Nana and Go Hyun Jung Confirmed For ‘Mask Girl’, The Upcoming Webtoon-Based Drama

Nana and Go Hyun Jung
Nana and Go Hyun Jung

Let’s take a tour through the interesting elements of the upcoming webtoon-based drama ‘Mask Girl,’ as well as get to know a few of its cast members. Even though the year hasn’t made it to even half of it, the number of Korean masterpieces that have been released has literally left the audience mesmerized. And so, yet again here we are to delight you with another upcoming drama that apparently seems like would even keep you hooked with a bit of its glimpse and the cast details.

Within the Korean industry exists two realms of dramas – one being the basic procedure of the shows wherein directors put in the creativity of the writers in the most amusing way possible. Then there are those which are re-written based on an intriguing webtoon that already has amassed tons of followers.

And so the question arises are the webtoon-based dramas always worth it? Well, we surely can’t answer for all of the dramas in existence, but we can give you some exciting insights about another terrific upcoming drama ‘Mask Girl’ that can sway you in the direction of webtoon-based dramas. Thus, keep scrolling down for further insights!

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Netflix’s Webtoon-Based ‘Mask Girl’ Preview

We all have insecurities that we are too hesitant to confront. There exist a reality in this realm that is grown too deep to nullify. It’s the fact that the majority of people in this beautiful world are so terrified of what others think of them that they begin to think disgracefully of themselves.

Despite possessing the capabilities, some people simply give up and walk away from what they desired, and even though some try to pursue those dreams yet they do it in the most inappropriate way possible. We believe that standing up for yourself and your ambitions is the only thing that may provide your soul the happiness and tranquility that you’d always struggle to achieve in your life otherwise.

The plot of the webtoon-based drama ‘Mask Girl’ somewhat revolves around this only. It’s about a girl who’s admirably talented yet tries to achieve her dream through the shadows of darkness. She embraces herself yet degrades at the same time. For now, our lead protagonist is known to be a normal office worker in the morning and one of the most loved Broadcasting Jockey at night. So, don’t you wonder how she is so popular while she is so insecure?

And how does she muster the courage to do so? Well, she doesn’t do it in the manner you believe she does; as previously said, she is one of those who chase her ambitions in the most illogical ways possible. She’s been known to hide behind a mask in order to get closer to her aspirations every day. And so does the unique title ‘Mask Girl’ exists.

Featuring Go Hyun Jung as Mask Girl
Featuring Go Hyun Jung as Mask Girl

Are Nana And Go Hyun Jung Confirmed For The Drama?

As mentioned above the plot will revolve around the ‘Mask Girl’, Kim Mo Mi, who until now was known to be portrayed by Go Hyun Jung on the screen along with two other lead characters. But guess what? It is recently confirmed by the production team that Nana would also be seen in the drama as Kim Mo Mi. Well well, did we really confuse you our valuable audience? Or are you too smart to consider us cleverly? But in any case, we’re sure it did pique your curiosity, isn’t it?

Mask Girl Cast- Ahn Jae-Hong, Yeom Hye-Ran, and Go Hyun Jung
Mask Girl Cast- Ahn Jae-Hong, Yeom Hye-Ran, and Go Hyun Jung

And so coming back to the question, yes the drama would have three people portraying the same character. yes, you heard that right, and no we haven’t mentioned three by mistake another rookie actress apart from Nana and Go Hyun Jung will also play the role of the lead protagonist of ‘Mask Girl’. Isn’t it going to be interesting to see how these three different actresses pull off the same role at various phases of the life of Kim Mo Mi with their distinct styles?

Nana will be seen portraying the time in Kim Mo Mi’s life when she alters her looks into an entirely new person as a result of an unfortunate tragedy. Furthermore, Go Hyun Jung will be seen depicting the phase in which Kim Mo Mi runs after a different goal than what she desired. While the new actress will be viewed as the BJ who is hidden from the world under her mask.

This enthralling drama, ‘Mask Girl’ is expected to be released in the installments of seven episodes and would be considered in the list of adult K-dramas.

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