Xdinary Heroes members: Meet the new band from JYP

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Xdinary Heroes members

K-pop music is not restricted to any one type of music type. We have groups, soloists and bands. Xdinary Heroes is one such band. The band debuted in December 2021 to good responses. The group is under JYP Entertainment, which is also known for its boy band Day6. If you love such music or are just beginning to like Xdinary Heroes, you must be curious about the members. I’ll tell you all about them and their official positions in the band.

The buzz around Xdinary Heroes started before their official debut. In July 2021, JYP trademarked the name Xdinary Heroes. No wonder, netizens started speculating if a new boy group/band is on its way. In October 2021, a video teaser was released too, which ended with the message, “We are all heroes”. After this teaser, JYP also dropped teasers for every member, giving an idea to the netizens about their position in the band. The band made their debut with the song “Happy Death Day” on 6 December 2021.

Members of Xdinary Heroes

The name Xdinary heroes is an abbreviation of Extraordinary Heroes. Their message is that anyone can be a hero. Therefore, a great message from a young band can be really influential, and Xdinary Heroes members are doing that.

A month ago, they have dropped a video, teasing their new comeback, making the fans excited.


Gun-il, born on 24 July 1998 is the oldest member, as well as the leader of the band. His position is that of a drummer. He was born in South Korea, but has lived in the US for sometime. He and his family moved to US when he was in 6th grade, so maybe 11 years old. In order to cope up with the new culture and ambience, he got into playing the drums. His love for drumming made him enrol at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where his major was music. He debuted in Xdinary Heroes at age of 23.

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Xdinary Heroes
Gun-il of Xdinary Heroes


Jung was born on 26 June 2001 in South Korea. Jung had always wanted to be a singer, and was also a part of the Vocal club in his school. His passion for music grew, and his teacher suggested him to audition for a label. Hence, he auditioned for JYP Entertainment and got it. Initially he was the part of Dance trainee team with another member of the band. Eventually both of them were suggested to join the band trainee program, wherein he trained for 3 years. Jungsu is now the Keyboardist in the band.

Xdinary Heroes
Jungsu of Xdinary Heroes


Gaon, born as Kwak Ji Seok is a South Korean singer. He was born on 14 January 2002. His journey with music goes back a long time too. He was a part of a co-ed band in middle school, where he played the guitar. He was a part of the band until his high school ended. Hence, before his debut, Gaon had already been playing guitar for 5 years. Currently, Gaon is the guitarist in Xdinary Heroes.

Xdinary Heroes
Gaon of Xdinary Heroes


O.de was born on 11 June 2002, as Oh Seung Min. He first joined JYP Entertaimnet after a private audition in 2018. As I mentioned above O.de also joined the Dance team with Jungsu. But later he was persuaded to be a part of the Band trainee program, because of his excellent sense of rhythm. He has trained in JYP Entertainment for 3 years, which is the longest among all the other members. Now he is the in-charge of sound effects in the band.

Member xdinary heroes
O.de of Xdinary Heroes

Jun Han

Jun Han was born on 18 August 2022. His given name is Han Hyeong-jun. He used to play guitar in high school too. Jun Han used to study at the New York Practical Music Academy in Gimhae. Eventually he ended up joining JYP Entertainment when he was preparing for an exam for entrance at a private academy. Jun Han is the guitarist in the band. All members of Xdinary Heroes are truly talented right from the start.

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Xdinary Heroes
Jun Han of Xdinary Heroes


Jooyeon was born on 12 September 2002, in South Korea. He is the maknae of the band, despite the fact that most of the members are ’02 liners. Like his other Xdinary Heroes members, he also used to be a part of school’s music club and played guitar. He eventually convinced his parents to let him post videos on YouTube. From there, he got scouted for many agencies, but eventually he chose JYP Entertainment. Currently, he is the bassist in the band. Even though, he was more familiar with guitar, yet he managed to learn the instrument and is now a great bassist.

Xdinary Heroes member
Jooyeon of Xdinary Heroes

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