‘The Secret House’ Episode 25 Release Date: Tae Hyung Begins His Political Career

Prosecutor Tae Hyung
Prosecutor Tae Hyung

Sook Jin finds out that Tae Hyung killed Min-Young and decides to take the blame on herself. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode 25, Ji Hwan is devastated by his sister’s death as everyone thinks that she committed suicide. Also, Joo Hong’s parents sympathize with Ji Hwan, but they are still not ready to let their daughter get married to Ji Hwan.

Furthermore, after finding out that the police are closing the case, Tae Hyung carries on with his normal life. He asks Joo Hong out for drinks, but she refuses as she has to be there with Sol. Later, a strange man comes to Ji Hwan with a video that gives his an important clue about his sister’s murder. Will we find out what the important clue in ‘The Secret House’ Episode 25 is?

‘The Secret House’ Episode 24 Recap

In ‘The Secret House,’ we saw that Tae Hyung killed Min-Young as he could not trust her to keep a secret. He takes the help of her mother’s hitman to cover up his crime. After this, he goes straight to his office. When his mother brings him some clothes, he snaps at her. To get a clear perspective of the situation, Soon Jin asks her hitman about what happened, and he tells her about Min-Young’s death. When she confronts Tae Hyung about this, he says that he did not have any other choice as Min-Young found out the truth about her mother’s death.

On the other hand, Ji Hwan receives a text from Min-Young saying that she is tired of life and does not want to live anymore. When he is finally able to locate her, she is already dead. There is a police investigation to find out the cause of the death. Furthermore, Ji Hwan has a feeling that his sister was murdered. However, the police shut down the case as soon as they opened it. After the funeral, when Sol asks about her auntie, Ji Hwan lies to her. He says that she has gone on a trip and he will tell her about it when she grows up.

The Secret House ep 25
The Secret House ep 25

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Ji Hwan Threatens Sook Jin

After the funeral, Ji Hwan goes through his sister’s belonging. There he finds an envelope full of cash and instantly assumes that it is from Sook Jin. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode 24, Ji Hwan might be ready to go to any extent to get his sister justice. He barges into Sook Jin’s office and grabs her collar. He threatens and accuses her of torturing his sister. Will Ji Hwan ever find out who Min-Young’s murderer is?

‘The Secret House’ Episode 25 Preview

Tae Hyung is very calm even after committing murder as he plans to blame his mother for it. He carries on with his normal life after finding out that the police are closing the case. After office, he meets Joo Hong and offers to take her out. At the same time, Tae Hyung finds out that the party has selected him as a candidate. At Ji Hwan’s home, Tae Hee cooks dinner for Sol, and while talking, the truth about Min-Young’s death accidentally spills out of her mouth. Joo Hong stops her at the right time and tells Sol that her auntie went away because she got a new job.

The Secret House ep 25
The Secret House ep 25

‘The Secret House’ Episode 25 Release Date

‘The Secret House’ Episode 25 will release on 13th May 2022. Ji Hwan goes to the crime scene to see if he can find any evidence. However, Tae Hyung is also there for the same reason. Just when Ji Hwan is about to get his hands on Tae Hyung’s cufflink, he hits him on the head. After this, Ji Hwan becomes unconscious, and Tae Hyung flees the scene with the evidence.

Watch ‘The Secret House’ Episode 25 Online – Streaming Details

The South Korean drama ‘The Secret House’ is a television series broadcast by the MBC channel. People from South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘The Secret House’ on the official channel, and for international fans, there is no official site to watch ‘The Secret House’ Episode 25. So, to know all the details of ‘The Secret House’ episodes, stay tuned with Otakukart.

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