Top 10 Anime Similar To Psycho-Pass That You Should Watch!

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Anime Similar to psycho pass
Ten Anime Similar to Psycho Pass

Sometimes an anime leaves a really big impact on us, and it is really hard to get over them and stop thinking about it. The only reason you went on the internet to search “anime similar to psycho pass” is because you loved the anime and want to see more of it. Due to the end of the Season and no more episodes or stories regarding it, you are trying to fill the void that the anime left on you by watching a similar anime. Well, don’t worry, we will fill that void, for we bring you the top ten anime similar to Psycho-Pass.

Psycho-Pass is a thriller anime. Set in the 22nd century of japan, the cyberpunk anime tells a tale that blurs the line between good and evil. In addition, it has a detective part as well. The government of Japan has a high-tech device or Sibyl System to calculate a person’s feelings. The device calculates the threat level of the individual by examining their dreams and desires, which accounts for “Psycho-Pass”. If it reaches a certain threshold, the individual is deemed a criminal and is probably executed or sent to get help in an unknown place.

Amidst of government’s doctrine comes a woman Akane Tsunemori who is an officer. After working for a while, she discovers that the Sibyl System might not be accurate, and the people from the government are using it for the wrong purposes. This prompts Akane to consider what constitutes justice and what constitutes evil.

The following are the ten anime that are similar to Psycho-Pass in terms of philosophy, the powers that go into the wrong hands, and the borderline of what is justice and evil.

Death Parade

The Death Parade anime adheres to the same tenets as the Psycho-Pass anime. It does, however, take place in the afterlife of persons. The Death Parade assesses whether you are nice or bad, much as the Psycho-Pass judges your criminal potential. After death, there is one final stage before you enter either paradise or hell. You’ve arrived at Quindecim, where an emotionless bartender Decim will choose whether you’re heading to heaven or damnation. They are instructed to play random games in the shape of a pair, ranging from throwing darts to bowling or anything else. While playing these games, their true characteristics emerge, and they ascend to hell or paradise based on this.

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Anime Similar to Psycho Pass
Death Parade Anime

Darker than Black

In contrast to Psycho-Pass, Darker than Black is similar anime to Pyscho Pass due to its detective part and the main character on its way to discovering the truth behind the settings. Ten years ago, two gates appeared known as Heaven in South America and Hell in Japan. After these gates appeared, with them emerged contractors. Contractors are able to get supernatural strengths in terms of exchanging their emotions. But with power, there comes a price to pay.

Anime Similar to Psycho Pass
Darker Than Black

Each time they use these abilities, they have to pay back in many weird aspects ranging from hurting themselves to eating garbage or anything. The only contractor Hei is able to use the power without paying back. Hei works for the syndicate in the criminal undergrounds, and just like the main character of the Psycho-Pass, Hei also is seeking the truths behind the settings of the Darker than Black anime world.


When a new family settles into the quiet calm hamlet of Sotoba in Japan, a pandemic begins after a girl called Megumi Shimizu dies. Toshio Ozaki, the town’s lone doctor, conducts a detailed examination and concludes that there may be a more monstrous reason rather than an illness. Along with the doctor, a young man named Natsuno Yuuki realizes that there is more to the town’s fatalities. They learn a terrifying secret about the new family that arrived in Sotoba town with the aid of Megumi’s siblings, Kaori and Akira Tanaka. This anime, like Pyscho-Pass, will have you wonder who is truly evil or good as it blurs the line of the judgment.

Anime Similar to Psycho Pass
Shiki anime

Death Note

Yes, you probably have heard about this anime or even seen it. But Death Note anime fits perfectly in the criteria of the anime similar to psycho pass. It fits the criteria in more than one aspect, the detective action part and the question of, Who is truly evil or good? A brilliant boy named Light Yagami one day receives a book called “Death Note”. Just by writing the name of the person and picturing them while writing it, he can kill anyone. The brilliant boy starts using Death Note to kill the criminals of the world to make the world a better place. In also comes a brilliant detective with a code name “L” who starts hunting the Light. Just like Psycho-Pass, this starts the detective action, and you wonder if Light is doing good or evil.

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Death Note
Light and ryuk

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

This anime fits three aspects similar to Psycho-Pass. First, the detective action partakes; Second, the cyberpunk nature, and Third, Blurring the judgment of evil and good. The story takes place in the future, where many things are possible due to technology. One such is humans can turn themselves into Cyborgs, which gives them superhuman abilities. However, Criminals have also got their hand on technology and are running loose committing a dangerous crimes. To stop them, the government has created Section 9, which is a group of cybernetically enhanced humans. However, a new criminal, “Laughing Man,” has come into the town to give Section 9 a run as he leaves behind a mark on Japan.

Ghost in t
Ghost in the Shell anime


At first sight, you will assume that Charlotte is a Slice of Life anime, and there might be nothing in common with Psycho-Pass. But there is one similarity between Charlotte and Psycho-Pass. This slice of life anime comes with a touch of supernatural elements. High school teenagers possess uncanny abilities. It all began when a meteor went past the earth. It left powers to only the teenagers. Just like the individuals are experimented on or even killed at the sight because they might be latent criminals in the Psycho-Pass. The teenagers are dealt with the same by the government in Charlotte anime.

Charlotte anime
Characters from Charlotte’s anime

Yona of the Dawn

The anime Yona of the Dawn follows the same philosophy as Psycho-Pass of what is right and what is wrong. Both anime follows the adventure of a girl who discovers harsh truth and question realities. Being the daughter of the King, Yona has lived a luxurious life in the Castle. One day, her cousin kills Yona’s father, the King, resulting in Yona running away. After coming out to the real world, she finds how hard it is to live a life outside the Castle. Furthermore, she observes the truth of how horribly the people of the kingdom were living under the rule of her father. Yona later finds out about the horrible system that once let her have a luxurious life.

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Yona from the Yona of the dawn anime

From the New World

You are either killed or expelled from society if you do not match certain criteria to fit in the society are the similarities between the Psycho-Pass and From the New World anime. From the New World also follows a female protagonist who is on an adventure to discover the truth. Saki, the protagonist, is living a peaceful life in the countryside, where they learn to awaken psychic powers.

From the free world
From the free world anime characters

After her awakening, Saki begins to wonder what happens to the children who do not awaken their abilities. With her friends, she starts discovering the truth about Tainted cats who abducts children and the harsh realities outside the countryside.

Terror in Resonance

The anime is like an alternate reality of Psycho-Pass anime. It tells a tale of the people who were experimented on as a child, and they are back to let the world know about them and the harsh truth behind the Government of Japan. An eleven-episode anime follows an organization called “Sphinx,” which is causing trouble in the city of Tokyo.

Terror of resonance
Terror In Resonance anime

Their purpose is to uncover the harsh truth and bury their own hurtful past. The anime also has a detective action part where Detective Kenjirou Shibazaki is in the middle of catching the “Sphinx”.


Similar to Psycho-Pass, The Paprika anime film uses a tech called “DC mini” in order to see the deepest dreams and desires of the people. But unlike psycho pass, the device is created for the therapist to better understand their patients. But in the wrong hands, the device is used to spread psychological terror and cause mental breakdowns in the minds of the targets.

Paprika anime film

To stop this unfortunate event comes an Officer named Konakawa to stop these mind-destroying terrorists. The ninety-minute film is very similar to Pyscho-Pass anime and will have you at the edge of your seats.

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