004 she put her legs in the entertainment industry with her first short film TOOTH, after which she worked on her father’s world-famous comedy series “Mr. Bean.” Again she worked with him in Johnny English Reborn. Despite the ambitious initiative, she chooses a fickle route and begins studying supper clubs. When she got her big exhibition, she was given her name LILY on two consecutive nights, which became a huge success. Lily also loves to sing and often records her songs and performances and broadcasts them to SoundCloud. She is multi-player and performing as a singer and artist and has received high praise from the media and critics for her performances.

Lily Sastry Lifestyle

Lily Sastry with her father


Lily started her career in 2004 with the role of “The New Recruit” in the children’s film “Tooth.” She later appeared in small films such as Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007) and Johnny English Reborn (2011) and shared screens with his father.

Lily also likes to sing and often writes her songs and creates melodies for them. She plays well with her individual personality and, along with her father in Mr. Bean, gaining a wide fan base in her own basket. Despite an ambitious start in the film, Lily must seek her imagination to become an exhibitor. She likes to sing often. Eventually, with the help of her father, she recorded these songs in the studio and uploaded them to SoundCloud. At the same time, she also began to learn cabaret. Lily decided to play in the big venues and made her first appearance in “The Pheasantry,” a famous club in London, and her show tickets for a woman were sold out.
In addition, her burlesque performance attracted many positive reviews from critics, and she soon became a successful player. In the future, she repeated the same show at the St. James Theater, which is in London. For now, she continues to host her performance across the country.

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