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Stray Kids’ Felix Net Worth: How Much Has the Deep Voice Idol Earned?

Stray Kids Felix Netwroth
Felix from the popular K-Pop Boy Group 'Stray Kids'

If you are a hard-core K-Pop fan, you must be familiar with the lyrics, ‘Cookin’ like a chef I’m a 5 star Michelin’. This is a part of the lyrics of Stray Kids’ song ‘God’s Menu’, sung by Felix. Felix is known for his deep voice in the K-Pop world. Within the group, he is the main rapper and main dancer. Born in Sydney, Australia, he did his schooling in a Catholic private school in Sydney itself. A millennial, he was born on 15th September in the year 2000. The name he was given at birth is Lee Felix, and his Korean Name is Lee Yong Bok.

Felix is not the only child in his family. He has two siblings- a younger sister named Olivia, and an elder sister named Rachel. The 21-year-old idol is one of the most popular members of the nationally and internationally famous ‘K-Pop Boy Group Stray Kids’. His deep voice is one of a kind and is very easy to recognize. This makes one curious about the idol and his life as a celebrity in Korea as well as overseas. As the title of this article goes, we are here to reveal to you just how much is the net worth of ‘Felix from Stray Kids’.

‘Felix’s Net worth’- All that the K-Pop Idol has earned from his activities as an Idol

It was in 2016 when Felix was invited by a JYP manager to participate in an audition for becoming an idol. Before this, he had been living a quiet and normal life overseas. His life took a turn as he passed the JYP Global Audition held in Sydney and became a ‘JYP trainee’. In 2017, Felix became a participant in the survival show of the same name as the K-Pop group, Stray Kids.

Stray Kids Felix Networth

The Popular K-Pop Boy Group ‘Stray Kids’

In that show, Felix was eliminated early in the 8th episode itself. But he was given a second chance as he was brought back to the show as was Lee Know. After this, all the participants of the show formed the group ‘Stray Kids’ and made their debut. The group went on to gain national and international fame and currently has a net worth of 30.18 million Dollars. Felix, alone, has a net worth of 1.5 million Dollars.

‘Stray Kids Felix as a K-Pop Idol’

Felix along with the other members of Stray Kids released a pre-debut EP called ‘Mixtape’. This EP had several songs from their survival show including the well-known song ‘Hellevator’. The same EP has a song called ‘GLOW’ written by Felix himself. After making his debut in 2018 as an official member of Stray Kids, Felix participated in many of the works related to the music that Stray Kids team produced. Stray Kids’ debut was in the form of a mini-album ‘I am NOT’, its lead single ‘District 9′ has received a lot of praise and attention. As a songwriter, Felix has been trying to contribute as much to Stray Kids’ music as possible.

Stray Kids Felix Networth

‘Felix form Stray Kids’

Felix’s skills as a Song Writer and Composer

In ‘I am NOT’, Felix helped with the writing of ‘Mixtape #1′. Not only this, along with writing songs, Felix has also made a significant contribution to composing Stray Kids’ music. He helped in writing and composing the songs for the group’s third mini-album ‘I am WHO?’ called ‘WHO?’ and ‘Mixtape #2’. Later, he composed and co-wrote ‘Mixtape #3′ for Stray Kids’ mini-album ‘I am YOU’. For the group’s fifth mini-album ‘Cié: MIROH’, Felix helped compose and write the song ‘Mixtape #4’ in the year 2019. In the same year, he helped compose and co-wrote ‘Mixtape #5’ for the group’s seventh mini-album ‘Cié: LEVANTER’.

'Networth of stray Kids Felix'

‘Felix’ from the K-Pop Group ‘Stray Kids’

‘Puppy Cat School’

Felix along with Seungmin has been making a type of VLIVE series called ‘Puppy Cat School’ where Seungmin is the Puppy because his SKZOO cartoon avatar is that of a puppy and Felix is the cat. It’s been almost two years since Seungmin and Felix started this ‘tradition’ in Stray Kids. We can say it’s a random but interesting series since fans love watching Seungmin and Felix indulge themselves in activities that are different from their roles as idols.

Networth of 'Stray Kids Felix'

‘Felix from Stray Kids’ with his charming smile

If this doesn’t sum up the worth and value of the idol, we have one more fact for you. Felix has been a member of a sub-unit of Stray Kids called ‘Dance Racha’. It is a three-membered group, adding Lee Know and Hyunjin to it. The group released a song called ‘WOW’ in 2020.

Felix is always ready to attack his fans with his adorable smile. Are you one of them?

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