Top 10 Movies That Deserved An Oscar!

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Top 10 Movies That Deserved An Oscar

People around the world are desperately waiting to know more about the Academy Awards. Moreover, none of the jury members will provide you with the least bit of information about their choices. Every year, viewers make out their list that is based on their perceptions. And these preferences are sometimes unpredictable. Moreover, every year, you’ll find some exemplary actors with exceptional acting skills. And through their capabilities, they shock the whole world! And guess what? This explains the main reason behind all the enthusiasm to know more about the top 10 movies that deserved an Oscar.

With each passing movie, some fans are pretty delighted to have their favorite actor win the Academy award. Moreover, actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Chastain, and Tom Hanks are among the best actors in the entertainment industry. And they’ve surely won too! Well, there are other times when viewers are pretty disappointed with the win too. And guess what? There are certain perspectives wherein people feel a few of the movies didn’t deserve to win as the jury failed to understand the significance of several other films as well. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 movies that deserved an Oscar!

Top 10 Movies That Deserved An Oscar

Well, speaking of the Oscars, it never fails to entertain you. Sometimes you had different wishes, but a certain win shooks you to the core. And guess what? Several actors were meant to be the winners. Moreover, everyone keeps on wondering many speculations towards the end of every Oscar premiere! And these speculations are often related to the movies that lost the awards. However, these awards are essential for the entertainment industry. Because it helps everyone to understand that all movies have the best performances and concepts in them.

Well, everyone is quite aware of the selection process. And guess what? You’ll come across a whole group of Jury members, and these members equally chart out the potentially worthy movies to win this honorary title. And while reading the whole list of these movies, you’ll realize that there is a very different pattern. These patterns are very necessary to enlist the winners. Moreover, several actors win this award, and people come forward with their views. Well, these views are particularly necessary because they stand out from everyone else in the award function. Here, you’ll come across such movies which had every right to win the Academy awards.

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1. The Shining

The Shining is a popular 1980 psychological thriller film, which is best known for its storyline and casting members. Well, even today, people love to watch this movie over and over again. Because when it comes to the lead role of the antagonist, Jack Nicholson was remarkably great in his role! Moreover, his character as Jack Torrence will shake you to the core since his transformation from an alcoholic to a complete psychopath is exceptional. Well, according to several people, this movie should’ve won the Best Actor Award.

Top 10 Movies That Deserved An Oscar
Movies That Deserved An Oscar: The Shining made history through the exemplary acting skills of Jack Nicholson

2. Marvin’s Room

Marvin’s Room is a popular 1996 film, and guess what? Everyone around the world is a huge fan of this movie. Moreover, all the actors in this drama film played a very significant role. Their acting skills were on point and exemplary! Speaking of these characters, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Diane Keaton were some of the main casting members of this film. Well, the story surrounds the life of two incompatible sisters who were always far away from each other. But soon, life brings in several moments, which lead to their reunion again.

Top 10 Movies That Deserved An Oscar
Movies That Deserved An Oscar: Meryl Streep as Lee and Leonardo DiCaprio as Hank

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3. American Psycho

Well, who doesn’t know this film? This movie became a huge revolutionary point for all the thriller and psychological movies in the early 2000s. Apart from this, Christian Bale and his role as a serial killer hits up a different level of emphasis on the whole story. It’s good to see how he switches between his character almost easily. Nevertheless, for once, he is the normal Patrick Bateman, and in the next few minutes, he becomes a hideous beast. On the other hand, this movie didn’t fail to leave a huge impact on the Hollywood entertainment industry. But unfortunately, it didn’t faze the jury members of the Academy Awards even though it is surely one of the top 10 movies that deserved an Oscar.

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Top 10 Movies That Deserved An Oscar
Movies That Deserved An Oscar: American Psycho is one of the most popular psychological thrillers of 2000

4. Edward Scissorhands

Well, sometimes it’s kind of disappointing to know that Johnny Depp has never won an Oscar award. Over these years, he has portrayed a very strong skill in terms of his acting capabilities. And even though his acting was loved by all the Depp fans, but still felt he was never honored for his work. Edward Scissorhands is a very popular movie from the 1990s where Johnny was at the peak of his career. It’s good to see how this fantasy film didn’t fail to entice us with the concept of a man with hands made out of scissor blades.

