We’ll talk about how to watch Boruto Anime Online, without getting your Personal data leaked. Everyone likes to watch anime, it’s the ultimate source of entertainment for most people. But many wonder how to watch their favorite show, and where to watch it. And of course, many people are victims of piracy, when it comes to watching their favorite anime. There are some countries where you will not be able to find your favorite anime, that you want to watch.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime is the so-called successor to the famous anime. Naruto and Naruto Shippuden is also known amongst fans as the number 1 anime in the world or one of the Top big three anime. Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime was adapted from the manga of the same name. It was written by Kodachi Ukyou and Illustrated by Ikemoto Mikio. So here are all the details about Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime online watch guide.

Initial Plot of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Anime

After the Fourth Shinobi War, the world is at peace now, and our favorite hero Naruto has become the seventh Hokage. Now it’s the era of technological advancement where the world is now experiencing many new inventions. And among this, a new generation of Shinobi warriors is at large. And in the center of all this attention is Boruto Uzumaki, the famous son of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki.

How to Watch Boruto Anime Online boruto and his friends
Boruto and his Friends in the village of Konohagakure

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 Boruto along with his friends is now leading a carefree life and often does much mischief around the town. And also his relationship with his father, Naruto is not very good, they are mostly awkward around each other. But despite all that, Naruto is indeed a good Father, who cares about his family. This normal life of Boruto is threatened when he has to deal with his inner demons. And face a new evil threat that is out to destroy the tranquility of the Konohagakure.

Why Watch Boruto Anime?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime has its own unique style and world, that is in some sense similar to the Naruto anime worlds. But also has its technological advancement theme, which is why it is called next generation. This anime is for the viewers who are the biggest fan of Naruto anime and wants to explore it more. We also get to see new awesome villains in this anime. If you are into Shinobi and Ninja stuff this is the anime for you to go and watch now.

How to Watch Boruto Anime Online - Boruto vs Kawaki
Boruto and Kawaki

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How Many Episodes are there in Boruto Anime?

Boruto: Naruto next generation anime is been airing for quite a while. It first started streaming on April 5, 2017. And it’s been now streaming for more than five years now. In total there are more than 246 episodes of Boruto anime.

How to Watch Boruto Anime Online - Boruto and Sasuke
Boruto and Sasuke

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How Many Episodes can I skip in Boruto Anime?

Many people have these questions while they make up their mind to watch Boruto anime is that “can I need to skip some Episodes in Boruto”. Or In what order Do I watch the Boruto anime. Well, the answer to these questions is, yes that there are many episodes in Boruto that you can skip, which are Filler Arcs. And also If you truly want to enjoy Boruto anime, then you must watch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, cause without them, the Boruto anime will not make any sense. Here are all the Episodes that you can Easily Skip while watching Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Anime.

How to Watch Boruto Anime Online - Boruto and Naruto
Boruto and Naruto having a good time together

Filler Episodes that you can easily Skip: 16-17, 40-41, 49-50, 67-69, 97, 112-114, 116-119, 138-140, 152-153, 156.

Where to watch Boruto anime online in India?

The best Free website to watch Boruto anime is Crunchyroll. The website’s privacy policy is updated and it respects its viewer’s information rights to privacy. You can make your account on the Crunchyroll Website and start watching Boruto anime for free, but with ads while streaming. If you want an ad-free experience you can also avail of their premium service in which you can stream much new anime simultaneously.