Who is in The Cast of Love in Flames of War Chinese drama?

cast of love in flames of war

The Asian culture according to us is like a rabbit hole, once you decide to enter, there is no coming back. The best you can do is dig deeper into the wonderful world. Today, let us look at who makes the cast of Love in Flames of War. The ongoing series is a raging Chinese drama set in a time when wars were at their peak. This drama has helped us appreciate the beauty and charms of Chinese dramas in general. The series outlines the blossoming love and romance between its two leads Lin Hang Jing and Xiao Bei Chen.

The series honors bravado and punishes those who slack off. It gives us a glimpse of the hardships and troubles one had to go through during the war. It did not matter if he was a soldier fighting on the battleground or a woman suffering right from home. The pain and agony they experienced were one and the same. Centuries later, we are still not past the concept of war. However, Love in the Flames of War provides a little glimmer of hope of the one time when love blossomed in the field of war!

Meaning of the title of the series

The series is titled Love in Flames of War which we think does a wonderful job at describing the crux of the story. If there is any emotion powerful enough to make or break even countries themselves, it is none other than love. Similarly, when countries are destroying each other and the whole world is being devoured by the atrocities of war, it is only love that can help sustain life further.

Love in these times of war exists not only between those in a relationship. It is present in the heart of a mother who has sacrificed her son for the country, or even a sister who prays every day for the safety of her brother in the army. The trailer of the series was enough to cue the waterworks from our eyes. Fans can only be sure that every episode of the series will be just as emotional. The cast of Love in the Flames of War has done an astounding job in communicating directly with the souls of its viewers. Watch the trailer of the series right here!

The cast of Love in Flames of War

The series comprises actors and producers who are actually well renowned in the realm of Chinese dramas. The entire cast of Love in Flames of War right from the two leads down to every last supporting character has done a marvelous job in portraying the emotions of war. Patriotism and love for the country are absolute and the series is overflowing with it. Who will ultimately claim the prize and rise above all as the true hero? Even if he becomes the ultimate hero, what was the price he had to pay for it? Presenting to you the cast of the Chinese drama Love in Flames of War!

1. Chen Du Ling

While most students, especially undergraduates struggle to find their passion and choose a career path. Here is Chen Du Ling who seems to have figured it all out. She was born in Xiamen, Fujian on October 18th 1993, and has decided to pursue her career as a Chinese actress. Apart from carrying a beautiful face, Chen Du Ling sports a brain that is just as intelligent and beautiful! She is a graduate of the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and is currently also pursuing an undergraduate course from the same school.

who is the cast of love in the flames of war?
Chen Du Ling as Lin Hang Jin

She is truly the goddess of Chinese drama and as proof of this, she also won the facejoking Goddess ranking championship in the year 2013. Chen Du Ling was also awarded the title of Most Popular fashion icon in the iFeng Fashion Choice Awards. However, she really started grabbing the attention of fans with her performance as Li Er in the movie The left Ear (2015). Years later, she continues to excel in her acting and has taken up the role of Lin Hang Jing in 2022.

2. Shawn Dou

On the other side of the cast of Love in Flames of war is Dou Xiao who is better known across China as Shawn Dou. Although he was born in China, the province of Xi’an to be more precise. He immigrated to Vancouver, Canada when he was only ten years old. Shawn completed a major part of his schooling and education away in Canada. Acting or cinema had never been his idea of a career until late 2008. Until then he worked on building his extracurriculars namely, Karate. Shawn is said to have won the Karate championships in Canada two years in a row. Moreover, his dream job consisted of a hair salon with him working as a hairstylist.

who are the cast of love in the flames of war?
Shaawn Dou as Xiao Bei Chen

He returned to China before fulfilling this dream. He then started a new chapter in his life at the Beijing Film Academy. Opportunities and roles soon started coming his way and he was becoming one of the most sought-after actors before he knew it! 2022 is looking just as eventful for the young actor as he is set to play the role of Xiao Bei Chen in the series Love in the Flames of war. Bei Chen is a brave soldier who is risking his life for the country.

However, this is not an easy task for him. The reason for the same is the woman who is anxiously waiting for his safe return back home! Watch the cast of Love in the Flames of War as they fight against all these odds to be with each other!

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3. Other supporting cast

A show cannot be run with just the hosts. The same applies to a series or drama where the protagonists alone do not run the show. Every member of the crew has a role to play and a message to deliver. The cast of Love in Flames of War is brimming with such important people on the sidelines! The series has cast actors like Yuan Hao (The Romance of Hua Rong) to play the role of Mu Zi Zheng. Zhao Ying Zi (The promise of Chang’an) will play the role of Zheng Feng Qi. Apart from them Leon Lai (Jiu Liu Overlord) and Dong Xuan (The Case Solver) will also be making an appearance on the show as Mo Wei Yi and Lady Qi respectively.

It is the combination and harmony of all these members together that has given life to the world that is being portrayed in the drama Love in the Flames of war. This historical romance fiction is the glory of its numerous directors. Chung Shu Kai, Zeng Li Zhen, Kong Li Da, and Zhang Jun Hao have all played an important role in directing and bringing this series into action! The directors are all well known across China for their brilliant works. Some of these are Prince of Lan Ling, Fighter of the destiny, and Stand By me.

Flames of War Chinese drama Release Date

Throw your hands up in the air with joy because new episodes of Love in the Flames of War will be released on all days of the week! There are a total of 43 episodes in the drama. Each of these is dedicated to highlighting the beauty of love and romance. The new episodes will release at precisely 5:00 pm every day. So far, six thrilling episodes have already been released and are available to stream online as well. The series has already secured ratings from the viewers that are as high as 8/10. Fans and viewers can surely expect these ratings to remain constant if not rise over the course of the episodes!

who si the cast of love in flames of war
Cast of Love in Flames of war

The original networks of the drama are ZJTV and YouKu. For all the international fans, do not worry as it can also be streamed on the Rakuten Viki platforms. However, one must avail of a subscription plan if they plan to watch the series on the viki apps. The series can be accessed for free on the YouKu online platforms. This wraps up everything we know about the cast of Love in Flames of War. Stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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