What Is Xu Kai’s Net Worth In 2022? All About ‘Falling Into Your Smile’ Actor’s Career And Earnings

Xu Kai's Net Worth
Xu Kai's Net Worth

With his rising popularity, fans wonder about Xu Kai’s net worth. How can they not when the stunning Chinese actor has stolen millions of hearts in a short period? Starting from Story of Yanxi Palace to Falling Into Your Smile, Xu Kai has impressed the viewers with his top-notch acting and breathtaking visuals. Furthermore, his on-screen chemistry with Bai Lu and Cheng Xiao is admired by fans. After all, the top-ranked gamer Lu Sicheng (Xu Kai’s character from Falling Into Your Smile) can make anyone head over heel for him.

The Chinese actor Xu Kai was born on 5 March 1995 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It was young Xu Kai’s dream to be a part of this entertainment industry. Therefore, before starting his acting profession, Xu Kai did modeling for a long time. No wonder fans are crazy over the actor’s stunning visual. It’s not a secret that his face is made for magazine covers. His physique, good-looking feature, and charismatic aura are made for modeling. However, what makes him a fan favorite is his flawless acting performance. Therefore, his hard work and rising fame reflect in Xu Kai’s net worth!

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His Career – ‘From Modeling To Acting’ 

As we mentioned, Xu Kai began his career with modeling. The star had won the championship in a print ad modeling contest in 2013. Finally, in 2016 Xu Kai signed a contract with Yu Zheng’s entertainment agency Huanyu Film. However, opportunities didn’t knock on his door immediately. It took another three years before he got a role in the historical romance Untouchable Lovers. Considering it was his first experience, Xu Kai delivered a good performance as a rookie actor. After his acting debut, casting offers started coming non-stop.

Xu Kai with Cheng Xiao and Bai Lu
Xu Kai with Cheng Xiao and Bai Lu

Therefore, following Untouchable Lovers, Xu Kai acted in various dramas such as Story of Yanxi Palace, The Legends, Arsenal Military Academy, Court Lady, etc. Furthermore, Xu Kai gained mainstream recognition with the palace drama Story of Yanxi Palace‘s Fucha Fuheng. However, Falling Into Your Smile‘s Lu Sicheng brought him international fame. Although it was not a smooth ride from the beginning, Xu Kai made it successfully. Due to his rising popularity and wonderful chemistry with co-stars, Xu Kai appeared on the cover of magazines. His modeling career also soared as he was selected as a brand ambassador for numerous luxury brands.

While fans began loving his acting, Xu Kai showed off his entertainment skill. The actor participated in various Chinese variety shows such as Real Actor, Keep Running, Happy Camp, etc. He even filmed 1921 and Autumn Fairy Tale movies. Therefore, it’s not astonishing that Xu Kai’s net worth tallied in millions when the actor is an all-rounder star!

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What Is Xu Kai’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Chinese actor Xu Kai’s net worth is estimated at approximately $1.5 million. It has been more than five years since Xu Kai started his acting career. Throughout these years, the actor has appeared in various dramas and movies. The TV shows like Untouchable Lovers, Story of Yanxi Palace, The Legends, and Arsenal Military Academy brought him under the limelight. Until now, he starred in 10 tv shows. However, fans are also waiting for his upcoming dramas such as Wonderland of Love, Lost in the Kunlun Mountains, She and Her Perfect Husband, etc. Therefore, there is no doubt that Xu Kai must be earning thousands of dollars per episode.

Xu Kai's Net Worth
Xu Kai

Due to his sweet on-screen chemistry with Falling Into Your Smile‘s co-star Cheng Xiao, Xu Kai rose to a new level of success. Both leads were the center of attention for a long time and even made it on the cover of various magazines. They even held fan meetings. As for movies, Xu Kai has filmed two films. Both films received pretty positive reviews. Besides acting, Xu Kai has endorsed various luxury brands.

For instance, he was a brand ambassador of French cosmetic Guerlain and Italian luxury house Fendi. His rising popularity has also given him numerous variety show offers. Therefore, Xu Kai’s net worth reveals the result of his hard work and growing popularity. So there is no doubt that Xu Kai is one of the rising Chinese actors with the brightest future and more success!

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