10 New Kpop Groups in 2022 That Everyone is Talking About

Ten New Groups in Kpop 2022. cr: Otakukart

With each year that passes, the Korean music and film industry just keeps on getting better. 2022 seems to be a promising year for Korean pop, as the industry is set to debut at least fifty (!!) new Korean pop groups. However, the hype surrounding all these Korean pop groups is not the same. So, we have selected ten new groups in kpop 2022, and that is all set to make a debut with a big bang in the year.

Over the years, with the Hallyu wave taking over the world, it is no surprise that Korean pop has been catching the attention of international fans. With stunning visuals, glitzy backgrounds, and videos with a high-production value – everything about Korean pop is very much appealing to international fans. The world cannot wait to see what the Kpop industry is going to offer in 2022. So, the world is waiting with bated breath as to what ten new kpop groups 2022 are going to be debuted this year.

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Most Anticipated of the Ten New Groups in Kpop 2022 – NCT Hollywood

It was announced by Source Music Entertainment last year, on the 29th of June, that they are all set to launch a new program called “NCT Hollywood” in 2022. NCT already has a dedicated fan base, both in Korea and overseas. It seems that NCT Hollywood is one of the most anticipated of the ten new groups in kpop 2022 has to offer. In a collaboration with one of the world’s biggest production companies – MGM Entertainment, Source Music Entertainment wants to add more members to the NCT group.

ten new groups in kpop 2022
NCT’s new sub-division NCT Hollywood to debut sometime in 2022. cr: SM Entertainment

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Trainee A – Ten New Groups in Kpop 2022 with the Youngest Members

Trainee A is the latest venture undertaken by BigHit Music. Trainee A is their tentative name, and before they debut, this name can also change. Their debut date is not yet confirmed, but even before they debut, a lot of buzz has been generated around the members of Trainee A. There is a half-American and half-Japanese member JJ, who is a former member of the dance group, Amezari Red Star.

The latest member to join Trainee A is a Thai actor, named Yorch Yongsin. Moreover, he already has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, despite being inactive since 2019. It seems that Trainee A is one of the groups with the youngest members that is set to debut as ten new groups in kpop 2022.

ten new groups in kpop 2022
Trainee A to debut sometime in 2022. cr: BigHit Music

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TNX – P NATION’s First Boy Band as Ten New Groups in Kpop 2022

TNX is a boy band from P NATION, which is a result of a survival game show, titled, “P NATION LOUD.” TNX has seven members, and while their debut date is not yet confirmed, they are one of the ten new groups in kpop 2022. One of the members of TNX also chose to debut with P NATION despite being accepted as a trainee at Source Music Entertainment. TNX is also P NATION’s first-ever boy band group, the oldest member of TNX is Woo KyungJun (19), and the youngest member is Tanaka Koki (12). The average combined age of the members of TNX is 17.

ten new groups in kpop 2022
6 Member TNX to debut in 2022 as P NATION’s first boy band. cr: P NATION.

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Ten New Groups in Kpop 2022 based in Japan – &AUDITION and I-LAND Boys

The Japan branch of HYBE Label has just announced the airing of an audition program “&AUDITION – The Howling” in the month of July. This is a mixture between an audition program and a documentary style, which displays the joys, triumphs, and tribulations related to what a trainee faces before they debut. Viewers can watch this documentary audition on Nippon TV and Hulu in Japan and on HYBE’s official YouTube channel. The former I-LAND boys will also be participating in this program and will be joining the &AUDITION boys, making them one of the few ten new groups in kpop 2022 to be based in Japan.

ten new groups in kpop 2022
&AUDITION and I-LAND boys to debut after “&AUDITION – The Howling” will air in July. cr: HYBE

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International Recognition as LAPILLUS is one of the Ten New Groups in Kpop 2022

MLD Entertainment has recently released a statement saying that a new kpop girl group will be debuting under their label. The speculated debut date for LAPILLUS is sometime in the month of June. LAPILLUS already has two members confirmed. One of the members is Chantal Videla, who is a biracial idol with Filipina and Argentinian ancestry. The other member for LAPILLUS is Nonaka Shana, who was a previous member of “GIRLS PLANET 999.”

ten new groups in kpop 2022 (5)
Confirmed members of LAPILLUS – Nonaka Shana and Chantal Vida. cr: MLD Entertainment

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BLANK2Y, A Study in Diversity

Under Keystone Entertainment, a new boy idol group is all set to debut on the 24th of May, 2022. BLANK2Y’s initial name was “Keystone Boyz” during their pre-debut days. Initially, only two members of BLANK2Y had been confirmed, and they were Young Bin and Tae Woo. There will be a total of 9 members in BLANK2Y, and they are composed of seven Korean members, one Chinese member, and one Japanese member, making them a diverse group of members to be debuting as a part of ten new groups in kpop 2022.

ten new groups in kpop 2022 (5)
BLANK2Y reveals all new members. cr: Keystone Entertainment

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Ten New Groups in Kpop in 2022 based on Reality TV Show – ABØ

IST Entertainment made an announcement that said that they will be debuting a new idol group, consisting of members from a survival show, which is all set to premiere in the month of February in 2022. When the announcement was made by IST Entertainment, the show’s name was not known. However, on the 26th of February, 2022, “THE ORIGIN: A, B, Or What?” premiered, but the show was postponed to the 19th of March 2022 owing to the fact that some of the trainees and members got diagnosed with COVID-19. After the show was done and dusted with, IST Entertainment revealed that they have selected the members for their idol group, ABØ, which is set to debut in the second half of 2022.

ABØ’s new members. cr: IST Entertainment

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YOUNITE – Rookies Unite as a part of Ten New Groups in Kpop debuted in 2022

YOUNITE is a brand new idol group that is set to debut under the label, Brand New Music. YOUNITE consists of nine brand new members, who are considered to be rookies in the Korean pop music industry. The group will include Eunsang, Eunho, Steve, Hyunseung, Hyungseok, Woono, DEY, Kyungmun, and Sion, and fans are looking forward to seeing another hit boy band debut as a part of ten new groups in kpop 2022. In 2021, some members of YOUNITE have already made appearances as trainees. It also includes Lee Eun Sang, who was previously a solo artist. YOUNITE made its debut in April 2022, with its album, “YOUNI-BIRTH.”

YOUNITE members. cr: Brand New Music.

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JYP’s Breakthrough Girl Group debuted in 2022 – NMIXX

It has been three years since ITZY made its debut under JYP Entertainment. But one of the ten new groups kpop 2022 has to offer is NMIXX which will debut under JYP Entertainment. Taking on a new strategy for the promotion of NMIXX, JYP Entertainment held a marketing event selling a single by NMIXX in a limited edition packaging, and it recorded over 61,000 pre-orders. NMIXX debuted in February 2022, with the song, “AD MARE.”

ten new groups in kpop 2022 (5)
NMIXX for their album, “AD MARE.” cr: JYP Entertainment

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Dashing Duo by BLAZE Entertainment debuted in the Kpop industry – BLAZE

Initially, under MUGIT Entertainment, BLAZE started off as a three-member pre-debut group. The first member to be announced as a part of the trio was Sian (Saeha), followed by Yujin, and the final member was Haena. However, before their debut, Saeha and Haena unfollowed Yujin on Instagram, indicating that BLAZE would debut as a duo rather than a trio. In November 2021, when BLAZE started to show the world teaser pictures, it was also revealed that the duo had shifted from MUGIT Entertainment to BLAZE Entertainment. They debuted in January 2022, with a single, “Funny Game.”

Members of BLAZE. cr: BLAZE Entertainment

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