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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Which Characters Will Die In The Demon Slayer Final Battle?

Which Characters will die in Demon Slayer Final Battle Arc?

As the anime series progresses to its end, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba still has some huge revelations to make. As manga readers are aware of the fact that Kimetsu no Yaiba manga series has been concluded, anime fans will be shocked to know about the losses that every Demon Slayer had to suffer. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a Japanese manga series that has been adapted into an anime series by Ufotable. Koyoharu Gotoge’s manga series has been serialized in the Weekly Shōnen Jump, and its first season was announced, for a 26 episode run, in the 27th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump. Here, we shall see which characters will die in The Demon Slayer Final Battle?

Based in the Taishō period, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series is about human-eating demons. Tanjiro, who is the main protagonist of the series, sets out to turn his half-turned-demon younger sister, Nezuko, back to human. He sets on a journey to cure Nezuko and kill Muzan by becoming a demon slayer. Muzan Kibutsuji is the one who murdered Tanjiro’s whole family.

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The Final Battle Arc

Chapters from 137 to 205 cover the two parts of The Final Battle Arc. As the eleventh and final arc in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the Final Battle Arc is where fans get to know about the deaths of Demon Slayers and even Muzan. To kill him, it took too many lives, which will never be forgotten.

Demon Slayer which characters will die and how

Tanjiro and Yoriichi

When the Flame Breathing user: Kyojuro Rengoku died, how did you feel? Heartbroken, right? It seems, spending even a little time with someone can tear us up. So think about it when we spend time with someone for a long time, and they die, how would you feel then?

But, if you get used to facts and accept them, wouldn’t you be fine? Knowing something beforehand isn’t a spoiler. It is what we call ‘getting-used-to-it.’ Without any further ado, let’s get you informed characters will die in The Demon Slayer Final Battle

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Ubuyashiki and his family

“I judged Ubuyashiki to be a normal human, but he was a complete nutjob. I figured he was planning something but not of this scale”- Muzan

Following his first appearance in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 1, his burnt face peculiarly intrigued fans. While he does give off a cool and pleasant atmosphere, he was also capable of doing things such as bombing his house along with his wife and daughters.

Demon Slayer which characters will die and how

Ubuyashiki and his daughters

That’s right. In chapter 137, ‘Indestructible,’ to capture and defeat Muzan, he set his house on fire where his wife, Amane Ubuyashiki, and two daughters blew themselves up with their husband and father, respectively.

He spent every day visiting the graves of the Dead Demon hunters. Kagaya Ubuyashiki was the 97th leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, who was also known as Oyakata-sama. Ubuyashiki Kaguya: dead at the age of 23.

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Shinobu Kocho: Insect Pillar

Shinobu dies in the first part, Infinity Castle arc, of the Final Battle arc. As she confronts Doma, Upper-Rank Two, she realizes that Doma was the one who killed her older sister, Kanae. Anger raging in Shinobu, both combats. Doma was too powerful for Shinobu to handle him with only her combatant skills.  However, despite the circumstances, Shinobu was always prepared. Her skill to make poison comes in handy with great results. 

Demon Slayer

Shinobu Kochou

Even though she died without getting revenge, she made sure to fatally damage Doma with her poison which got transferred to him when he absorbed Shinobu.

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Doma: Upper-Rank Demon Two

“I will not fail to weaken the demon… so you must cut off his head and finish him,” Shinobu to Kanao.

Just when he thought he won by killing Shinobu, Kanao entered the battle scene. Even though she was kind of ‘too’ late to save Shinobu, she did her best to end Doma. However, Kanao wasn’t the only one to fight against Doma. Inosuke and Kanao both fought together. While battling, Inosuke found out that his mother was killed by Doma. With rage, they both had a clear goal in mind, to end Doma.

