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Top 10 Yukio Okumura Quotes That You Need To Know To Live Life Fearlessly

Yukino okumura quotes (1)
Yukino Okumura

The dark fantasy anime was released in 2011. It has 25 episodes and one OVA. Also, The ‘Blue Exorcist’ is written by the famous manga writer  Kazue Kato. She has also written and illustrated other mangas like ‘Robo To Usakichi’ and ‘Boko To Usagi’. She was born on 20th July 1980. Since the time she was in high school, she aspired to be an animator. However, her father did not feel the same way and stressed her to study. Yukio Okumura quotes are remembered for their supremacy. Also, ‘Blue Exorcist’ anime was picked up after ‘Robo To Usakichi’ to serialize.

The ‘Blue Exorcist’ anime is about a young boy named Rin Okumura. He is an optimistic and energetic lad who believes anything can be achieved. However, his life changes when he and his twin brother are faced with an unearthly challenge. After spending their lives without the true knowledge of their existence, Rin and Yukio find out that they are sons of the devil. Moreover, their father is Satan, and their mother is human. Furthermore, Rin is supposed to inherit his father’s throne and become the devil king. However, he chooses a different path and enrolls with the True Cross Academy to defeat Satan.

Who Is Yukio Okumura?

A human woman was impregnated by Satan, and she gave birth to twins. Even though she is a human, her sons are destined to become devils. For a long time, everyone thought that the devil king’s powers will be split between both the sons equally. However, to everyone’s surprise, Yukio was born a human. Because of his weak body, he did not inherit any powers, but he was given a devil’s mark by his brother in the womb. This enabled him to see devils from a very young age. His experience and the title of prodigy are what make Yukio Okumura’s quotes so impactful.

Yukino and Rin okumura

Yukio and Rin okumura

When he became aware of his and his brother’s origin, he decided to become an exorcist. It did not matter to him how strong his brother is. All he wanted to do is protect Rin at all costs. When Rin Okumura is a first-year trainee at the True Cross Academy, Yukio is already an instructor. However, because of the discrimination in treatment, Yukio starts to loath his brother and blames him for their adoptive father’s death. As the story progresses, Yukio starts to again care for his brother and doesn’t want him to be consumed by the demonic powers. In the end, after learning the truth about their birth, Yukio’s negative emotions towards his brother increase, and he decides to join the illuminate.

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10 Yukio Okumura Quotes:

10. From Now On I Will Protect My Brother In Father’s Stead

Yukio Okumura has never known his real father, is satan. Also, his adoptive father, whom he loved, died in an incident. After this, all he had felt was his brother. Moreover, Yukio has always cared for him, but somehow his love turned into jealousy. Before starting to loath his brother, Yukio Okumura decides that he will protect his brother no matter what. Furthermore, this is the reason he joined the True Cross Academy.

Yukino okumura smile

Yukio Okumura smile

9. No Matter How Much He Wants It

In the top 10 Yukio Okumura quotes, this is the quote that hit the hardest. Here, we can witness a bond between the brothers and how much Yukio cares for Rin. He knows that Rin does not want to be the devil king. Also, he does not want to be engulfed by the darkness that his powers carry. However, in the end, it doesn’t matter what he wants. He will have to live with the fact that he is not a human and will have to accept his origin and destiny.

blue exorcist

blue exorcist

8. He Cannot be A Normal Human Anymore

At the age of 7, Yukio Okumura finds out the truth about his and Rin’s birth. This is why he decides to join the True Cross Academy. He wants to protect his family, especially his brother. Rin Okumura is given the liberty to live a normal life with his brother and adoptive father till the age of 16. However, Rin comes to know the truth when Kurikara is no longer able to seal his demonic powers. When the chains have broken, a series of events take place, which leads to the death of Shiro at the hands of Satan. Rin direly wishes to be human, but it is in no one’s hand.

7. The Best Way To Succeed Is To Use Your Abilities To The fullest

This quote from the top 10 Yukio Okumura quotes can be applied in real life by everyone. Yukio enrolled in the True Cross Academy at the age of 7. His decision was influenced by the fact that he wanted to protect his brother. By putting himself through hard work, he achieved the title of a prodigy. Everyone was amazed by him. Also, he got the title of a ‘Meister’ when he was only an instructor.

credit- anime Un;ted

credit- anime Unltd

6. Sometimes Being Strong Means Being Able To Forgive

A lot has happened in Yukio Okumura’s life. He has faced the harsh reality of life. Also, his pure love for his brother turns into hate when his father dies. He blames Rin for his father’s death and starts to loath him. Moreover, everyone treats his brother differently than him because of his newfound powers. All of this becomes a reason for pain in Yukio’s life, but in the end, he is strong enough to forgive anyone who has wronged him.

blue exorcist quotes

blue exorcist quotes

5. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

Rin Okumura is an optimistic and energetic young boy. It is as if he thinks he can achieve anything he puts his mind to. Even though after unleashing his powers, he hasn’t been able to contain them, he wants to help people. In this process, Rin makes promises that he might not be able to keep despite his good intentions. When Yukio witnesses this behavior of his brother, he gives him the advice to not make false promises.

credit- animeandmangquotes

credit- animeandmangquotes

4. You’re Wrong. I Am Not Afraid Of My Brother

Everyone thinks that because Rin Okumura is the chosen one. He is the one who has inherited all of satan’s powers, he should be feared. However, this quote in the Yukio Okumura quotes list proves that Yukio disagrees with this opinion. Even though he hasn’t gained many demonic powers, he has his knowledge and confidence, which makes him a great fighter. This is where he clears up the fact that even if his brother is destined to be the demon king, he is not afraid of him.

Yukino okumura credit- allanimemangaquotes

Yukio okumura credit- allanimemangaquotes

3. Then You Should Give Yourself Up

After Yukio’s hate grew more and more every day for his brother, there came a point when he started to loathe him. He blamed him for their father’s death. Also, he went down a dark path in the end. His motivation to find out the truth soon turned into an obsession, and he joined illuminate. Whenever there is a fight to capture Rin Okumura, someone gets hurt. This is what our protagonist wants to avoid. This is when Yukio suggests to him that he should give himself up to whatever destiny he is supposed to fulfill.

2. In Any Case, We Must Hurry

This is a quote that makes anyone retrospect their perspective in life. No matter want is your mission or purpose is. Even if you’re facing death. You should always hurry up with your tasks. Yukio Okumura is no exception to this human behavior. No matter if he is out facing a life or death situation, the most important thing will always be to hurry up with the task.

1. I Promised My Father That I Will Protect My Brother

In one of the episodes, Yukio Okumura is possessed by satan. He is covered in blue flames, and his actions are being controlled by the devil. Because of this, he shoots Rin without any hesitation. When Satan orders him to finish the job, he resists and says that he will kill them both. He promised his father that he will protect his brother, and to do so, he decided to take his own life in order to vanish satan from the human world. However, he is saved by Rin before he could pull the trigger.

Yukino okumura quotes

Yukio Okumura quotes

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