Trapped In a Dating Sim Episode 7 Release Date: I Hate Other Hot Guys

Trapped in a dating sim Episode 7

Trapped In a Dating Sim is an anime with a new and different plot and approach, and this is what fans like about it the most. Here, we are going to discuss the release date for Trapped In a Dating Sim Episode 7. Why does Leon hate other guys when he is already pretty popular? Will he get his dream wife? What is his dream wife like? What are the qualities he is looking for?

Trapped In a Dating Sim: The World Of Otome Game is Tough for Mob#1 is an anime based on the manga directed and illustrated by Yomu Mishima and Monda. It is full of jaw-dropping romance, robots, and dating sim jokes.

Fans are literally setting this anime as a standard for their relationship. Fans are getting how the characters are really close yet respect each other’s boundaries. They are really hyped for Trapped In a Dating Sim Episode 7 to release.

Office worker Leon reincarnates into a dating sim video game. Women reign supreme and only beautiful men can have a seat at the table. Will he be able to have a seat? Will he come out as a winner or loser? He can use his secret weapon, which is his memory of past life.

The most different thing about this anime is that the plot is very carefully following the rules of the games, like not letting create romantic scenarios between characters who could not get together just because the game says so.

Trapped In a Dating Sim Episode 7
Trapped In a Dating Sim
Cr: Crunchyroll

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Trapped In a Dating Sim Episode 6 Recap

The Episode starts with everyone preparing for the school festival, and Leon is ordering everyone around. Angie and Livia appear in the iconic anime maid sama outfit, and everyone starts simping over them, including Leon. In the middle of all this, Leon’s sister shows up and asks for his help.

Upon conversing over tea, he gets to know that she has been in a fight with her friend. Afterward, he gets to know that the friend is angry because she pursued the guy she was after who is about to become really wealthy. Leon rejected her request to help her as she was being mean and selfish.

Prince Julius was surrounded by a bunch of girls who were crushing over him. He came there to invite everyone to his cafe, Cafe Princess. Leon and his team started seeing him as a potential competition as he was going to start a cafe right next to theirs.

In the middle of the first day of the school festival, Angie gets called by Lady Mylene, who is the queen of the Holfort Kingdom and mother of the Prince. Meanwhile, a girl was mistreating and humiliating Leon and asking him to pay for serving a disgusting tea. Angie interrupted in between and asked her to leave. She started reminding Angie of her bitter past about how she was one of them who used to think that commoners aren’t people.

With all of this, Leon loses his mind and beats up the girl’s servants. Seeing all this, Angie calls Leon’s master to calm him down. Julius hits Leon for asking his mom to marry him. In the end, Carla Fou Wayne introduces herself to Leon and requests him to save the Wayne family.

Trapped In a Dating Sim Episode 7
Trapped In a Dating Sim Episode Cr: Crunchyroll

Trapped In a Dating Sim Episode 7 Preview

Every anime fan knows that a little dose of spoiler keeps the curiosity away. In the upcoming Episode of Trapped In a Dating Sim, we will get to see an air bike race. Leon will be describing his ideal wife type, so we request you all to get your resumes ready.

Trapped In a Dating Sim Episode 7 Release Date

Trapped In a Dating Sim Episode 7 will release on 15 May 2022 at 10:00 PM in Tokyo; 6:30 PM IST; 9:00 AM EST; and 8:00 AM CST. So get your popcorn ready because Sunday is approaching!!

Watch Trapped In a Dating Sim Episode 7 Online – Streaming Details

If you’re annoyed by finding different places and sites to watch your favorite anime, don’t worry. You can binge-watch this anime on its official streaming partners, Crunchyroll and Bilibili.

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