Demon Slayer which characters will die and how

Doma: Upper Moon Two

Shinobu’s poison started taking its effects, and Doma was weakened. Doma’s bones started to melt. Taking advantage of it, Kanao and Inosuke both aimed for his neck. Truth be told, Shinobu had set up this trap knowing Doma would eat a Hashira, especially if it’s a woman. She had a high concentration of Wisteria Flower Poison circulating through her blood and internal organs, even down to the tips of her fingernails. If Doma were to eat Shinobu, which he did, he would intake at least 70 kilograms of a lethal amount of poison. With Flower Breathing Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye and Beast Breathing: Sudden throwing Strike, by Kanao and Inosuke, respectively, Doma was killed.

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Kaigaku: Upper Rank Six

Zenitsu and Kaigaku were trained under Jigoro Kuwajima, Gramps, as heirs of the Thunder Breathing. In the Final Battle Arc, Zenitsu faced Kaigaku as Upper-Rank Six (he was replaced by Muzan after Gyutaro and Daki’s death). Zenitsu and Kaigaku didn’t get along well. However, Zenitsu has always admired Kaigaku. Despite Zenitsu’s feelings, Kaigaku couldn’t come to like him. Kaigaku despised and hated Zenitsu.

Demon Slayer which characters will die and how


However, Zenitsu didn’t let his feelings come in between and battled Kaigaku. With his Breath of Thunder: Seventh Form: Flaming Thunder God, Zenitsu once and for all defeated Kaigaku. This is a form that he came up with by himself, thinking he could use this with Kaigaku one day. 

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Akaza: Upper Moon Three

Who isn’t aware of Akaza, the Upper Moon Three Demon? His appearance in the Demon Slayer movie: Mugen Train, left fans with feelings such as ‘we want him dead.”

However, his death was one of the saddest ones. Akaza appeared in chapter 146, facing Giyuu and Tanjiro. As soon as he lands from above, Akaza storms towards Tanjiro without hesitation. The fight intensifies, with Tanjiro and Akaza battling against each other. Even Giyuu acknowledged Tanjiro’s techniques, for he has improved a lot by damaging an Upper Moon Three. 

Demon Slayer which characters will die and how


Every demon that fights with Tanjiro has to have some flashbacks. So, Akaza experienced that too. He could slowly remember his past life as a human.

The ‘see-through-world’ which Tanjiro experienced abled him to cut Akaza’s arm. Tanjiro’s battle spirit disappeared, which made Akaza panic. Being in the state of ‘Anatta,’ Tanjiro cut Akaza’s head off. Akaza did try to put his head back on, but Giyuu didn’t let him. Yet, Akaza didn’t die.

Akaza’s body didn’t crumble. He started to regenerate, and just like Muzan; he isn’t making the head his weak point anymore. Tanjiro had no energy left to fight him. Giyuu had, though. Akaza was about to fight Giyuu for once and for all, but he was stopped. By who? By his partner-to-be. He fought within himself and against his conflicted memories. He fought, and he found his true feelings. He attacked himself with his technique, the Destruction Style. He lost to Tanjiro and to himself.

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Kokushibo: Upper-Rank Demon One

The arrival of the Stone Pillar, in chapter 168, leads to Upper-Rank One’s defeat. With Gyomei’s arrival, where Sanemi, Genya, and Tokitou were having a hard time defeating the Upper Demon, the four succeeded in defeating Kokushibo.

Demon Slayer which characters will die and how


Kokushibo had a younger brother named Yoriichi. And Kokushibo’s dream was to become a samurai. However, with time, Kokushibo had become jealous of his own younger brother. Kokushibo was pretty normal when he was a human. He had a family, a wife, and two children. However, his raging hatred for Yoriichi led him to choose a path of a demon. His last thoughts were, “Why on earth was I even born? Tell me, Yoriichi.”

