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Who Is Becca Tilley’s Ex-Boyfriend? The Bachelor Alum Finally Confirms Her Relationship!

Becca Tilley’s Ex boyfriend
Becca and Robert Graham

Want to know who is Becca Tilley’s ex-boyfriend? Bachelor Alum Becca Tilley has a big surprise for fans as she recently confirmed her ongoing relationship with songstress Hayley Kiyoko. As fans are rejoicing this big news, several Bachelor stars have also congratulated Tilley, including her former flame. The Bachelor Alum had earlier opened up about how she intends to keep her personal life away from the media limelight.

Becca Tilley had earlier opened up about having a private relationship as she explained how when she had a public relationship, she felt like a lot of people were involved. Earlier this year, in February, Tilley revealed that she had been with her partner for nearly four years! It is recently in a music video that the two made things official! However, who did Becca Tilley date earlier? Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts about Becca Tilley’s ex-boyfriend?

Who Is Becca Tilley’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Becca Tilley’s ex-boyfriend is Robert Graham. The two parted ways in 2017 after dating for a while. The relationship kick-started in 2016 as the two had been good friends for a long while. While being in a relationship with the Bachelor alum, Becca gushed about him, saying he is wonderful and treats her so well. He even went out with Tilley’s family as well and managed to make a good first impression as well.

Becca Tilley’s ex-boyfriend

Becca Tilley And Robert Graham

However, the relationship was rather short-lived as the two parted ways soon after one year of dating. Becca even congratulated Robert back in 2018 when he was allegedly dating model Charly Jordan. Becca further said that she is just happy that he’s happy. She also revealed that while she hasn’t met her yet, from other people, she has heard that Charly is amazing.

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Becca Tilley’s Ex Congratulates Her On The New Relationship!

As Becca Tilley has recently confirmed her relationship with Hayley Kioko, Tilley’s former flame Robert Graham also congratulated the pair and even commented saying that he is loving this so much.

Despite the split, Becca and Robert have been on cordial terms. While looking back at the point, Becca explained how it just ended, and it wasn’t like one of them cheated, or there was this bitterness. Becca further added that there are no hard feelings and that he cares about him a lot. While being Hopeful, Tilley said this is what she can say for herself.

Becca Tilley Confirms Her Relationship With Hayley Kioko!

The television star has finally confirmed her relationship with artist Kayley Kioko. As Kioko has recently launched the single track titled “For the Girls,” which is the newest single from Kiyoko’s forthcoming album, “Panorama,” which is set to release in July, the video seems to have confirmed the romance rumors that the two were sparking for a while now. Kiyoko and Tilley sparked rumors ever since they were photographed together at a party back in 2018. The pair have posted a bunch of selfies together and have been consistently supporting each other on social media.

Becca Tilley’s ex-boyfriend

Becca Tilley and Hayley Kioko

As the video seems to take inspiration from the concept of The Bachelorette, it features Kiyoko as shown in stars in the queer version of the show and is seen being romanced by a host of hopeful women fighting for the final rose. Don’t miss out on the newly released video that captures the pair in the sweetest way possible. Tilley makes a grand entry in a limo, and we seem to have a clear winner! In an interview earlier, Tilley admitted that with so many anti LGBTQ+ bills being passed right now, it’s very challenging to feel hopeful for their community.

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