Will there be Moon Knight Episode 7? If not, why? We will explain this to you. The popular Disney+ show recently aired its sixth —and awaited Episode. Firstly, the show featuring Oscar Isaac, Gaspard Ulliel, and Ethan Hawk was developed by Doug Moench, Don Perlin, and Jeremy Slater.

The show follows the story of Marc Spector, a former Armed Forces specialist wracked with a dissociative identity disorder. Spector gets attracted to Egypt and has a showdown with Egyptian deities in the show. After that, he gets his powers and embarks on his adventures. Now, without any further ado, let’s look at the possibilities for the seventh Episode of Moon Knight.

Will There Be Moon Knight Episode 7?
Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector

Is Moon Knight Canceled?

Let’s get this question out of the way. Firstly, the show isn’t canceled. Firstly, Moon Knight’s debut Episode —titled “The Goldfish Problem.” It was written by Jeremy Slater and directed by Mohamed Diab— it aired for the first time on Disney+ on March 30, 2022. And the latest Episode —titled “Gods and Monsters, directed by Mohamed Diab and written by Jeremy Slater— aired on May 4, 2022.

Moon Knight Episode 6 Recap

Taweret sends Layla a note urging her to find and liberate Khonshu so he can resurrect Spector. Layla finds Khonshu’s ushabti and releases him. Meanwhile, Harrow uses Ammit’s power to slay the other Egyptian gods’ avatars before freeing Ammit. Ammit picks him as her new avatar. Layla refuses to be Khonshu’s new avatar, so he meets Ammit on his own, who easily defeats him. However, Spector refuses to remain alone in the Field of Reeds instead of returning to the Duat and saving Grant.

They flee through to the Gates of Osiris with Taweret’s help and reawaken in their bodies. Khonshu detects their reappearance and re-bonds, repairing their bodies and restoring their abilities. Layla learns that Ammit can be defeated if numerous gods’ avatars link him to the physical form of a deceased avatar. So, she unites with Taweret for a time. Harrow, Ammit, and their ilk begin to judge everyone in Cairo until Spector, Grant, Layla, and Khonshu arrive to fight them.

More To Come!

Harrow overpowers Spector and Grant, nearly killing them before they blackout and awaken to find that they have defeated him brutally. Ammit can be sealed into Harrow’s body by Spector and Layla, imprisoning her. Khonshu begs Spector to put Harrow and Ammit to death, but Spector refuses and tells Khonshu to free him and Grant. Spector and Grant reappear in the fictitious “asylum,” but they reject it and opt to continue their fresh start together. In a mid-credit sequence, a disabled Harrow is kidnapped from a psychiatric facility and killed by Jake Lockley, Spector and Grant’s third alter, who is still linked with Khonshu.

Moon Knight Trailer:

Will There Be Moon Knight Episode 7?

Episode 7 isn’t happening because the debut Season was planned and intended to have six episodes. And while Disney+ hasn’t confirmed the show for a sophomore Season, it’s possible that it’s happening. Moon Knight has one advantage, unlike The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision, both of which have plots that are planned to be expanded into feature films. If they were to continue this brand new hero’s adventure in any way, it seems more likely that it would be in his Disney+ program rather than in a feature picture spinoff right away.

Will There Be Moon Knight Episode 7?
Learn why Moon Knight Episode 7 isn’t happening

Is Marc Spector Returning To The Screens?

If Moon Knight returns for Season 2, we may have to wait a while to see it. Right now, Oscar Isaac has two films in development, and Marvel Studios has a slew of TV shows on the way. We don’t know how many Marvel episodes Disney+ plans to screen each year or how many shows Marvel Studios can work on at the same time because the majority of them don’t have release dates yet.

More than any of the previously announced shows, Moon Knight could appear in Echo. Moon Knight and Echo have a long history in comics; they were teammates in Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s Moon Knight book. It’s possible! We’ll simply have to wait and see what happens, like Marc Spector during Steven Grant’s hours at the museum gift shop. That’s all we have for this topic today here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our piece, and please come back for more daily entertainment updates!

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