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Top 10 Best Attack On Titan Moments You Can Never Forget

Attack On Titan Best Moments
Top 10 Best "Attack On Titan" Moments You Can Never Forget Cr: OtakuKart

Was it really Hajime Isayama who created the story of “Attack on Titan” out of thin air? Or was it Eren Yeager who used to exist thousands of years ago or may exist thousands of years later in the future, whispering in Hajime Isayama’s ear to create history by writing this story? Oh Boy! This can’t be real, right? Right? Well, so much happened in “Attack on Titan” that nothing seems real anymore.

Yet, at the same time, nothing feels impossible either. Whatever we can imagine might have happened already in the past or might happen in the future. We are this much impacted by “Attack on Titan”. There are so many moments in this anime that we are not sure whether they are the best moments or the worst. But, they sure are the moments we can never forget till the day we die.

Even though we can’t measure the depth behind each moment in “Attack on Titan”, we sure can count a few moments that blew our minds. We can’t exactly differentiate which are the best moments because, after a certain point, it looks like these best moments are the reasons why things are getting worst. But, still, the moments that gave us satisfaction or put a smile on our faces can never change. So, here’s the list of Top 10 Best “Attack on Titan” Moments you can never forget.

1. Eren’s Masterplan And Ultimate Sacrifice

Eren knew the entire story of the manga, yet he did not spoil any moment for us. Doesn’t this make the best moment as the only person who could have spoiled everything chose to stay quiet and suffer alone? Well, jokes apart, Eren knowing everything was indeed the best part of the “Attack on Titan” series. For a lot of people, this might be one of the worst moments, but without Eren knowing everything, “Attack on Titan” would not have been possible. From the moment Eren kissed Historia’s hand, he knew everything. And from that moment, Eren changed. The kind of burden he was carrying is something no one can ever imagine handling. Yet, even after knowing everything, he moved forward.

We used to say that if we knew that there was a pain in our future, we would have taken a different path. But, well, Eren knew what kind of pain lies ahead in everyone’s future, and the rest is history. You might have missed the bigger picture that only Eren saw. When two enemies have a mutual and stronger enemy, then it’s better to join hands. Eren ended the thousands of years old enmity between the Marleyans and the Eldians by becoming that mutual and stronger enemy. Yes, lots of lives were lost, but those casualties were necessary to make his point. If the rumbling didn’t happen, then the enmity would never have ended.

attack on titan best moment

Eren’s Masterplan

But, in the end, when everyone regained their memories after Eren died, they all came to understand his point and the situation he had been through to end the war and protect the ones he loved. He chose the steps no one could ever have the guts to do so.

2. When The Beast Titan Understood What Fear Is: Captain Levi Beating The Beast Titan

Zeke, the beast titan, used to think that he was the undefeated champion and had no weakness at all. He feared nothing, instead, everyone feared him when we all first saw him. The first thing that came to our minds was, “Is there anyone who can defeat this scary titan?”. Zeke was well informed about the famous Captain Levi, but he underestimated Captain Levi. Well, he shouldn’t have. Zeke underestimating Captain Levi cost him his arms and legs. We know titan shifters can regenerate their arms and legs like it’s not even an issue, but that day Zeke knew what fear looks like for the first time. Death may not be able to scare Zeke, but Captain Levi sure can.

attack on titan best moment

Captain Levi Vs The Beast Titan

Zeke finally understood that he does have a weakness. And his name is Captain Levi. Captain Levi slashing the beast titan sure was satisfying.

3. Eren Putting His Scarf Around Mikasa

Mikasa’s family got murdered when she was very young, and then she was kidnapped. The kidnappers kidnapped the wrong girl. It is never wise to mess with an Ackerman. And so they got themselves killed by her hands. But, even though Mikasa saved herself, she now has no one to call her family. This is when Eren jumps in. And his little kindness eared him an unbreakable bond. Eren comforting Mikasa by putting his scarf around Mikasa and accepting her as a family was all she needed at that time.

This one moment will always remain in our hearts rent-free. We all know how much that scarf means to Mikasa. How much Eren means to Mikasa is something we don’t even need to discuss.

attack on titan best moment

Wholesome Eren And Mikasa Moment

4. Gabi Shooting Eren’s Head Out Hoping To End It All

Under normal circumstances, slashing a titan’s or a titan shifter’s nape would have put an end to them. But, this moment was no ordinary moment. It’s Eren’s nape we are talking about. We all got deceived into thinking that this was the end, but we also knew this much that it could not end this way. It would have been too disappointing to be true if Eren died that way. The moment Eren’s head got detached, in that microsecond, he saw the past, the present, and the future all over again and spend almost an eternity in a dimension where he convinced Ymir to take his side, to end it all.

