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Top 10 Roles Performed By Nicolas Cage

Top 10 Roles Performed by Nicolas Cage
Top 10 Roles Performed by Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage or Nicolas Kim Coppola is one of the best actors. He has great skills in acting and delivering dialogues. This admirable actor and filmmaker were born on 7  January 1964 in the United States. For his outstanding performance, he has won the academy award for best actor, academy awards for outstanding performance, Golden Globe Award for Outstanding Performance, and many more. There is a long list of movies in which Nicolas Cage acted exceptionally fine. And today, we are going to see the top 10 roles performed by Nicolas Cage in movies.

From Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Pig, this superstar never disappointed his fans. Not just this, if everything goes well, we will see him acting in his new film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, in the year 2023. In this movie, Nicolas Cage is playing the role of Nick Cage. The story revolves around an actor named Nick, who had to accept $1 million from a superfan to pay his debt. Let us see the top ten roles performed by Nicolas Cage.

10. Spider-Man Noir (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)

Spider-Man Noir is in 10th position. As you know, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is an animated film and is among the most rated spider man movies. The film is about a teenage guy Miles Morales, who was learning to use his superpower. Nicolas Cage has given his voice to the Spider-Man Noir. For so many years, we were unaware of this thing. In an interview, when asked, he said playing the Spider-Man Noir role was unusual as the Noir reminded him of his favorite actors from the 30s and 40s era.

Nicolas Cage in the Spider Man Into the Spider-Verse

Nicolas Cage in the Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

9. Jack Halcombe (The Frozen Ground)

Among the top 10 roles performed by Nicolas Cage, Jack Halcombe is in the ninth position. The Frozen Ground is a true story about a serial killer Robert Hansen, who went unnoticed for eighteen years. Nicolas Cage played the character of Jack Halcombe, who was a state trooper. The role was inspired by Glenn Flother. At the end of the movie, Halcombe tricked Robert Hansen to confess his crime of murdering 17 women and raping and kidnapping another 30 women. He got sentenced to 461 years plus life.

Nicolas Cage in the The Frozen Ground

Nicolas Cage in The Frozen Ground

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8. David Spritz (The Weather Man)

David Spritz, played by Nicolas Cage in The Weather Man, has acquired the 8th position in our list of top 10 roles played by Nicolas Cage. The Weather Man was released on 28 October 2005 and is a comedy-drama film.

Nicolas Cage played the role of a weatherman who was well paid but received little respect from people. His father, who was an awarded writer, was also upset about his way of handling his two children. He used to say that doing harder things and doing the right things usually are the same. David was the opposite of him. He could not work hard. Meanwhile, his father was diagnosed with lymphoma. At the end of the movie, David received a high-paying job as a weatherman, and people started respecting him.

Nicolas Cage in the The Weather Man

Nicolas Cage in The Weather Man

7. Cameron Poe (Con Air)

Cameron Poe is in the seventh position. In the movie, Nicolas Cage played the role of Cameron Poe, who was a combat veteran but was given a ten-year sentence in killing an innocent man. During his parole, he helped the authorities to regain the titular flight from criminals. Con Air was released on 6 June 2017 and received praise for its action sequences. How Do I Live, a song from the movie, got nominated for the Oscar award in the category of Best Sound and Best Original Sound.

Nicolas Cage in Con Air

Nicolas Cage in Con Air

6. Robin (Pig)

Nicholas Cage played the role of Robin in Pig, and this role is in number 6th position among the top 10 roles performed by Nicholas Cage. “Pig” was released on 16 July 2021 in the United States. This American drama film revolves around the life of a truffle hunter, Robin. He lived in the wilderness of Oregon alone, but when his favorite pig got kidnapped, he decided to return to Portland, where he once lived.

Nicholas Cage received a hugely positive response and praise for his performance in Pig. He also won the second nomination for the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actor. Apart from this, the movie Pig got praised for its screenplay and received the Independent Spirit Award for the Best First Screenplay.

