Best Contract Marriage Chinese Dramas to Watch

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Best Contract Marriage Chinese Dramas to Watch

If you are an avid Chinese drama addict, you might already know that the Chinese entertainment industry never gets tired of making series with a fake relationship or contract marriage plotline. That indeed makes sense considering how much people consider this genre of C-dramas as their guilty pleasure! While we hardly encounter such a situation in our daily lives, it’s different for the fictional world. The main characters tend to sign a contract with each other to be in a relationship of name-only during exclusive situations of parental pressure, saving their face, or fighting for the inheritance. However, the undeniable chemistry that we get to witness during their cohabitation period never fails to give us butterflies in our stomachs!

The cohabiting hi-jinks, accidental skin ships, and the inevitable falling in love might be old-fashioned, but who cares about that as long as it still works! Here are our top six best Chinese dramas with some of the most interesting contract marriage relationships! So let’s get started!

6. Once We Get Married (2021)

Director: Li Yao Bo
Starring: Wang Yu Wen, Wang Zi Qi, Ian Yi, Mo Zi Xin, Zhong Li Li, Yang Yue, Li Jun Chen
Total Number of Episodes: 24
Where to Watch: We TV, MGTV

Another web novel adaptation, ‘Once We Get Married,’ might not be the best contact marriage C-drama to watch because of the same cliché romance and comic stuff. However, the chemistry between the leads as well as the sweet moments between them saves the show by a big margin! While Gu Xi Xi, a fashion shopper, runs a new online store with her best friend, she dreams of establishing her own brand one day. She gets an order to purchase Alex’s couture wedding dress from her client, for which she decides to attend a private reception hosted by the designer himself.

Best Contract Marriage Chinese Dramas to Watch
Once We Get Married

She comes across Yin Si Chen, the young, handsome, and narcissistic president of a shopping mall at the party, and an unexpected incident bounds them to pretend to be a couple in front of Alex. However, one thing leads to another, and the two end up in a cooperative contract marriage. Despite not being able to endure each others’ guts, Xi Xi and Si Chen end up falling for each other harder than they had imagined!

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5. Well Intended Love 2 (2019)

Director: Qiang Wu
Screenwriter: He Dun, Yang Huai
Starring: Xu Kai Cheng, Simona Wang, Ian Yi, Huang Qian Shuo, Liu Jia Xi, He Qian Ying
Total Number of Episodes: 16
Where to Watch: YouTube, Viki, We TV, Netflix

The second season of the C-drama, ‘Well Intended Love’, has been based in an alternate universe following the stories of the same characters from season one, without having any connection with the original story. The story revolves around a C-list actress, Xia Lin, who works hard to fulfill her dream of becoming a famous film star one day. She accidentally runs into one of the most-known businessmen of the country, Lin Yi Zhou, at a networking event, and circumstances force people to believe that the two of them have something going on with each other.

Best Contract Marriage Chinese Dramas to Watch
Well Intended Love 2

To fix her reputation and calm down the public, Lin Yi Zhou offers Xia Lin to pretend to be engaged to him over a relationship contract. However, Lin Yi Zhou might not just want to ‘save’ Xia Lin from public opinion. Over time, their affections for each other become transparent. The main couple has a lot of skinship, so if you are a fan of such dramas, you might end up enjoying it a lot!

4. Begin Again (2020)

Director: Xu Chi
Starring: Zhou Yu Tong, Gong Jun, Garvey Jin, Wu Man Si, Li Si Qi, Liu Wei Long
Total Number of Episodes: 35
Where to Watch: YouTube

C-drama makers should learn how to make a typical contract marriage relationship story fun and exciting with this 2020 series, ‘Begin Again’. Instead of a domineering male lead who is rich, arrogant, and ambitious heir to a big company and a warm-hearted female lead, ‘Begin Again’ has had the roles swapped! While Lu Fangning is a beautiful and talented general manager of a large corporation, she has only one thing on her bucket list pending— getting married and being a mother.