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Muiichiro Tokitou: Mist Pillar

“Tokito. Thank you…Thanks to you, we won. You have my sincere gratitude and respect… at such a young age… really… and till the end you were excellent… we will be sure to Slay Muzan. That way you can rest in peace.” -Gyomei (Stone Pillar)

The saddest part is, Tokito dies. He fearlessly and endlessly fought the Upper-Rank Demon One until his death. After Muzan escaped, for he became weak following the bombing scene, all Demon Slayers were on the move. While Tokitou and Gyomei stayed together, Tokito was separated from Gyomei by Upper-Rank One.

Demon Slayer

Muiichiro Tokitou

In chapter 165, Tokitou and Upper Demon One confront each other. Tokitou had a hard time dealing with Upper Rank alone. He even had one of his arms cut, by Upper-Rank One.  With Gyomei, Sanemi and Genya in action, Tokitou could fight once more and again. However, he had dealt a huge blow which ended up in his death.

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Genya Shinazugawa

Following the chapters in where Tokitou fights with Upper-Rank One, Genya spots them and tries to kill the Demon. However, Upper-Rank One Demon isn’t only in name-say. He spotted Genya even when he had his back against Genya.

Demon Slayer which characters will die and how

Genya Shinazugawa

Just when Genya was about to shoot, with his modern-looking gun, Upper-Rank One appeared from behind and cut his arm too. Despite that, he still fought. He fought with his unique ability, where he eats something related to Upper-Rank One, and along with the Stone, Mist, and Wind Pillar, he fought the demon until the end, which ultimately resulted in his end too.

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Gyomei Himejima: Stone Pillar

“No… Don’t waste medication on me. It’s too late for me. You would simply throw away precious supplies. Go see the young fighters. Please… This is my last request”- Gyomei.

Gyomei was also the only one to know about Ubuyashiki’s ‘decoy’ plan. Indeed, Ubuyashiki asked Gyomei for his cooperation and requested him to use him as a decoy. Ubuyashiki knew well that if he told about this plan to others, they wouldn’t let him. Ubuyashiki said, “The other children probably won’t accept the fact that I’m using myself as a decoy. So you’re the only one I can ask Gyomei…” Doing favors like this is easier said than done.

Demon Slayer

Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei and the others were successful in defeating Kokushibo. However, the damage that they have suffered was too extreme. Gyomei included, he was too hurt to continue. Despite that, he still fought against Muzan. In chapter 200, he dies, for he refuses to be treated. Just when he was about to die, his students appeared in front of him and asked for forgiveness. Gyomei had a peaceful death despite everything.

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Mitsuri Kanroji: Love Pillar

“I don’t feel any pain… so I guess I’m dying”- Mitsuri to Obanai

While confronting Upper-Rank Four, a replacement filled by Muzan, Mitsuri had wanted to defeat without proper planning. Thankfully, Obanai was there to help her out. Mitsuri’s energetic and fun-loving personality had got us there. Even though everything in and out seemed serious, Mitsuri’s hastiness brought a little laughter to us even in that tense situation.

Demon Slayer which characters will die and how

Mitsuri Kanroji

The tense situations and Mitsuri’s presence didn’t last long. When Muzan returned, every Demon Slayer was asked to retreat and defeat Muzan. While fighting Muzan, Mitsuri got caught up and was fatally injured. Muzan’s power blew every demon slayer, who amongst them was Mitsuri. Her last moments were in the arms of Obanai. 

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Obanai Iguro: Snake Pillar

“I enjoyed talking to you… and was happy to feel like a normal boy” Iguro to Mitsuri.

Iguro and Mitsuri fought together and died together! While fighting the Upper-Rank Four, they both filled the gap which each was lacking. Obanai’s attack did a huge and fatal blow at Muzan’s. Because Muzan was affected by Tamayo’s poison, his abilities decreased too. And on top of that, Obanai slashed Muzan’s off his limbs and almost beheaded him. However, as already mentioned, Muzan’s powers are no joke.

