34th Korean PD Awards: Who Bagged The Awards?

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34th Korean PD Awards
Korea's 34th PD awards 2022

Fans were blessed with a glorious year filled with exciting K-dramas and much more. The actors, producers, and directors have shed their blood, sweat, and tears to deliver some unforgettable stories. Sure, they were remitted with equal amounts of love and appraisal. However, a day that truly celebrates them and their hard work is the annual awards ceremony held in Korea. The 34th Korean Annual PD Awards, also known as the Producing director’s awards ceremony, was held on 13th April 2022. The PD Award ceremony is a massive event aimed at honoring the works of hardworking directors and actors. No contribution goes unnoticed, and prizes are awarded under various categories.

‘Korea’s PD Awards’ are also the most anticipated event by fans across Korea. Unfortunately, owing to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the ceremony was conducted without the presence of a live audience. Although fans missed out on the opportunity to witness their favorite actors receive awards on a live stage. They are still ecstatic at the results of Korea’s 34th PD Awards.

Who Took Home Korea’s 34th PD Awards?

Korea’s PD Awards choose its winners from various categories. The nominations, however, are chosen from Korean dramas that aired in the previous year. Another criterion to obtain a nomination is that the Korean drama must be aired either on the three major broadcasting networks- SBS, KBC, MBC, or any of the other cable channels. Let us quickly get into who bagged some awards in the 34th edition of Korea’s PD Awards.

6. Best Comedian Award

Shin Bong Sun took home the award for Best Comedian in the 34th Korea’s PD Awards.

Born on 6th October 1980, the 41-year-old Shin Bong Sun is a South Korean comic and entertainer. She has participated in more than ten variety shows, and K-dramas, including the infamous Knowing Bros. Shin Bong Sun is a big deal in South Korea, and we think she completely deserves the title of Best Comedian. Bong Sun is currently a member of the idol group Celeb Five.

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34th Korean PD Awards - Shin Bong Sun
Shin Bong Sun wins best comedian in Koreas PD awards

Anyone who has been in touch with Korean variety shows knows of Shin Bong Sun’s talents. Her ability to make her viewers laugh out loud is exemplary. Further, her spontaneous and witty comebacks are always a delight to watch! She is a storehouse of energy and instantly lights up the mood no matter the situation. She was on hiatus from the years 2010 to 2015. However, she is back with a bang alongside her group, who released a comedy/improv movie titled Celeb Five: Behind The Curtains. Watch the movie and check out for yourself the talented Shin Bong Sun and her deserving title at Korea’s PD Awards.

5. Best Variety Show

SBS’s Shooting Stars bagged this baby at the annual Korea’s PD Awards.

Variety shows are the lifeblood of the Korean industry. They are a benchmark for promotions and introductions. We have all witnessed our idols perform on stage and act behind a green screen. However, have you ever wondered what they would be like if they were not artists? Perhaps if they were athletes instead? SBS network’s newest variety show is all about that!

Kick a goal variety show
Shooting Stars wins best variety show

Shooting Stars is a sports-based variety show that allows the guests to show off their passion and skills in a game of soccer. Bae Sung Jae and Lee Soo Guen acted as hosts for this season of shooting stars, better known as Kick the goal. The coaches comprise actual Korean world cup heroes who strive to guide their team in soccer. The episodes highlight their methods, training, and teamwork, who will ultimately battle it out in one final match. The entire series is extremely light and super addicting. Korea’s PD Awards got it absolutely right when they awarded the title to Shooting Stars!

4. Best Singer

South Korean girl group Aespa emerged victorious in this category in Korea’s PD Awards.

Aespa is a four-piece girl group that debuted under SM Entertainment in 2020. The group consists of Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ning Ning, each bringing a new perspective to their music. Although they debuted only two years ago, they have taken over the industry with their addicting music. Their debut single Black Mamba, swept over millions of fans across the world.

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Aespa won the best singer at ‘Korea’s annual PD awards’

Aespa is an extremely versatile group with overflowing talents. They offer mind-blowing visuals in every music video with extremely meaningful and relatable concepts. Furthermore, their live performances are just as stellar and breathtaking. Aespa is a perfect example of the modern era of K-POP. They have raised the bar and set a benchmark for their juniors. They are also rumored to have a comeback in late 2022. Stay tuned for more updates!

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3. Best Drama

The Korean drama Youth of May won the battle and took home the award for Best Drama in the 34th annual Korea’s PD Awards that was held on 13th April 2022.

The drama Youth of May was nominated for the Best Drama Award in Korea’s PD Awards alongside blockbusters like The Red Sleeve Cuff and Taxi Drive. However, Youth of May ultimately took the prize. Just as the title suggests, the drama is extremely youthful and showcases an old-school romance between a top-scoring medico student and a nurse. It outlines their journey together and how they overcome all the obstacles thrown in front of them.

Youth of may poster
Youth of May wins best drama at ‘Korea-s PD awards’

Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si play the lead roles in the drama. It is a must-watch drama for all K-drama lovers. The wholesomeness in the story and characters is overwhelming and will definitely leave fans wanting more!

2. Best Actor

Lee Jun Ho created history by winning the title of Best Actor in Korea’s PD Awards 2022.

Lee Jun Ho is a member of the sensational boy group 2PM under JYP entertainment. He is now the first-ever idol-turned-actor to win the award for Best Actor in ‘Korea’s PD awards.’ This is a moment of celebration for the talented Lee Jun Ho. He won the award for his role in the super hit drama – The Red Sleeve Cuff.

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Lee Jun Ho in the korean pd awards
Idol turned actor wins the best actor award in the Koreas PD awards

Jun Ho has appeared in various Korean dramas before. Some of these are Uncontrollably fond, Just Between Lovers and Homme Fatale. However, his role as King Jeongjo in the historical fiction red sleeve took his career to the next level. Lee Jun Ho expressed how grateful he was for the honor of such a prestigious award. He also thanked the director and entire production crew for supporting and encouraging him throughout. Lee Jun Ho also spoke highly about the lively atmosphere at his shooting sites which further aided him to give it his best! We are super excited to see how the award drives Lee Jun Ho to deliver more wonderful projects in the future.

1. Daesang For The Best Director

The talented Jung Ji In won the grand prize of Korea’s PD Awards.

Jung Ji In is a famous director best known for her works in Radiant Office and Victory For Tomorrow. She took the big leap forward through The Red Sleeve Cuff, and her efforts were not in vain. Jung Ji In is a powerful woman with strong ideas. In addition to this is her ability to literally give life to the ideas bubbling inside her head. Her historical piece in the Red Sleeve Cuff is a wonderful example of that. She definitely pulled out her big guns and took the most prestigious award in the 34th annual Korea’s PD Awards.

Jung JI In
Jung Ji In wins daesang in ‘Korea’s PD awards’

Jung Ji In felt immensely grateful for receiving the highest honor in the 34th annual ceremony of Korea’s PD Awards. Moreover, We are sure that this will be her driving force to execute more powerful projects in the future. The red cuff sleeve is an impactful drama that shows the protagonist suffering from the trauma of his ruthless father. He is eventually rescued and healed by the charming Sung Deok, who falls in love with him! The drama is available to stream on online platforms like Viki. Let us know what you think of this new take on historical romance fiction!

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