Some Urban Myths are just simple things when they get revealed. The upcoming Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Episode 7 is going to expand further into the card game universe. Episode 6 of Yu Gi Oh Go Rush anime was focused on Yudias’s past with Zeijo. And also on the members of Alien Trouble Consultancy that start searching for weird Urban Myth monsters. Let’s talk about Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Episode 7 release date and also about what episode 7 will have in store for the fans.

Yu Gi Oh Go Rush is an original anime series produced by Bridge Animation Studios (Famous for Fairy Tail). The story focuses on Two Siblings, Yuamu and Yuuhi. After both of them inherited the company that deals with Hunting aliens from their parents. They started on a Journey with their alien friend Yudias, who came to earth to get information about the famous card game, Rush Duel. The Siblings decide to teach Yudias about the Rush Duel Card game. Here are all the details regarding Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Episode 7 Release Date.

Recap Of Episode 6

Episode 6 of Yu Gi Oh Go Rush anime was based on Urban Myths Monsters that rampage town and are feared by citizens. When all three of them returned to their office. Yuamu asks Yudias about who that person was that they encountered. Yudias replies that he was Zwijo. He was one of the warriors of the Velgrarian planet. And was also the superior of Yudias. His last encounter with Zwijo was during a planetary war, where he lost contact with him when he saved his life. Now seeing him after so many years many unanswered questions have accumulated.

Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Episode 7 Release Date - Flatwoods Monster
Flatwood Monster

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After listening to Yudias, both Yuamu and Yuuhi decide that they will help him search for Zwijo. And like that, a week passes but there is no new information about the whereabouts of Zwigo. While all three of them were discussing their next course of action, Omaeno appears out of nowhere behind Yuuhi. He then tells all three of them about Some new information regarding Urban Myths that have recently spread across town. They decide to solve the mystery behind Urban Myths to gain a reputation so they all could land some alien-hunting Jobs.

Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Episode 7 Release Date - Yudias Rush Dual
Yudias During Rush Dual

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Omaeno reveals that at present three Urban Myths are causing a commotion in Mutsuba Town. All three of them take one case each and start solving the mystery. Both Yuuhi and Yuamu failed to solve the mystery as there were no such urban myths associated with their case. After that they both visit Yudias to tell him it’s all fake news, then suddenly the monster appears before them. And demands a Rush Duel with Yudias. Yudias wins the Rush Duel and at the same time, Manabu also comes to arrest the monster. During all this, all of them find out that the one behind all these Urban Myths was none other than Zwijo as he revealed himself before them. Now, what will happen to the relationship between Zwijo and Yudias? Well, stay tuned for the next Episodes to Drop.

What Will Happen in Episode 7 of Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Anime?

Episode 7 of Yu Gi Oh Go Rush anime is titled, “Can You Name All The Monsters Type”. This Episode will focus on the new strategies that the UTS members will form to capture Zwijo. We can also expect a new Rush Duel between Zwijo and Yudias to happen. As Zwijo told him that he hates the Pacifist side of him.

Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Episode 7 Release Date - Zwijo
Zwijo and Yudias

When will Episode 7 of Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Anime be Released?

Episode 7 of Yu Gi Oh Go Rush anime is scheduled to release on 15th May 2022 at 7:30 A.M. (JST Zone).

  • IST Zone Timings – 15th May at 4:00 A.M.
  • EST Zone Timings – 14th May at 6:30 P.M.

Where to Stream Episode 7 of Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Anime?

We do not have any information regarding any streaming sites that streams Yu Gi Oh Go Rush anime episode 7. We’ll update our fans if there are any sites available in the future.

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