Demon Slayer

Obanai Iguro (season one of KNY)

Compared to all Hashiras, Muzan was still able to defeat them. Obanai caught up in one of Muzan’s fatal blows. Obanai saved Tanjiro from being devoured by Muzan, and instead, he was caught in that. He was alive until the war had ended but couldn’t keep up for too long. He held Mitsuri and confessed his romantic feelings towards her. 

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Tamayo was the first one to be crushed by Muzan after he somehow regained his powers, for he was weakened by Tamayo’s and Shinobu’s poison. When Ubuyashiki blew up the mansion, along with his family and Muzan, he didn’t just do that but prepared more for his plans. Just when Muzan was about to regenerate after his loss, he was immobilized. Someone was using their blood demon technique where the spikes were branching into Muzan’s flesh. The blood demon spikes belonged to the man who turned into a demon in Asakusa. He couldn’t pull them out. He thought to himself, “No. No problem. This isn’t too bad. Just absorb them, and you’ll be fine.”

Demon Slayer


While absorbing, Tamayo’s fist was absorbed, and she suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Tamayo got close to Muzan by using a smokescreen demon technique. Muzan was shocked to see Tamayo so near to him, he couldn’t have imagined what was that he absorbed. A drug to turn demons back into humans.

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Nakime: Upper Moon Demon Four

She is a replacement for the former Upper Moon Demon Four. Replaced by Muzan, Nakime confronted the Snake Pillar and Love Pillar. Obanai and Kanroji couldn’t defeat her. More like, Muzan appeared, so they had to retreat. Nakime’s vision was manipulated by Yoriichi. He planned to make Muzan send above the ground by controlling Nakime and her grasp on the mansion.

Demon Slayer


Yoriichi asked Kanroji to act as bait while he approached the biwa demon secretly. Taking the demon’s sight and invading her brain to take away Muzan’s control is what Yoriichi planned. Once, Muzan has mistaken all the demon slayers to be dead, then countering him would be easy. Just when they were advancing towards their plan, Muzan’s strong power started to absorb Yoriichi’s cells. As Muzan was held back from every side, he clenched his fist leading to Nakime’s death.

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Starting with Ubuyashiki bombing him, Muzan was weakened over time. His regeneration has been slowed down, and his age was decreasing, thanks to Tomoya’s sacrifice. Even so, his powerful abilities kept him alive for a long time, which resulted in many demon slayer’s deaths. Attacks kept coming at Muzan, and they even were successful in bringing him down. However, Muzan seemed undefeatable. Not too long after, fans thought that they wanted Muzan dead now.

Demon Slayer which characters will die and how

Muzan fighting against the Demon Slayers despite being weakened by Tamayo

His death was epic of all. With all intensity of the battles, chapter 198 finally had dawn! The wait was over, and Muzan finally perished. “I think… the sun is the only way to destroy Muzan… if he doesn’t die when you destroy his head, you will most likely have to prolong the battle until the sun rises..” Ubuyashiki to Himejima.

Attacks and damage by Bright Red Blades wouldn’t have worked on Muzan. And regenerating shouldn’t have resulted in accumulated exhaustion for Muzan. However, the four drugs in his system, by Tamayo, have turned ordinary ineffective attacks into extremely effective attacks taking a physical toll on Muzan. Since the poison used against Muzan is different from what has been used in Doma, it will take time for him to analyze and counteract it.

With the last of the Demon Slayers’ strength, Muzan was finally defeated. When the sun rose, Muzan got bigger and gobbled Tanjiro up. All the remaining Hashiras, Giyuu, Sanemi, Gyomei, Obanai, and every remaining character prevented Muzan from escaping into the shades. While he perished, thanks to everyone not letting him escape, Muzan finally died when Tanjiro escaped his grasp.

Demon Slayer which characters will die and how

Muzan disintegrated because he was exposed to the sun

Muzan took over Tanjiro’s body. But Tanjiro still fought within, and with the love of all his loved ones, Tanjiro escaped from Muzan’s grasp resulting in Muzan’s extinction.

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