Who is Katerina Tikhonova’s Boyfriend? Vladimir Putin’s Daughter’s Love Interest

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Here, we will discuss who Katerina Tikhonova’s Boyfriend is. What do we know about the love life of the daughter of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin? Well, besides her father’s identity, Katerina has also created her identity way too strong, being a scientist and a manager. Not to forget to mention her service as the deputy director of the Institute for Mathematical Research of Complex Systems at Moscow State University.

Little did you know, Katerina also excels in acrobatic dancing. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she has been sanctioned by the United States for being the second adult daughter of the president. It happened on 6 April 2022. Knowing her prominence in various fields, people are interested to know if Katerina is dating someone at present. Well, you may not know that she has tied the knot for once. But that marriage didn’t work well. Nothing has stopped her.

Now, she has found her love in someone else, with whom she already shares a daughter. Aren’t you more curious now? Let’s dive into this article to learn more about Katerina Tikhonova’s Boyfriend.

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Katerina Tikhonova’s Boyfriend

Talking about Katerina Tikhonova’s Boyfriend is Igor Zelensky. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin may not be happy after knowing the name of his daughter’s love interest, as it’s the same name as the Ukrainian President, Zelensky. In case you aren’t aware, Igor Zelensky is a leading professional ballet dancer. Recently, he headed the Bavarian State Ballet.

It is reported that Katerina Tikhonova and Igor Zelensky started dating each other back in 2017. It’s been over five years, they are together and their romance is growing stronger with time. Katerina has traveled 50 times in two years (from 2017 to 2019) to Munich from Moscow, to meet her boyfriend. Before the Ukraine war started, they used to live together for some time. In 2017 itself, they have been blessed with a cute baby, a daughter.

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Putin's Family
Putin’s Family

Indeed it was long-distance, but their feelings for each other didn’t get affected negatively. At present, as she is sanctioned, she isn’t allowed to travel to Germany. That appears to be very bad, especially for the little girl. It’s true that Katerina and Igor aren’t married yet but they are blooming together with loads of love.

Past Relationship

Back in 2013, Katerina Tikhonova tied the knot with the businessman, Kirill Shamolav. He has served as the former economic advisor to the Russian Government. There was a time when Katerina and Kirill were reported to hold assets of $2 billion. However, at the beginning of 2018, news came out that they aren’t together and have parted ways earlier that year.

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Katerina Tikhonova’s Career & Others

Besides knowing the details of Katerina Tikhonova’s Boyfriend, fans are interested to learn more about her career. She is originally known as Yekaterina Vladimirovna Putina, born on 31 August 1986. Based on her birth year, she is now 35 years old. She was born in Dresden, East Germany. Talking about her education, Katerina has studied at both the Saint Petersburg State University and Moscow State University. Well, she specializes in Maths and Physics. Because of maintaining such a busy schedule, she doesn’t appear to be highly active on social media.

Moving on with her professional career, Katerina serves as the director of Innopraktika. It’s a development project aimed at the creation of a science center at Moscow State University. In 2019, she became a member of the Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Mass Sports under the Russian Federation Government. It’s not just the United States, but also Japan, the United Kingdom, and the European Union that have imposed sanctions on her because of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

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From the very beginning, Katerina wanted to make her identity and didn’t rely on her father’s fame and identity. Best Wishes to Katerina Tikhonova for the upcoming days of her career. Loads of love to her, hoping her relationship with her ballet dancer beau lasts forever.

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