Tatsuya Fukuda: Who Is The Coach In Ao Ashi? Why Is He So Important?

tatsuya fukuda
Tatsuya Fukuda: Who Is The Coach In Ao Ashi? Why Is He So Important? Cr: OtakuKart

Who is Tatsuya Fukuda? Every good team needs a good coach. No matter how good players are, without proper guidance everyone is lost. That is where coaches come into play and such is the coach in Ao Ashi. We saw the kind of person fit for being a coach in Ao Ashi. Tatsuya Fukuda is the kind of coach every player wishes to have, who brings the best in you. We all need someone who can see the ray of hope within us even when we think we are surrounded by darkness.

We need someone who can see potential in us when everyone else, including us, can’t realize our true value. That’s how important a coach is for each member of a team. Ao Ashi might have focused more on Ashito, but there is an equally important character we should not forget about, Tatsuya Fukuda.

But, who is Tatsuya Fukuda? What makes him a good coach? What kind of person is he? And Why is he so important? There must be lots of questions running in your heads. Good thing that we are here to answer all those questions for you. So, without any delay let’s find out everything about The Coach in Ao Ashi.

About Ao Ashi

Ashito Aoi is the star player of his junior high school soccer team. Also, he is the only good player his team has. With his pure skills and unpredictable moves, he carried his team forward. But, Ashito is also a self-centered player. Knowing that Ashito is the only strength, as well as the only weakness of his team, a player from the opposite team, caused him to lose his temper. And that caused Ashito to act violently, which resulted in him getting expelled for the rest of the game. Due to his rash behavior, his team had to face defeat and got eliminated.

tatsuya fukuda
About Ao Ashi

But, that is when Tatsuya Fukuda saw potential in Ashito when everyone was busy blaming him for the defeat. Tatsuya invites Ashito for the tryouts in Tokyo. Sometimes, failure opens up a huge door to success. And this moment was it.

But who is Tatsuya Fukuda? Let’s find out.

Who Is This Coach In Ao Ashi?

People usually love to see the main characters grow and fight their way towards their goals. But, they seem to forget the contribution of a supporting character. Without the support and guidance of the support character, the main character would never have gotten the chance to become who they were supposed to be. Such is the role of Tatsuya Fukuda who is the coach of Tokyo City Esperion Football Club’s Youth Football Team. He is the guy who saw potential in Ashito Aoi even when he became the reason for getting his team eliminated from the Tournament.

tatsuya fukuda
Who Is Coach Fukuda?

If Coach Fukuda never noticed Ashito’s potential, then Ashito could never have gotten the chance for the tryouts in Tokyo.

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Life Of Tatsuya Fukuda Before Becoming A Coach

Every great coach was once a player himself. And so was Tatsuya Fukuda. Born in Ehime, Japan, Tatsuya at the age of 18 joined the J-League’s Tokyo City Esperion Football Club. And by the time he was 20, he became a regular player on his team. This does not end here. He left Japan to play overseas at the age of 23. There he was signed by Sabadell Football Club, which was recently promoted to Spain’s top division, La Liga. And he used to play the position of midfielder.

tatsuya fukuda
Early Life Of Tatsuya Fukuda

What Makes Coach Tatsuya Fukuda So Important?

Imagine, if Coach Tatsuya Fukuda never approached Ashito, do you think there could have been Ao Ashi anime? If today we are watching this anime, then all credit goes to Tatsuya Fukuda. He might be just a supporting character in this anime, but every main character needs proper guidance to grow. And Coach Fukuda is that character who provided Ashito not just an opportunity to move forward but also the proper guidance to grow well. If Ashito is supposed to become the King in the future, then Coach Tatsuya Fukuda is the King Maker.

That’s how important is Coach Fukuda in Ao Ashi.

tatsuya fukuda
Why Is Coach Fukuda So Important?

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