Summer House Season 6 Episode 17 will further delve deep into everything that went down during this season. These questions may make or break some relationships. The first part of the Reunion went all out as questions about Lindsay’s miscarriage became a big part of the discussion. Amanda, Paige, and Ciara were pretty against it but also clarified that they were not slut-shaming her.

Apart from all of this, we also learned where everyone is at this point in their life. The show revisited the fight between Danielle and Ciara. Luke claimed that Paige pushed Ciara into that fight further which Paige accepted and stated that she would do it again. We may get more clarification on the other events of this summer as we head to the second part of the reunion with Summer House S06E17.

Summer House Season 6 Episode 17 Release Date & Spoilers

Summer House Season 6 Episode 17 will release on 16 May 2022. The Episode is titled “Reunion Part 2”. The closing moments of the previous Episode saw Andy Cohen questioning Kyle about choosing between work and Amanda. Who is he really married to? Amanda, on her side, is pretty sure that he is married to his job.

What To Expect From Summer House Season 6 Episode 17?
From The Closing Moments Of Summer House S06E16

Andy Cohen feels Kyle deflected the question and listening to him once again didn’t interest him. Lindsay gets the question about her photos with Carl. The question states that no one seems to like them. Lastly, Paige sheds some light on the Kristin situation. Also, we get to hear from Ciara about what made her more upset with Austen.

Summer House S06E17 Release Time & Streaming Details

Summer House Season 6 Episode 17 will air on Bravo at around 9 pm ET in the United States. In the UK, Now TV will offer the sixth season of Summer House along with the seventeenth coming Episode.

Lastly, in most of the European countries, Australia, Canada, Iceland, India, The Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Summer House S06E17 can be found on Hayu hours after its official airing. The coming Reunion Part 2 will mark the end of the sixth season run of Summer House.

Check out one of the clips from the recent Reunion Part 1 Of Summer House Season 6 below.

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