Who Is Bella Hadid’s New Boyfriend In 2022?

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bella hadid and marc kalman

Who is renowned model Bella Hadid’s new boyfriend? From the newest Burberry event to turning heads in her newest Versace ad campaign, Bella Hadid is having quite an eventful year ahead. The Hadid sisters recently posed in a Garden of Eden-style photo featured shoot for the Versace ad. However, it seems like apart from her professional, Bella Hadid is also making headlines for a special reason! While the model was dating artist The Weekend for a while, they soon parted ways, and now the renowned model has someone special in her love, and she is not afraid to display some power-packed PDA!

The lucky guy who has managed to charm the stunner is art director Marc Kalman! Bella Hadid recently posted a few cute pictures of the two on the Day of Love. As she gave captions that read ‘Bestie is a Tessie’ and another one that said fave dinner date, the pair has been going strong with time. Believe it or not, but the pair surely managed to keep it a secret for longer than you think! Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts about Bella Hadid’s New Boyfriend.

Who Is Bella Hadid’s New Boyfriend In 2022?

Bella Hadid’s New Boyfriend is Marc Kalman. The renowned model took to social media to make her relationship Insta official in July last year. As followers saw, the picture featured the two lovebirds looking cozy at the end of an IG gallery.

Bella Hadid’s new boyfriend
Bella Hadid And Marc Kalman

The picture came with two-part captions that implied that the model is having the time of her life while being healthy and loved. A source further claimed that the relationship is a serious one and that the pair have been dating in secrecy for almost a month. However, the two soon sparked romantic rumors with their romantic Paris gateway. The speculations were put to rest after the supermodel herself confirmed the relationship.

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Know More About Bella Hadid’s Beau Marc Kalman!

Believe it or not but the couple has a unique Kardashian connection! Bella Hadid’s beau Marc Kalman has earlier worked for popular artist Travis Scott. Hadid is good friends with fellow Jenner sisters and supermodel Kendall Jenner. Not only that, but Kalman has also done album art for Scott for creating branding for Milk Studio’s Made Fashion Week. Marc has also worked alongside artist Corey Damon Black on Scott’s branding. Here are some pictures from the newest Versace ad campaign as the model looks stunning in it.

The two did an interview where they spoke a little about their work. While describing their work relationship with Kalman, Corey describes Kalman as a good listener, while describing him as a young Fabien Baron, Charles Saatchi, and Steve Jobs all rolled into one! Black further revealed how Marc manages his impulses and when he is working on something, Marc is the only person he talks to. The two have joined forces on several big art collaborations.

Were Bella Hadid And Marc Kalman Dating In Secrecy?

While the relationship was made Insta last year in 2021, media tabloids have reported that the couple was dating from 2020 onwards. While they managed to keep it all away from the media limelight and paparazzi, the couple was also quite diligent about not being seen on a public street at the same time. The supermodel is completely smitten by her man, and it seems like they met through work.

Bella Hadid’s New Boyfriend
Bella Hadid And Marc Kalman

Given how Marc is an art director, the pair might have crossed paths during one of their work projects. Now that the couple has confirmed the relationship, it seems like they are not shying away from the paparazzi. It was also reported that Kalman was with Bella Hadid while the model attended the Cannes Film Festival back in July 2021. The two were spotted while packing on the heat! Fans recently speculated that Bella’s ex The Weekend might have thrown shade at her in the newest track, Here We Go… Again.

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