‘The Secret House’ Episode 20 Release Date: The Paternity Test Confirms That Woo Sol Is Tae Hyung’s Daughter

The Secret house
The Secret house

Tae Hyung is admitted to a hospital after his accident. When his mother and sister arrive, he disappears without notifying anyone. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode 20, Tae Hyung confronts his mother and demands to see the woman who he injured. However, Sook Jin arranges a fake victim to make her son believe that everything is fine.

Also, she orders a paternity test for Woo-Sol and her son. She is shocked to see that it is a 99.99 percent match. Then she goes to talk to Ji Hwan but finds Joo Hong’s father there. She is scared as he is the one who helped her cover the accident. What will happen when Ji Hwan and Joo Hong find the truth?

What Happened In ‘The Secret House’ Previous Episodes?

In ‘The Secret House’ previous episodes, we have seen that Tae Hyung’s grandfather tells everyone that Ji Hwan’s mother came to meet him on the day she disappeared. Also, he reveals the fact that she left a document for him in the mailbox, but he never got it. Moreover, Min-Young has decided to help Sol no matter what. She warns Tae Hyung that if he does not want her daughter, she will ruin his life. After this, Sook Jin tells her employee to go talk to Min-Young. When he meets her, he gives her an envelope full of cash.

At first, she refuses to accept it. However, she takes the money eventually and says that she will return it to Sook Jin directly. Later, we find out that Tae Hyung has still not given up on Joo Hong. He tells his grandfather that he will not lose to Ji Hwan this time. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode 20, he gives his interview to join the political party. He lies, saying that he has never done anything immoral in his life. After the interview, as he is driving near his vacation house, he remembers the accident from the past. He finally recalls that he hit Ji Hwan’s mother with his car.

The Secret house preview (3)
The Secret house preview (3)

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Tae Hyung Confronts His Mother

Tae Hyung finally realizes that he had caused an accident in the past. And it was not just a stop sign that he hit. When he confronts his mother, she accepts the fact that it is a person. Also, she tells him not to worry as she takes care of everything. Even then, he demands to see the woman that his mother compensated. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode 20, Tae Hyung gets suspicious of his mother and does some background checks about the case.

‘The Secret House’ Episode 20 Preview

Ji Hwan goes to talk to Joo hong’s mother. She was Kyung Sun’s best friend in the past. He asks her if his mother knew the chairmen? However, it is a futile attempt as Joo Hong’s mother does not have the answer. She tells Ji Hwan that his mother has many secrets. On the other hand, Sook Jin orders a paternity test to find out if Sol is really Tae Hyung’s daughter. The results show a 99.99 percent match. After this, she goes to talk to Ji Hwan, but Joo Hong’s father is already there. As he is about to tell Ji Hwan the truth, Sook Jin interrupts them.

The Secret House ep 20
The Secret House ep 20

‘The Secret House’ Episode 20 Release Date

‘The Secret House’ Episode 20 will release on 6th May 2022. Sook Jin offers to cover all of Ji Hwan and his family’s expenses if they agree to move. However, Ji Hwan refuses and tells her that he has to be in Sol to cure his daughter. Sook Jin is disappointed, and on her way out, she meets Sol. However, in ‘The Secret House’ Episode 20, her behavior towards her only grandaughter is still very cold.

Watch ‘The Secret House’ Episode 20 Online – Streaming Details

The South Korean drama ‘The Secret House’ is a television series broadcast by the MBC channel. People from South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘The Secret House’ on the official channel, and for the international fans, there is no official site to watch ‘The Secret House’ Episode 20. So, to know all the details of ‘The Secret House’ episodes, stay tuned with Otakukart.

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