Nicolas Cage in Pig

Nicolas Cage in Pig

5. Ronny Cammareri (Moonstruck)

Ronny Cammareri, played by Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck, is in the fifth position. Moonstruck was released on 15th January 1988 worldwide. This American romantic comedy-drama movie followed the life of a widow, Loretta Castorini (Cher). To make her life more interesting and secure, she decided to marry a nice and rich man named Johnny (Danny Aiello). But she soon faces a dilemma when she finds herself falling in love with his fiance’s younger brother Ronny Cammareri (Nicholas Cage). The film received six nominations for the 60th Academy Award. It won three of them, including the Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Actress.

Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck

Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck

4. FBI Special Agent Dr. Stanley Goodspeed (The Rock)

Dr. Stanley Goodspeed is in the fourth position among the top 10 roles played by Nicholas Cage. The Rock was released on 7 June 1996 in the United States. This American action thriller is the story in which a rogue general captured all the tourists on an island and threatened the government to launch a rocket filled with nerve agents on San Francisco. To stop this, USDOD assigned FBI chemist Dr. Stanely Goodspeed and a SAS. However, the demand of the general was to provide $100 million to 83 men who got killed in a mission led by the General.

The Rock received praise from critics and was also nominated for the Best Sound at the 69th Academy Awards. The film was a huge success in terms of box-office collection. As a result, it became the fourth highest-grossing film in the year 1996.

Nicolas Cage in The Rock

Nicolas Cage in The Rock

3. Jack Campbell (The Family Man)

Jack Campell, played by Nicholas Cage, is in the third position. The Family Man was released on 22 December 2000 in the United States. This American fantasy comedy-drama was adapted from It’s a Wonderful Life. The film followed the life of Jack Campbell, who was enjoying his bachelorhood life. Eventually. One day he woke up and found himself tied up in a marriage with his old girlfriend. And not just this, he had children as well.

The Family Man received mixed responses from critics. However, its lead actress won Best Actress for Leoni at the 27th Saturn Awards. There, the film also got nominated for Best Fantasy Film.

Nicolas Cage in The Family Man

Nicolas Cage in The Family Man

2. Castor Troy, Sean Archer (Face/Off)

Castor Troy comes in the second position in the top 10 roles performed by Nicolas Cage. Face/Off was released on 27 June 1997 in the United States. This American action thriller film is about an FBI agent, Sean Archer ( Played by John Travolta), and a criminal mastermind Castor Troy (played by Nicolas Cage). To take revenge for killing his son and to know the location of a bomb from Castor Troy’s brother, Sean Archer took the face of Castor by undergoing plastic surgery.

The plan went wrong when Castor Troy did the same and took the face of Sean Archer. Castor started ruining not only Sean’s professional life but also his personal life. He deactivated the bomb and became the hero making Sean the criminal. Face/Off is one of the best action-thriller films, which got nominated for Sound Effects Editing at the 70th Academy Awards.

Nicolas Cage in Face/Off

Nicolas Cage in Face/Off

1. Ben Sanderson (Leaving Las Vegas)

The first one in the list of top 10 roles performed by Nicolas Cage is of Ben Sanderson. Leaving Las Vegas was released on 9 February 1966 in the United States. This American drama film is based on the novel Leaving Las Vegas, written by John O’Brien.

Nicolas Cage in the role of Ben Sanderson, started drinking too much after losing his family and job. Suffering from depression, he decided to drink himself to death. For the same reason, after putting a large amount of beer and liquor in his BMW, he drove from Los Angeles to Los Vegas and got drunk. Eventually, he met a prostitute whom he had fallen in love with.

Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas

Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas received prizes worldwide. Whether it was the audience or critics, everyone loved the film. The film made by Nicolas Cage won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor -Motion Picture Drama. Not just this, he also won the Academy Award for Best Actor. 

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