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Top 10 Weakest Water Type Pokemons Of All Time

top ten weakest water type pokemon
top ten weakest water type pokemon

Over generations, Pokemon has evolved to be one of the greatest anime to revolve around the bond between humans and beasts. While some of these beasts are quite powerful, there is a handful of them that have no power at all. Here, we’ll be going through the top 10 weakest water-type Pokemons of all time. So let’s begin.

Pokemon is known to be the abbreviated version of Pocket Monsters and is based on the famous Nintendo game going by the same title. The origin of the animated series began back on 1st April 1997 and has been on a roll since. Most of the 20s may remember the show with the main characters Ash, Misty, and Brock, who came together during the first-gen Pokemon series and were present for a long, long time.

Over the span of 1189+ episodes, we have seen many Pokemons of different elements. The basic ones were based on the type of element, namely water, earth (rock), grass, fire, lightning, wind, etc. Later on, the content of shadow and light, dark Pokemon, ghost type, and crystal type were brought into the series. Here, while we rank the weakest water Pokemon in the series so far, let us learn a little about these Pokemon.

What Are Water Type Pokemon?

In the beginning, water was one of the three basic elements, along with fire and grass, which were introduced as a Pokemon trainer’s starter Pokemon. The water-type Pokemon are the most common ones among the types of Pokemon and are mostly located in or around the sea area. 80% of the time, we see these Pokemon in the shape of a sea animal. For example, there is a Pokemon that looks like a sea horse and another one that looks like a fish. It is while entering the generation 6 Pokemons that the water-type Pokemons are paired with other types of Pokemons.

So now, without further ado, let’s look at the Top 10 Weakest Water Type Pokemons.

10. Chewtle (Galar Region)

Chewtle was one of the first few hybrid Pokemon shown in the series. The Pokemon was a mix of water and rock type, which was a kind of strong mix. The reason why this Pokemon is on the list is that compared to other base Pokemons in the region, Chewtle fell a little short.

Chewtle ready to fight

While once taken care of properly, Chewtle evolves into Drednaw, which is a powerful Water and Rock-type Pokemon. The character design of these Pokemons is like a turtle with orange plumps on his cheeks and a tooth that pops out in the center, which gives it a very youthful and child-like appearance.

9. Wimpod (Alola Region)

Alola regions Wimpod comes under the 9th position for the weakest water type Pokemons in the series. The only good thing that comes out of this Pokemon is that it’s fast. Wimpod is equipped with high speed that lets it travel and escape any tricky situation. The Pokemon is cowardly in nature, and that is the reason why it always seeks to escape from any threats making it quite a fast guy on the field.

top ten weakest water type pokemon


Apart from his speed, Wimpod is at a real low on its substats. The Pokemon has low punch force, low battle ability, and low strike power, which make it a true fact that it cannot protect itself. With that being said, there is no chance that Wimpod can stand its ground when it comes to an intense battle. Because of this, Wimpod is one of the weakest Water-type Pokemon from the Alolan Islands.

8. Horsea (Kanto Region)

Horsea was one of the generations of Pokemon that were introduced during the early episodes of Pokemon. This Pokemon was one of the few which looked like it belonged only in the sea as a sea creature. It had very few abilities. Horsea has high speed with various aquatic abilities, but the Pokemon is not quite versatile in nature.

top ten weakest water type pokemon


Though the Pokemon has move skills like bubbles, water gun, and sting, at an early time, Horsea is not strong enough to take his opponent down. Well, this all changes when it evolves and becomes Seadra and later evolves to his final stage, which is Kingdra which really scales in power.

7. Relicanth (A thrid generation Pokemon)

Relicanth is a water and rock type Pokemon and also goes by the name of known as the Longevity Pokémon. The Pokemon is kind of an ancient Pokemon by the looks of it and may just stand still like a rock without gaining high damage.

top ten weakest water type pokemon


The only plus point that we can receive from this Pokemon is that it has high defense and moderate attack power. Though this Pokemon swims underwater, it does not have decent water-type movies such as the water gun, etc. In short, he might become a big disadvantage for those looking for a hardcore water-type Pokemon.

6. Tympole (Unova Region)

The whole of Unova has brought in many water-type Pokemons after Kanto, making it one of the most memorable times for all the water-type Pokemon fans. While there were many strong Pokemons in the mix, there were some who were at a low spectrum of the energy scaling. Among these was Tympole, which is a tadpole Pokemon that was confused with Poliwag by many Pokemon viewers.

Tympole and its evolutions

Very much like Poliwag, Tympole also has a 3 stage evolution, becoming a full-grown toad. Just like Poliwag, this Pokemon, in its tadpole stage, does not have many abilities to strike down an opponent making this Pokemon a low-ranked water Pokemon. Well, these stats take an impressive turn when it evolves into Seismitoad, which receives a lot of boost in its latent battle potential.

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5. Finneon (Sinnoh Region)

Finneon is one of the slowest growing Pokemon in the series. With one of its bottom lines is being a fish, Finneon not versatile when it is compared to other water-type Pokemon. This Pokemon is so weak that at a point, fans even forgot it existed in the series. While we all hope that a Pokemon, when evolved, turns into a beast, it’s not the case over here.

top ten weakest water type pokemon


Finneon’s evolution to Lumineon looks great but is all show and no go. The final form of this water-type Pokemon also leans over to become a fish Pokemon being the ultimate drawback for the entire power scaling for the Pokemon.

4. Feebas (Hoenn Region)

Well, Feebas is a kind of Pokemon who is often referred to as Magikarp, and they are both designed pretty similar, and they are similarly useless when it comes to a Pokemon battle. Just like Magikarp, Feebas has incredibly low stats, and there is not a single thing that can change it.

Feebas and its evolution

But Feebas does show its potential in a much more efficient way when it evolves to Milotic. Here the stats boost to the max making him one of the best Pokemons.

3. Wooper (Johto Region)

If we were to rank the top ten cutest Pokemons of all time, the Wooper would definitely make the list. But sadly, here we are rating the Pokemon as per his stats and power level, so where have to place him as one of the lowest Pokemon. Wooper does not bring much to the plate when it’s a one-on-one battle.


Having a limited attack arsenal and low power levels, Wooper falls incredibly short in front of other water-type Pokemons. Even after its evolution to the Water and Ground-type Quagsire, it is still a decent Pokemon.

2. Kabuto (Kanto Region)

Kabuto is a rock and water-type Pokemon and is considered an ancient Pokemon as well. Being a shell Pokemon, one would think that Kabuto might have high defense, but that’s not the case. All of its stats are low, and it is one of the most difficult to use Pokemon in the series.


Even after its evolution, the only thing that changes from Kabuto to Kabutops is that the Pokemon gets a body with claws. The stats increase considerably but still are on the weaker end of the spectrum.

1. Magikarp (Kanto region)

All first-generation Pokemon lovers who started watching their series with Ash’s first-ever journey know who Magikarp is and how useless the Pokemon is. By far, Magikarp is one of the worst Pokemon the series has ever seen. The only thing the Pokemon is good at doing is bouncing up and down. The Pokemon does not have a decent attack, neither it has a proper defense.

top ten weakest water type pokemon

Magikarp flapping himself on the ground

But this bad thing does have a good part to it. Once grown properly, Magikarp turns into the dragon water-type Pokemon Gyarados. This evolution is one that fans are eager to see all the time, as Gyarados is one of the strongest dragon-type Pokemons that ever existed.

Where To Watch Pokemon?

You can watch Pokemon on multiple streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation Amazon, etc.

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