Top Movies On HBO Max in 2022 That You Should Know About

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Top Movies on HBO Max You Should Know About. All the Releases of April 2022

HBO Max has an interesting lineup for its April 2022 releases. We are the OTT generation and nobody prefers leaving the comfort of their home now. Why step out for a movie when you can watch it lying on your bed. And that is even more fun when some exciting movies & series are coming up.

Apart from popular online platforms like Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max is another big American streaming platform. It has a large collection of movies and series, whether old or new. As well as some original movies and series like The Flight Attendant, Doom Patrol, And Just Like That, and Euphoria amongst others.

HBO Max has a lot in store for this month! A few originals and a few OG films will be streaming in April. So put on your track pants for a binge session as I take you through the top movies on HBO Max that you should watch this summer.

Top Movies On HBO Max in April 2022

HBO Max is a large platform with a lot of movies to choose from! I have chosen whatever I felt are the most awaited ones.

The Batman (April 18, 2022)

The new batman starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravits is not available on any OTT platform yet. After the theatrical release on 4th March 2022, fans have been waiting for an OTT release. Whether it is to rewatch the movie or for those who missed it on the big screen.

Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz in The Batman Movie 2022. Releasing on HBO Max

Well, good news for DC Fans because The Batman is streaming on HBO Max starting today. And it is also the only platform this movie is available on so that makes this most awaited.

The Survivor (April 27, 2022)

HBO Max April releases include this biographical movie as well. Have you heard of ‘The Survivor’? It’s based on a real-life survivor of the Nazi concentration camp, Harry Haft which was released last year.

Poster of HBO Max’s biography move: The Survivor

Apart from the real story, it was the action and acting that caught the audience’s attention. The X-men fame Ben Foster’s iconic portrayal of Harry Halt left the fans in awe. Overall this movie is one of the most awaited movies on OTT, and it’s coming soon on HBO Max

Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History ( April 1, 2022)

Another very interesting movie is coming your way! If you guessed it’s from J. K Rowling’s world then you are partly correct. This movie does feature the mythical fantastic beasts but the twist here is fascinating. Can you guess? It’s a beautiful amalgamation of mythical and real fantastic beasts.

So, the movie is a docuseries but not a boring one. And its OTT release happened on 1st April itself. So, the series is already streaming on HBO Max. Potterheads can tune in!

Insidious ( April 1, 2022)

Another OG movie, although inexplicable in its way, was still one of the most-watched movies. Insidious is a series of movies however HBO Max is streaming only one of them as of now. And it’s the very first one released in 2010 which created the most Buzz.

The 2010 Horror Movie Insidious. HBO Max April Releases

Insidious’s release on HBO’s streaming platform happened on 1st April itself. So it is now available for streaming for the American fans of the movie.

Mi Casa  (April 8, 2022)

A Latino movie, Mi Casa has won the LatinX Short Movie Competition. As I have mentioned before, HBO Max offers a wide variety of content, Mi Casa being one of them. An award-winning film that is shockingly not much heard of. So, its release on a platform like HBO will surely get people talking.

Mi Casa is a horror but friendly short movie about two sisters whose spirits are haunting a palace. But they are trapped in the palace unwillingly and don’t know how to get out. That’s when a young man comes into the picture, who tries to communicate with them through Ouija Board.
Mi Casa is a simple yet deeply concealed in meanings. Coming on HBO Max on 8th April 2022.


The 2014 classic horror, Annabelle was released on HBO Max on 1st April 2022. Horror movies are loved by the majority and Annabelle is a special one at that. You could say it’s one of the most popular horror movies in the world.

The possessed Annabelle Doll from the movie Annabelle

Sadly, Annabelle was not available on any online platform until now. And now it is one of HBO’s top releases of this month. So if you love a good OG horror movie, go and stream Annabelle now.

Toy Aficiao (April 22, 2022)

An original movie by HBO Max, Toy Aficiao is a young love story.  When two young people, from different social backgrounds audition for a school musical. They can’t help but fall in love!

This is an original movie that will release for the first time only on OTT. Toy Aficiao directed by Jose Carlos will be starring Dominican actor Francis Cruz. Along with him Latin actress Zamantha Diaz and Spanish actor Jose Mota.

Movies That Are Old But Gold

HBO is going OG and releasing a bunch of old movies, as old as 1937. And it is a good thing since all the physical records of television and films are disappearing. Soon enough there will be no physical album available anywhere. So it’s great that HBO is taking the initiative to include the old movies in the mix with the new.

This will not give joy to older people who could watch it but will also make it immortal. Because when something’s on the internet, it’ll always be there floating around somewhere.
Let’s look at some of the older movies that will stream on HBO Max this month.

Children Of The Damned (1964)

A Sci-Fi Horror movie of the era with quite a unique storyline. It’s about six extremely gifted children with psychic powers. However, after exploiting their powers the authorities declared them a threat. Now this turn of events left these kids no choice but to fight back.

Children of the Damned Movie (1964)

It’s a high-intensity movie that ends with all those children being killed. This movie sounds pretty ahead of its time with the concept and storyline. Children of the Damned was released on HBO’s streaming platform on 1st April 2022.

The Blaire Witch Project (1999)

A vintage Horror movie is a good watch for a slumber party. The Blaire Witch Project is in fact about Blaire Witch, who is an infamous murderer. As some curious students intend to find out more about Blaire for their project. However, on their way back they are caught in trouble themselves.

It is a very thrilling and scary ride but worth watching for sure. The Blaire Witch Project will stream on HBO from 30th April 2022.

William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Yes, the classic Shakespeare romance is also available on OTT since April 1st, 2022. This Romeo and Juliet movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes was a huge hit at that time.

Claire Danes are surprised as Leonardo DiCaprio takes her hand to kiss in a scene from the film ‘Romeo + Juliet’, 1996.

The tale of two lovers and rival families is not unknown to anyone. Although it’s famous the old remakes of the play are never available for streaming online. However, now it finally is available for streaming on HBO Max.

Beetlejuice (1988)

A comedy-Horror movie with a blend of two very polar and interesting genres. Beetlejuice is one of the classics of its time. The story follows two deceased humans whose spirits are trying hard to be scary. However, they hardly succeed in their mission.

It’s a very funny take on the horror genre! If you love a good blend of horror and comedy. this movie is a fun watch for sure.

Honorable Mentions

HBO’s April release ironically has a lot of gothic horror movies. Apart from ‘The Blair Witch Project’ there are ‘House of 1000 Corpes’ and ‘The Devil’s Rejects’. In the classics sections, besides the ones mentioned above, there are ‘Black Gold’ ‘Bells are Ringing’ ‘Rain Man’ ‘Five Easy Pieces’ to name a few.

However, we can not forget the action/superhero movies hitting the ott platform this April. Some of those include ‘Man of Steel’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’, the third season of ‘The Batwoman; series. If we are talking about series, there are plenty of most awaited series for this month. And that includes season 3 of the hit series ‘Snowpiercer’ and HBO’s original series ‘The Flight Attendant’. Tokyo Vice, Trinity of Shadows, Queen Stars, and The Invisible Plot are some of the series lined up for HBO Max April Release.

So, to conclude it all, HBO is bringing a wide range of movies and series to the table. From horror and superhero to comedy and romance. It is also bringing back some old classic movies and that is exciting. So go ahead and watch the ones already aired, and stay tuned for what’s coming next.

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