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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Top 10 Worst Things About Nezuko From Demon Slayer

top 10 worst things about nezuko

“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” was written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. It follows teenager Tanjiro Kamado, who strives to become a demon slayer after his family was massacred and his younger sister Nezuko became a demon. In this article, we will know about the 10 Worst Things About Nezuko. Nezuko kamado is considered one of the strongest bosses in Demon Slayer, with a whopping 25 hit points, tons of health regeneration, and high attack damage.

Her unique weakness mechanic requires the player to get melee hits to increase her weakness, making her difficult to take down. She also possesses a long-range attack that can cause deadly bleed damage. With no weakness, she is a nightmare to deal with. She appears to have a large amount of health but can only be killed by OTS, which can be easily avoided by just using a ranged attack, however some players may find this strategy difficult to execute. Nezuko’s long-range attack can cause a large amount of bleeding.

10. Nezuko Is Usually Out Of The Picture, Fast Asleep

Considering Nezuko is starved of human flesh and must conserve energy, it’s not Nezuko’s fault that she spends so much time sleeping. It makes sense, but it’s still disappointing to see Nezuko sleep so much while Tanjiro is out adventuring.

Nezuko Sleeping

Nezuko Sleeping

While Tanjiro was learning swordsmanship, Nezuko slept for two solid years, and she naps often during later storylines, too. Fans want to see Nezuko more on screen, but if she’s napping in a backpack, they can’t.

9. There is little information on Nezuko’s past

In any work of fiction, flashback scenes are an effective way to examine a character’s past. However, the flashback sequence in Demon Slayer is only the most recent in this character’s life. In reality, Nezuko’s past is far from clear. Japanese anime is famous for using flashbacks heavily, with some flashback scenes taking up an entire episode.

Top 10 Worst Things About Nezuko

Nezuko in child form

However, some characters didn’t get to experience flashbacks, such as Nezuko Kamado. Since Nezuko only makes token appearances in Demon Slayer’s flashbacks, fans don’t have much context about her experiences and growth as a person. However, given her extreme weakness and her large health pool, Nezuko might be an easy target for players. Even then, she’s simply a guest star in Tanjiro’s flashbacks.

8. There Is Only One Outfit for Nezuko

It is fun to see anime characters in new outfits to express their ever-changing personalities, such as Nezuko, who wears adorable robes with a fashionable cloth belt. She’s a trendy young lady in early modern Japan.

10 Worst Things About Nezuko

Nezuko outfit

In Naruto Shippuden, many characters change their outfit, and in Bleach, certain characters are well known for their fashion sense, like Ichigo Kurosaki. I regret that Nezuko does not follow this trend and adds some variety to her wardrobe.

7. The Dialogue of Nezuko is almost nonexistent

To stop her demonic attacks and to gain a clear understanding of her personality and past, we no longer have her dialogue. However, often what we learn about Nezuko is more through her actions than her words, so her words aren’t always the most reliable source of information. Instincts from becoming overwhelming, Nezuko wears a bamboo muzzle as a precaution. Although she does not mind wearing her bamboo muzzle all the time, it does come at a cost.

10 Worst Things About Nezuko

Nezuko Dialogue is almost nonexistent.

The muzzle Nezuko wears prevents her from speaking, and she hums instead. I’m sorry that she doesn’t further develop her character or express herself more prominently through actual dialogue. Even when she removed her muzzle in the Entertainment District arc, she remained voiceless.

6. When it comes to combat, Nezuko is too irresponsible

Sometimes Tanjiro’s sister, Nezuko, joins the battle alongside him. Nezuko is a reckless warrior and is reckless with her life. However, she is more of a liability than a useful hero. She’s also an unreliable ally. She refuses to assist Tanjiro when he’s in trouble, and she’ll only help Tanjiro if he asks her for it. Although she’s only half-human, she has no loyalty to Tanjiro. Although Tanjiro loves having Nezuko stand by him in battles, she isn’t always adequately prepared for the job.

10 Worst Things About Nezuko

Nezuko is a reckless warrior.

Nezuko repeatedly attempted to take on opponents that were stronger than her, using shields, throwing spears, and even using magic. She was skilled with sword and shield but not quite as skilled as she thought. She was also quite reckless in her use of magic. cutting off limbs and losing them, as when she engaged the vicious Daki. You might think that regenerating her flesh is an advantage, but it isn’t.

5. Nezuko Has An Almost Completely Passive Role

In the film, Nezuko Kamado plays a passive role. It’s her job to keep her demonic urges in check and not to be exposed to sunlight while Tanjiro tries to find a cure. However, not much can be done by her other than aid Tanjiro in battles.

10 Worst Things About Nezuko

Demon Slayer Episode 6

Even though Demon Slayer offers compelling reasons for Tanjiro taking the initiative while Nezuko participates passively, some anime fans may find it disappointing. Characters are more compelling when they take the initiative in their lives. So far, Nezuko Kamado has shown no signs of doing so.

4. It Raised Some Eyebrows To See Nezuko’s Sexualized Form

Anime fans are at liberty to decide whether or not Nezuko’s new sexualized form is appropriate – but her super-powered form was awkwardly introduced during the Entertainment District arc. While some anime fans are offended by Nezuko’s sexualized form, other fans were not.

10 Worst Things About Nezuko

Tanjiro and Nezuko vs Demons Episode 6

Fans at the time saw this as excessive fan service about an underaged character. Nezuko was 12-13 years old at the time, but suddenly she gained the physical maturity of an older girl.

3. There are times when Nezuko gets too brutal for her good

There is more to Nezuko’s recklessness in battle than just her rage and bloodlust, which is a problem for many shonen and seinen heroes. Nezuko may not be in control of her body, but she is certainly in control of her mind. Despite her reckless and impulsive nature, Nezuko is a very skilled fighter, and she uses her wits and strategic brain to win battles. Some examples are Naruto Uzumaki with his fox chakra, Ichigo with his Hollow showing up, and Ken Kaneki with his kakuja going berserk. However, her reckless nature led her into some very dangerous situations.

10 Worst Things About Nezuko

Demon Slayer Episode 1

Tanjiro was also concerned with Nezuko’s methods when she fought Daki with her super-form. The problem was that Nezuko’s techniques were too reckless and her body too fragile. She was more of a liability than a useful character. She was also, in my opinion, a bit too inconsistent. She had her moments when she was a hero, but she was never a reliable ally. Although Daki could have been taken down if Tanjiro had trusted her, Tanjiro was very concerned with the way Nezuko began her battle with Daki.

2. There is no proof yet that Nezuko has won a fight on her own

The Demon Slayer lover is delighted to assist Tanjiro and his allies in fending off Muzan’s bloodthirsty hordes, but she could be more effective. Despite her fighting skills, Nezuko could do more to enhance the adventures of her brother and his allies.

10 Worst Things About Nezuko

Demon Slayer Season 2

She can’t stay in Tanjiro’s tag team forever – she has to fight an enemy by herself, using her skills. She has never won on her own, so Demon Slayer must give her that opportunity.

1. As of now, Nezuko has not had any training arcs

She has not yet had her montage or training arc like her brother Tanjiro. She is overdue for one. Nezuko is a shonen action star, but unlike her brother, she hasn’t won a fight on her own. There are many ways to enrich characters by looking at training montages in anime, as shows such as My Hero Academia, Naruto, and Bleach demonstrate.



Nezuko’s character isn’t yet complete without one, and Demon Slayer fans must be interested to see what her training arc will be like.
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