Top 10 Movies That Deserved An Oscar
Movies That Deserved An Oscar: This movie mark Johnny Depp’s best role. As he rose to prominence with these roles

5. Black Swan

Black Swan is one of the most astonishing movies of all time. This 2010 psychological thriller film never failed to create inquisitive doubts in the minds of the people. Well, the whole movie surrounds the life of a young and dedicated ballerina named Nina. Her whole life is based on her life as a ballet dancer. Dancing is her bread and butter. Moreover, she is one of the fabulous dancers in her whole team, and soon she was selected to become the white swan. But her rivalry with the newcomer Lily unleashes her psychopathic personality. And Lily is all set to become the black swan.

Top 10 Movies That Deserved An Oscar
Black Swan is a complicated story that will make you question every scene. But it’s the storyline is a worth watch

6. The Sixth Sense

You might’ve never found any other movie to be as good as The Sixth Sense. It has a significant place in the top 10 movies that deserved an Oscar. The Sixth Sense is miraculously crafted with precision and planning. This horror film shook everyone with its ending, and even today, claiming to be a horror fan will land you in huge trouble since this movie is one of the best horror flicks. The concept of this movie is top-notch. And the whole story surrounds the life of a young boy Cole and a child psychologist named Malcolm.

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The Sixth Sense is one of the most popular horror films
Movies That Deserved An Oscar: The Sixth Sense was up for six Oscar nominations

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7. Hereditary

Hereditary is by far one of the best films in the horror category. The whole storyline will make you confused as it will play with your mind. Moreover, Hereditary broke several records. Even after being such a popular movie, this film didn’t get any nominations for the academy awards. Well, the whole movie surrounds the life of a mother, Annie. Her life takes a devastating turn after the death of her youngest daughter Charlie. But soon, Annie’s mother had connections with the cult, and this begins to overpower her life as well.

Hereditary is one of the most popular horror films
Movies That Deserved An Oscar: Hereditary didn’t receive any nominations and it disappointed many fans

8. Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio is another man who was never honored for his acting skills. Over these years, Leonardo has given brilliant performances through his movies, and Shutter Island was a part of it. Despite being such a popular film, the movie didn’t receive any sort of preference in the Oscar awards. Moreover, his role in this film is surely one of the best acting projects of Leonardo. And guess what? Shutter Island surrounds the life of Teddy Daniels, an investigator. His life takes a devastating turn after he visits an asylum to solve the case of a missing patient.

Shutter Island is one of the best movies of Leonardo DiCaprio
Movies That Deserved An Oscar: This movie marks one of the best roles of Leonardo DiCaprio

9. Gone Girl

Even though this film gave a whole new definition to Rosamund’s life, it didn’t win any category at the Oscar awards. This film certainly deserved an Oscar because the acting, screenplay, and depiction are on point. Fans were pretty disappointed. On the other hand, Pike was nominated for the best actress award at the 2015 Academy awards.

Gone Girl- Rosamund Pike as Amy
Movies That Deserved An Oscar: This film received one nomination, wherein Rosamund Pike was nominated for the Best Actress award

The whole story surrounds a married woman named Amy. She finds out about her husband’s infidelity and decides to take the matter into her own hands after framing her husband for her fake murder.

10. The Shawshank Redemption

Well, The Shawshank Redemption surrounds the life of a young man named Andy, who is imprisoned in a dreadful case as he is charged with the murder of his wife and girlfriend. But the truth is that he didn’t commit any of these crimes.

Morgan Freeman became pretty popular with this role
Movies That Deserved An Oscar: This movie was Oscar-nominated for seven different nominations

But still, the court held him responsible, and gradually his life takes a devastating turn when he falls into the trap of Prison life and depression. Moreover, this film received around seven nominations. But still, it didn’t win any.

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