Netflix’s Sonic Prime Release Date and Everything You Need To Know

Netflix's Sonic Prime Release Date
Netflix's Sonic Prime Release Date

If you are wondering about the release date of Sonic Prime, then you are indeed in the right place. In the year 2021, Netflix announced the arrival of its Netflix animated show Sonic Prime. Among a number of animated series projects that are coming to Netflix this year, Sonic Prime is on the top of the list. Moreover, the year 2022 seems more like the year of Sonic. Paramount is also building the larger universe of Sonic the Hedgehog. Not just this, Sonic the Hedgehog season 2 is currently in theaters, and season 3 is on the way. 

Sonic Prime series is based on an old animated videogame named SONIC the Hedgehog. After the release of the trailer of the series, fans of Sonic are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the release date of Sonic Prime. If you are one of these fans, then you landed in the right place. We are going to give you the full information about Sonic Prime’s release date and all. Continue reading to know this.

Release Date of Sonic Prime

 Sonic Prime is going to release on Netflix on 23 June 2022. This animated adventure series will be available worldwide after the official release. If we talk about the number of episodes, then Netflix will air a total number of 24 episodes of Sonic Prime. However, there is no news if the series will have a second season or not. The series is for children aged between 6 to 11, but if you are a fan of Sonic, then you can watch it. Sonic has captured our minds and heart for generations.

Release Date of Sonic Prime
Release Date of Sonic Prime

According to John Derderian, the vice president of Sonic prime, they created Sonic Prime with an objective to make the children play and relax while enjoying the company of their favorite character.

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The Plot of Sonic Prime

For many years we have been watching the story of Sonic on every other streaming platform, so what is good about Sonic Prime? And why should you watch it? These questions may be coming to your mind as there are really many shows, movies, and video games that feature Sonic.

Sonic Prime
Sonic Prime

The first thing that makes this series different from all others is its arrival on Netflix. Netflix is known for distributing extraordinary shows, so we can expect that the plot of Sonic Prime will be awesome. The second thing that will make the series more interesting is the journey of Sonic toward discovering his higher self.  This time we will get to see Sonic saving a multiverse and not just this, the future of this planet will be in the hands of Sonic. 

The Character of Sonic Prime

As you all know, the main character of the series is Sonic. The man who gave his voice to the character is Deve Mack. Apart from him, other casts are Shannon Chan-Kent, Vincent Tong, Ian Hanlin, Kazumi Evans, and Ashleigh Ball.

Trailer of Sonic Prime

Netflix has released the trailer on its official children’s channel named Netflix After School. Here you would get to see the trailer of other animated series that will be arriving on Netflix by this year, along with the trailer of Sonic Prime. The new voice of Sonic that we heard in the trailer is outstanding. After listening to this, you can not stop yourself from watching the series itself. After all, the animation is fantastic and expressive. 

Animates Series that are arriving on Netflix for children

It seems like Netflix started giving some attention to children’s favorites also. This is the reason it is bringing a lot more animated series other than Sonic Prime. Let us name some of these series. Battle Kitty, Daniel Spellbound, Dead End: Paranormal Park, Dragon Price Season 4, Green Eggs & Ham season 2. Along with these, you will get to watch He-Man Masters of the Universe Season 3, Jurassic World: CC season 5, Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Night.

My Dad The Bounty Hunter will get released in the year 2023. My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Pokemon Masters Journey Part three and Samurai Rabbit are also on the list. 

Not only this, there are other animated series that are going to take children on an adventure journey. For instance, Sharkdog, The Boss Baby: Back in the Club, and The Cuphead Show. 

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