Moon Knight Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything You Need To Know

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Everything You Need To Know
Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Everything You Need To Know

If you are in search of the release date of Moon Knight Season 2, then allow me to tell you that you are in the right place. Today, we are going to reveal the release date of Moon Knight Season 2 along with all the information that we know about Season 2 until now. Disney Plus has telecasted Episode 6 on 4 May 2022, which was also the last episode of the first season.

After season 1, many are assuming that Moon Knight will be renewed for the second season, on the other hand, some are saying it will not. The main objective of ours in this article is to clear all your misunderstandings. Moreover, if you know the famous Marvel Studios series, for instance, Loki and Wonder Vision whose first season was telecasted on the Disney Plus, has been renewed for the second season even though they were a limited series. Therefore, will Moon Knight follows the footsteps of Loki is worth knowing. 

Release Date Of Moon Knight Season 2

If you have watched the trailer of the last episode of the first season, then you must be very well aware of the wording, which goes like “series finale”. After which, everyone started assuming the limited series will not have another season and will end soon. But “series finale” got replaced with “season finale,” which is interestingly capturing the viewer’s attention.

Release Date of Moon Knight Season 2
Release Date of Moon Knight Season 2

One of the fans of Moon Night tweeted that replacing “series finale” with “season finale” is not a mistake, and hopefully, we will be getting another season of the series. If we see carefully, then logically, it means the same that we are going to get another season. However, there is no official news regarding the release date of Moon Knight Season 2.

Moreover, the writer of  Moon Knight, Mohamed Dia, said in an interview that the probability of Moon Light staying for a long duration is high. But the thing is, you see, he too was also not aware whether the Moon Knight will have another season. If we get any update concerning the release date of Moon Knight Season 2 or anything, we will tell you right away here on Otakukart. However, if there will be another season (chances are!) then it will take no less than one or two years to appear on the screen.

If we carefully look at the previous trends of some other Marvel Studios series, for instance, Loki and Wonder Vision, which were too a limited series and were released for the second season almost one and half years later after the first season, then we could depict that the release date of Moon Knight season 2 will be somewhere in late 2023 or early 2024.

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Episode 6 Recap

The last episode was so breathtaking that it could not be better than that. And not only this, we got to know a little more about the arrival of season 2 after looking at the ending scene. Let us discuss what makes us believe in its renewal. 

Episode 6 which was also the last episode of the Moon Knight Season 1 telecasted on 4 May 2022. If you have not watched the last episode, then I would highly recommend you to give it a go.

Layla Became the New Avatar
Layla Became the New Avatar

In the last episode, we got to see two parallel fights taking place in different locations and for different reasons. On one hand, we saw the fight between Moon Night and Harrow. In this fight, we saw a more interesting part of Layla, which was least expected of everything. On another hand, we also saw a big fight that took place between Ammit and Khonshu. Let us see this in detail.

The episode starts with the dead body of Mark Spector, over which Arthur kept a sculpture. The sculpture, according to Egyptian mythology, is a symbol of rebirth, and this is what we saw in the whole episode i.e. the rebirth of Mark Fractor.

In one scene, we saw Arthur meet some agency officers who tried to stop him, but by that time, he got so strong that he took the soul out of each officer’s body in one go. After this, Arthur Harrow went to give life to Ammit. 

Because of some incident, Mark Spector got alive one more time. After which, he met Konshu, Moonlight. Laila finally got ready to be an avatar, after which she took the appearance of a superhero.

A Little More About The Precap

After becoming Mr. Knight, Steven used his powers to fight with some villains. Steven had the memory of Jake and Mark, but he lacked some inner strength. The moment he realized that he could fight was the moment he actually fought. In all this, did you realize what was the most important part of the episode? It was we got to see Jake Lockley again. 

In episode four, we watched how Ammit was discovered from the tongue of Alexander the Great, the same thing happened in the last episode. The only difference is that this time Ammit got captured in Harrow’s tongue. He was juggling with his condition, and here, Moon Night got a chance to kill Ammit right away. But in spite of killing him, he asked for his freedom from Konshu. Konshu could not neglect and released him. Because he promised Mark that if he helped him in capturing Ammit, then he would realize him.

After this scene, Mark woke up in the same hospital where he was admitted in the first episode. All these things which were happening with Mark were just an illusion of his mind, Mark thought. But eventually, he saw some blood in Arthurs’ shoes while he was walking away from the hospital room, he realized that this was too much of an illusion, and again he woke up in his apartment.

In this way, Moon Knight was free now but wait, what happened with Ammit. Is she dead now?  If your answer is yes, then perhaps you are right. In the post-credit scenes, we saw that the third personality of MoonLight killed Harrow. And in this way, Harrow and Ammit both face death. 

But what happened with Layla? Why did she get power and become an avatar? I think we will get the answers to these questions in the next season.

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Moon Knight Season 2 Plot

As we know, apart from Mark Spector and Steven, there was one more personality of Moon Knight, which was Jake Lockley. And we think the storyline of season 2 of Moon Knight will be based entirely on him. In the previous season, we were given very little information about him, for instance, he has a Spanish killer personality. Apart from him, we also get to see a different story of Layla.

Casts of the Moon Knight Season 2

Talking about the casts of Moon Night, then we have no information available to us at this time. But we could do some guesswork. So, we think that Jake Lockley, Marc Spector or Moon Knight, Ethan Hawke, and May Calamay might get seen in the second season of Moon Knight.

The main cast of Moon Knight is Oscar Issac. He played all three characters, Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley. He impressed viewers with his performance and gained a lot of fans as the series faced its ends. In the first season, we saw Oscar had Dissociative Identity Order. After this, he became the avatar of Khonshu, the moon god. We expect that season 2 will bring the story of Jake Lockley on screen, which means we will probably see him again.

Oscar Isaac Played the Character of Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac Played the Character of Moon Knight

In the last episode, we saw how Layla became another avatar. May Calamay played the character of Layla. Her acting while becoming another avatar was just outstanding. As her side of the story was unfinished in the first season, we expect her to return in another season. Apart from this, her new avatar is Scarlet Scarab, which according to the comic book, is the avatar of the Taweret, the Egyptian god.

Apart from them, we also expect the return of Khonshu. As the whole first season was based on this character only. He is the moon god who fights against injustice. The man behind playing the character of Khonshu is Karim El Hakim, and the man who gave his voice is F. Murray Abraham. 

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