Top 10 Most Popular Anime Male Characters in Winter 2022

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10 Most Popular Anime Male Characters in Winter 2022

Anime fans have high expectations. It might be from the studio or the animation or characters. Obviously, this high expectation from the fans may also lead to mental hazards. For instance, many studios, like MAPPA, try to meet the viewer’s expectations and make their creators work day and night. As a result of the animators’ amazing work, many come to start liking the anime characters, subsequently, their standards have been raised higher and higher. Well, not that we care. Till the end, we forget it all and like to drool over characters more and more. This has been the case for males as well as females. Coming back, we have a list of male characters for you from the Winter 2022 collection of anime series.

As your winter 2022 anime series collection has been overloaded, we hope you also have some of your favorite characters? Popular amongst female fans, here are some of the most famous male anime characters. The characters will mostly be from the anime that has released in Winter 2022.

10 Most Popular Male Characters in Winter 2022:

10. Song Ryang-Ha

Koroshi Ai is the newest and the most exciting anime series so far. Ryang-Ha has the ‘bad boy falling in love’ personality, which makes the series so fun. His teasing and his way of clinging to Chateau are so refreshing. His actions make us laugh, and also wants us to have someone like him by our side. Lucky Chateau!

10 Most Popular Anime Male Characters in Winter 2022
Song Ryang-Ha from Koroshi Ai

9. Akaboshi Bisco

God, his demeanor is so savage. He is a mixture of Katsuki Bakugou, Tobio Kageyama, and whoever is similar to them. He is skillful, he is athletic, he is way too energetic, and he is a package of all those skills that can make a fan think, “he is so good.” And Bisco isn’t the quiet one, so liking him is like falling hard for him. So think it over.

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10 Most Popular Anime Male Characters in Winter 2022
Akaboshi Bisco from Sabikui Bisco

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8. Nagumo Hajime

A male character with an eye patch? Exciting, isn’t it? Though he was kind, humble, and generous when he was still a human. His sadistic side also makes him one of the male characters who are popular in 2022 Winter. Without normalizing a particular personality, Nagumo has become ruthless and cruel now, in a really fun way.

Nagumo Hajime from Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

7. Souma Kazuya

Ruling a country is hard work, especially when you are called to another world. But, Souma’s savage way of ruling a nation has made fans fall head over heels for his ability. Not everyone can be perfect, not even Souma, but we can try and do our hardest. And Souma has proved that, or else he wouldn’t have been worth mentioning.

Souma Kazuya from Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki

6. Arbalest Wein Salema

Who would have thought there is a king who is not so king-like? The way he gets lazy as soon as officials turn their backs is so hilarious. And the title says “The Genius Prince?” Well, yes. He is a genius in giving up and also sugarcoating his words!

Arbalest Wein Salema from Tensai Ouji no Akaji

5. Sasaki Shuumei

Sasaki to Miyano is a BL series worth watching. Sasaki’s feelings for Miyano are so pure that fans can not help but love them. Sasaki to Miyano is also a series fudanshi’s may enjoy. So, all the characters there are worth mentioning.

Sasaki Shuumei from Sasaki to Miyano

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4. Vanitas

A selfish and egoistical man making your heart flutter? Well, that’s Vanitas for you. Nonetheless, Vanitas is one of those male characters that make you feel all fluffy and behave as if nothing has happened the next day. At least, that is what he does with Jeanne all the time.

10 Most Popular Anime Male Characters in Winter 2022
Vanitas from Vanitas no Carte

3. Kamado Tanjiro

A small and young guy who is so caring and kind that it makes your heartache. Why heartache? Because there is none in the present world. At least, that’s what anime fans who are single think. Tanjiro is sweet, with no malice in his heart, except for Muzan, and is always in brother-mode with Nezuko.

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10 Most Popular Anime Male Characters in Winter 2022
Kamado Tanjiro from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

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2. Gojou Wakana

A brand new anime series with an exciting plot, My Dress-Up Darling is so fun, don’t you agree? Gojou is not only polite but is also sincere. No wonder he, too, has topped the charts of the most popular male characters from the Winter 2022 animes series collection.

10 Most Popular Anime Male Characters in Winter 2022
Gojou Wakana from My Dress-Up Darling

1. Eren Yeager

Finally, the most awaited character, Eren Yeager. The ‘Eren Yeager,’ who has been nominated for the ‘Best Protagonist’ as well as ‘Best Antagonist’ in the Anime Awards 2022.

10 Most Popular Anime Male Characters in Winter 2022
Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan

Not to our surprise, Eren is full of surprises. His role in the final season of AOT has also depressed many. Truth be told, what we feel for Eren is not only grief and sorrow but something more which cannot even be spoken into words.

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