Growing Belushi Filming Location: Where is The Show Shot?

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Discovery's Reality TV Series Growing Belushi: Filming Location

Did you know that growing Cannabis is a real business? Yes, It is indeed and that’s what Growing Belushi’ is all about. Cannabis is legal in a lot of countries including The United States where the Growing Belushi filming took place. The reality series ‘Growing Belushi’ is about growing and trading Cannabis. You must have heard of the Actor, Comedy Jim Belushi, famous for SNL and ‘The Defenders. He is the face and brains of this series and the business.

Growing Belushi has two seasons by far and is available on Discovery Plus. It is a great watch for documentary geeks, as it sheds light on the reality of farming. While season 1 focused on the obstacles that came while building the business. Season 2 focuses more on the trading part of the business.

The show shares the struggles of farming as well as how this business came to be. Belushi is honest and vulnerable in sharing all business as well as personal details.

Growing Belushi Filming Location

As I mentioned above, the entire show is filmed on Belushi’s farm located in Oregon, USA. The 93-acre land is located at Eagle Point which is a small city in Jackson County. Moreover, the beautiful stretch of land is located alongside the Rogue River in southern Oregon.

Jim Beluchi working on his Cannabis Farm in Oregon, USA. Growing Belushi Filming location: Oregon

However, the farm was originally owned by a couple, Becca and Charlie. Since it was located behind Belushi’s 13-acre lodge, Jim and Becca became friends. Gradually Becca got unwell and asked Jim to take care of the farm. And since she requested on her death bed Jim took the responsibility.

Discovery’s Reality TV Series, Growing Belushi Filming Location

Ever since then he dedicated himself to working on the farm. He completely revamped the farm to make it as good as possible. And after Cannabis became legal in Oregon in 2014, he legally set up his Cannabis Farm. He even honored his late friend Becca and named the road leading to the farm – Becca’s Way.

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The Backstory of Jim Belushi’s Business

Some people might find Cannabis farming unnecessary but it’s important and takes a lot of effort. This side of Jim Belushi was not known to people until now. So, after opening up about his life he talked about the reason behind this venture. And the real reason why Jim started this Business is his brother.

‘Growing Belushi’ filming location: Bellushi Farm. In the frame: Jim Belushi on his Cannabis farm.

Jim’s brother John Belushi passed away due to drug intoxication. Since then, Jim believed to educate people on the use of clean drugs the right way. Jim was very close to his brother and took this incident as learning of life.

The cannabis Cowboy, as he likes to call himself began his journey in this business because of this. And now with this reality show and their business doing amazing. Jim is all set to spread his market internationally. Belushi Farm supplies tons of cannabis for medication as well as recreation purposes.

What Happened on Growing Belushi So Far?

The series ‘Growing Belushi’ is a three-episode documentary and two seasons have come out by far. The first season mostly follows the struggle of starting the business. On one hand, Jim is a go-getter and wants to do everything himself. But on the other hand, his lack of expertise creates some issues.

It’s tricky, to run a farming business, and more so when the crop is not an ordinary one. Growing Cannabis is no child’s play, it requires favorable conditions and efforts to make it a success. So, the first season is just that. Jim and his team face many ups and downs while harvesting their strain.

Jim Belushi working on his farm.

However, in season 2, the business is better-settled and marketing and partnerships are the focus of this season. Nevertheless, this season also faces highs and lows. And more so in the last episode of the series.

There is no announcement of season 3 yet but possibly there will be one. We just have to wait and watch to see things unfold. The series is very promising and will give you deets about farming and business. So if you enjoy docuseries, watch ‘Growing Belushi’. Also, it stars one of Hollywood’s favorite artists in a brand new avatar.

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