Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16 Release Date: Everybody Says Goodbye!

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode16 Release Date
Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode16 Release Date

We reach the exciting finale of Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16. This spin-off of the AMC-favorite zombie show reaches yet another exciting conclusion as it climaxes with emotional story arcs that, as you will see, will put you on the edge of your seat. But reader, beware! There are massive spoilers in our recap.

Fear The Walking Dead is a companion series to TWD, it’s set in California and Mexico, telling the story of Madison Clark and Travis Manawa, along with Madison’s kid, as they reinvent themselves amidst a zombie apocalypse and the ensuing drama resulting from said reinvention. Now on its seventh season and concluding, the series is full of emotional moments! Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the episode!

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode16 Release Date
Morgan has bad news

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Recap

The episode begins with Alicia’s followers capturing her and transporting her to a stretcher by the water. June notices her waking up and informs her that she is dehydrated. June tells her that the tower is on fire. Strand Is still in the building; he refuses to leave. “She heard the message,” Alicia says after seeing a masked girl. She dashes away, telling Alicia she has to get to Padre. Alicia is also heading in the same direction. When Alicia sees the girl, she calls out to her.

When Alicia looks down at her hand, she panics and notices herself turning. Later, Alicia awakens in sweat, in the MRAP, with her hand severed, the girl present, and she claims to have taken care of her. Alicia inquires why she did not remain when she assisted her in the woods. Alicia asks her if she is sure her friend can find Padre, and she confirms. Alicia informs her that she will die because everyone who is bitten dies. The girl shows her a bite mark on her arm, and she is still there. She begs her to accompany her to the tower to find her friend, after which they can all find Padre.

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A Zombie In The Way

A walker is approaching, and Alicia goes to kill it before collapsing. The girl tells her that the zombie nearly killed her. She tells Alyssa that she, too, used to have dreams and that her friend will assist her in getting rid of them. When they arrive at the tower, everything is on fire. Alicia tells her that they must leave because they will both perish if they go to the building. Alicia collapses, and walkers rush toward her, but the girl has a hammer, and she dispatches them.

Alicia has returned on a stretcher. June arrives and informs Alicia that they will not leave without her. Dwight is also present, and he claims to have heard her S.O.S. Alicia inquires as to her whereabouts. They have no idea who she is referring to. Daniel and Luciana are also present, and Alicia wants them to accompany her to the tower to assist the girl.

Ready To Leave At The Beach

Everyone on the beach is getting ready to leave. Luciana looks out the window at the fire. June informs her that they are prepared and cannot miss the tide; Alicia will have to catch up. They are strutting their stuff, says Luciana. Alicia radios Luciana and informs her that she is at MRAP, that she can barely speak, and has found someone else.

Strand asks Alicia why she saved him; Strand once asked her mother the same question, and she said she did it because she knew who he was. She tells him it’s not about him but her. She claims she is pressed for time and requests that he find a place for everyone else. As her eyes close, he calls her name and tells her to stay with him. We then see June, who informs Alicia that her fever is rising.

Saying Goodbye

Charlie kneels near Alicia and bids her farewell. Daniel gets down on his knees and tells Alicia that he will see her again. Alicia refuses to leave, but Strand insists on accompanying them. She says no because she doesn’t know how much longer she has before turning. She says she’ll stay back if anyone hears her message and heads to the tower.

A bird chirps around Alicia as she awakens. She takes a sip of water from her bag. She notices that she does not have a fever. She looks up and sees her younger self, and her bite has healed, which she interprets as proof that she saved her. Alicia says she feels like herself for the first time in a long time.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode16 Release Date
Saying goodbye

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16 Release Date

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7 will release on June 5, 2022, on AMC at 21:00 hrs Eastern Time, United States. To begin, the episode will be titled “Gone”, it was directed by Sharat Raju out of a script written by Andrew Chamblis and Ian Goldberg. Lastly, this episode marks the conclusion of this season.

Where To Watch Fear The Walking Dead?

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16 will air on AMC in the United States at 9 p.m. ET. In the United Kingdom, the show will air on AMC the following day at 2 a.m. Meanwhile, the Fear The Walking Dead episode may air on FOX Showcase in Australia around 6 p.m. Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 will begin with a new episode every Sunday following the fifteenth.

AMC+ members can watch Episode 16 of Fear The Walking Dead’s seventh season a week early. For some international viewers, video-on-demand services such as VUDU, Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft, iTunes, and YouTube TV will sell and rent Fear The Walking Dead S07E15 and the remaining episodes.

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