There’s a saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. And guess what happened. Eren didn’t die. This was the moment when all hell broke loose. This is one of those moments that we’ll definitely never forget.

attack on titan best moment

Gabi Shooting Eren

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5. Ackerman Vs Ackerman: Captain Levi Against Kenny And His Squad

What else can be better than watching Captain Levi in action with his ODM gear? Moments like these always make our hearts beat faster. We are never worried about Captain Levi in a handicap match. We can close our eyes and say who’ll be the winner, but still, we love to keep our eyes open to see Captain Levi actually taking his opponent down.

But, this was no ordinary handicap match. Captain Levi was up against Kenny Ackerman and his squad. But, still, the way he was fleeing around, death couldn’t catch up to him. The trash talk of Kenny made the fight even spicier. This fight has no conclusion, but still, our cold Captain Levi was on fire in this fight.

attack on titan best moment

Captain Levi Vs Kenny Squad

6. Eren Finally Avenging His Mother’s Death: Eren Vs The Smiling Titan

Right when Eren, Mikasa, and everyone else around was surrounded by titans and were about to give up all hopes, the direction of the wind changed. The smiling titan in front of Eren and Mikasa approaches to do the same she did to Eren’s mother. All the memories must have overflowed in Eren’s mind. And on top of that, watching Mikasa cry over her favorite scarf made Eren go berserk. The anger within him triggered a power he didn’t even know he had before. The moment his fist hit the smiling titan’s hand, all the other titans jumped on her and started tearing her apart.

Reiner feared this the most, and that’s the reason he wanted to take down Eren as soon as possible. But now it’s too late for him. Eren is in control now. Even in his human form, Eren didn’t let Reiner’s armored titan get even closer to him.

AOT best moment

Eren Awakening His Power To Control Titans

7. Commander Erwin’s Legendary Speech Right Before The Death March

Not every commander is as good as Commander Erwin, who didn’t just convince but encouraged all the scouts to run straight toward death. The speech Commander Erwin gave right before the death march had an intensity so heavy that it made even the viewers stand up on their feet. We don’t know about others, but we know for sure that if we weebs were in that moment, we would have followed Commander Erwin straight to hell, yelling “Shinzou Wo Sasageyo!”.

Commander Erwin knew there was no other way to defeat the beast titan. The only way to get Captain Levi the chance to take the beast titan down was by creating a huge distraction by running straight toward death. Commander Erwin didn’t hesitate to make the tough decision of taking all his scouts to the lion’s den. He did what needed to be done.

AOT Moment

Commander Erwin’s Speech To Death

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8. The Alliance To Stop Eren

The ones who used to be against each other joined hands now to stop Eren. We used to hate Reiner for what he did in the past. But, now, after knowing the entire history and the complete story, there is no way we can hate Reiner anymore. We came to the conclusion that there was no bad guy all along. They were all victims of the mayhem created by the mad king, Karl Fritz, thousands of years ago.

Now that everything’s clear and Eren is about to end it all, Reiner, Annie, Pieck, Gabi, and Falco joined hands with Mikasa, Armin, Jean, and Connie to stop Eren. Not going to lie, but this new alliance looks badass but still is helpless against Eren.

AOT Moment

The Alliance

9. Grisha Getting Rescued By The Owl, Eren Kruger

Grisha’s plan to take down the Marleyans failed, and he was about to be turned into a titan right after he witnessed his wife getting turned into one too. Right when it was about to end for him, the owl appeared. The owl was the spy who was helping them to get the information related to taking down the Marleyans. He finally made his first appearance. his real name was Eren Kruger. He rescued Grisha. And when he revealed everything in front of Grisha, we went blank. We saw people getting memories of the past by ingesting a titan shifter. But when we saw Eren Kruger recalling memories from the future, nothing made sense, yet everything was making perfect sense.

attack on titan best moments

Eren Kruger At Grisha’s Rescue

10. The Potato Girl Offering Half Of Her Potato To Keith Shadis

There was a moment before that lives in our hearts rent-free. Now, this is the moment that lives in our minds rent-free. The way Sasha talked to Keith Shadis with a potato in her hand was too funny. And the way she gave her reason for why she was having a potato in her hand was too innocent. Innocently dumb! But, that moment made us all her fans. While trying to settle the situation by giving 20% of her potato and saying it half to Keith Shadis was the best part of the incident. This moment made Sasha Braus the best girl in “Attack on Titan”.

attack on titan best moment

Sasha Offering “Half” Of Her Potato To Keith Shadis

We knew this moment was pricelessly funny but never knew that someday remembering this moment might bring tears to our eyes.

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