Where Is Open All Hours Filmed? Locations Of The Popular Sitcom!

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Where Is Open All Hours Filmed
Open All Hours

Open All Hours is a popular 1976 sitcom and it consists of four different seasons. This show rose to prominence with its storyline and concept. Fans around the world would always make sure that they’ve watched every Episode of this show. Moreover, one thing that attracted major popularity would be the filming locations of this program. Open All Hours is filmed in aesthetically pleasing locations. And guess what? Because of its huge comedic presence, viewers around the world were deeply engraved in the proceedings of this series. And this enabled the creators of this show to gain the title of being in the eighth position of best British sitcoms.

Little did you know that not only the storyline of this series is attractive, but also the characters have equal importance as well. They’ve played a very strong role in increasing the popularity of this show. However, fans were expecting more from this show, so the creators came up with a sequel too. Moreover, there are certain speculations about a final mini-series, Open All Hours. But the pandemic restricted the program’s arrival. And guess what? Viewers are desperate to know the way these creators filmed Open All Hours in mesmerizing locales.

Plot Summary

When it comes to the storyline of this show, it is pretty simple. But guess what? It easily managed to capture the attention of millions. Well, speaking of this, the whole show surrounds the life of Arkwright, a simple owner of a grocery shop. Things around him are quite simple. Moreover, he is very popular for his skills in selling goods from his shop. Little did you know that Arkwright is deeply in love with Gladys Emmanuel, and she is a Nurse by profession. Well, because of some differences, they’re not able to marry each other.

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Where Is Open All Hours Filmed
Open All Hours: Ronnie Barker as Arkwright and David Jason as Granville

On the other hand, there are some problems between him and his nephew Granville as well. He often helps him around at his shop. But Granville never really wanted to be a part of this profession. Because of this, people are pretty much ignoring him in his personal life. Things are quite difficult to maintain since nobody likes him for his work. And guess what? Granville is the only character who will provide you with an uncanny resemblance because no one else is so selfless and trustworthy. Arkwright never really liked this part of Granville’s behavior.

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As he is very understanding, it frustrates him to the core. On the other hand, the creators specifically chose humor as a way to hide painful situations. The writers of this show worked very hard to create an interesting and interactive script. And even though the show finished airing in the year 1985, Open All Hours has a distinctive place in the minds of its viewers. The most contemplative part of this show would be Granville’s life since he didn’t expect his life to end up this way. Even though he’s all grown up, Arkwright still treats him like a young boy.

Where Is Open All Hours Filmed?

Well, speaking of the filming locations, the creators wanted to maintain the authenticity of the show. And to do this, they chose a typical background. Open All Hours is filmed in alluring suburbs of England, specifically in South Yorkshire. Moreover, these places are also used in the sequel as well. The grocery shop of Arkwright was shot in Balby, Lister Avenue. The creators of this show used a Hairdressing Salon as Arkwright’s shop. None of them had to move a lot to film these scenes, as every scene is from the same location.

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The final season of Open All Hours premiered in the year 1985
Open All Hours: The Boutique, which was used as Arkwright’s grocery shop in Open All Hours

Moreover, Lister Avenue in Sheffield, United Kingdom, is popular for its beautiful properties. And Gladys’ house is in the same place. Even though it’s been so many years, the locations haven’t changed much. Moreover, this is a very delightful thing for all the fans. Since many of them have a lot of funny memories and it also connects them to the emotional aspect of the show. Many fans also snapped photos from their shooting schedule in the year 2019 as they were back at the same spot to continue the final parts of this show.

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