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Best Contract Marriage Chinese Dramas to Watch - Begin Again
Begin Again

However, she has no real feelings associated with establishing a family of her own other than making her an experienced businesswoman. That’s when she stumbles upon a kind-hearted surgeon, Ling Rui, who unintentionally wins her over with his angel-like personality! She goes to extreme lengths in order to convince him to marry her over an agreement to part away after getting her a child. However, Ling Rui ends up being the only person who makes Fangning’s monotonous life colorful and full of love.

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3. I Hear You (2019)

Starring: Riley Wang, Zhao Lu Si, Yuan Hao, Gratitude Dai, Zhang Jiong Min, Mandy Qu
Total Number of Episodes: 24
Where to Watch: Netflix

‘I Hear You’ has a love story that might check a lot of cliche boxes, but unlike its peers, it ends up shining on its own with a grounded, relatable and sensible storyline. It follows a girl named Bei Er Duo, an aspiring voice actress who wants to give a kick to her career by studying overseas. However, the constant pressure from her family to marry while she is young bounds her to join a couple of reality television program that pairs her up with Ye Shu Wei, a top violin maker. He comes from an artistic background with a mysterious and low-key personality.

Best Contract Marriage Chinese Dramas to Watch - I Hear You
I Hear You

A real ace when it comes to composing and the violin industry, Shu Wei joins the show in order to keep his promise made to his nephew while also looking for the contestant who had provided his audition question with a right answer. This pair of fake couple are made to live together by the team but a wonderful romance blooms between them, taking their pretentious relationship to a new level!

2. Unforgettable Love (2021)

Director: Li Yu Lei
Starring: Hu Yi Xuan, Miles Wei, Lennon Sun, Jerry Yu, Wu Cheng Xu, Sheng Hui Zi
Total Number of Episodes: 24
Where to Stream: YouTube

An adorable web novel converted into a series, ‘Unforgettable Love’ follows a contract marriage relationship sweetened with the presence of a young character. Xiao Bao is the six-year-old genius child of He Qiao Yan, the president of a renowned company, who has been suffering from PTSD after losing his mother in an accident years ago. Although He Qiao Yan cherishes and looks after him, he has been struggling to make him communicate with strangers. However, when Xiao Bao comes across a meticulous and warm child psychologist named Yi Yue, he gets very comfortable around her, and finally, after years, he is able to communicate with someone with words.

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Unforgettable Love
Unforgettable Love

When Qiao Yan discovers the sudden improvement in his son, he decides to pursue Qin Yi Yue to take care of him. However, things go out of hand when the little kid asks his dad to marry Yi Yue, resulting in them signing a contractual agreement! The slow-burn romance, along with the chemistry of the three of them, makes the show a worth-watching one.

1. Perfect and Casual (2020)

Director: Li Shuang
Starring: Miles Wei, Xu Ruo Han, Marguax, Zhao Luo Ran, Sheng Gang Shuai, Dai Yun Fan
Total Number of Episodes: 24
Where to Stream: YouTube, We TV

One of the best contract marriage Chinese dramas, ‘Perfect and Casual’ has a sweet and cozy romance perfect for a light watch. It revolves around a cheerful and sweet university girl named Yun Shu who has been longing for a house of her own. She finals the deal of buying an apartment with a brochure on the day of her graduation presentation. Unfortunately, the handsome, cold, and icy professor, Zhang Si Nian, doesn’t let her give her presentation when she arrives there a few minutes later, resulting in her failing the year.

Perfect and Casual
Perfect and Casual

As ill-luck would have it, Yun Shu comes to know that the brochure which had sold the apartment to her was actually a fraud and the house belongs to no other than her university lecturer Zhang Si Nian! One event leads to another, and they decide to enter a contract marriage relationship for one year. Despite being polar apart from each other, Mr. Perfect and Miss Casual end up falling for real in this fake relationship. The story is well-executed, and the mesmerizing performance of Xu Ruo Han, who has played the character of Yun Shu, has helped the show reach new heights!

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