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My Liberation Notes Episode 12 Release Date: Does Mr. Gu Seem More Human Now?

My Liberation Notes episode 12
My Liberation Notes. cr: Otakukart

My Liberation Notes is a drama that seems to be revolutionary in terms of how the characters are displayed and developed. The director does not get stuck with their vision and follows how the screenwriter wanted the drama to pan out, making My Liberation Notes one of the dramas, which is very refreshing. Even when the Yeom siblings are behaving on impulses and riding the highs and lows of emotions, they just seem very real. Many dramas shy away from showing the true essence of being a human, but My Liberation Notes is able to pull it off flawlessly. My Liberation Notes Episode 12 seems to promise the viewers that Gu’s character is going to be fleshed out in a way that will make him seem more human and less of a side character.

Just like Episode 11 of My Liberation Notes seem to focus on Mr. Gu, My Liberation Notes Episode 12 also seems to deliver in terms of developing Mr. Gu’s character. This Episode deals with Mr. Gu’s guilt and how he seems to look down into the bottle in order to find solutions to just survive. Rather than live his life vicariously, he seems to barely hold it all together. Despite finding a friend and a partner in Mi Jeong, Gu still seems to grapple with his past. Is Epsiode 12 of My Liberation Notes the one where Gu finally faces the consequences of his past, or will he be able to move on?

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What To Expect From My Liberation Notes Episode 12?

Mi Jeong is slowly coming out of her shell. My Liberation Notes does not treat introversion as a character flaw but rather as a part of the personality. While introversion will never go away, Mi Jeong is more open and seems less bogged down. At the same time, Gu heads off with Sam Sik to reckon with his demons. Sam Sik is quick to jump on Gu by saying that he has been an unfeeling and a remorseless human ever since his ex-girlfriend committed suicide. That is a bomb that we were not expecting to be dropped on us!

My Liberation Notes episode 12

Gu and Mi Jeong have a late night talk. cr: JTBC

Instead of going back to his self-destructive tendencies of looking for solutions at the bottom of the alcohol bottle, Gu talks to Mi Jeong about his past, giving her little pieces of himself. Gu uses the analogy of jumping off a cliff. But when you jump off a cliff without having a second thought, on the way down, you feel that all your problems are inconsequential and meaningless. Gu used this example to explain to Mi Jeong how his ex jumped off a cliff to her death. But Gu also asks Mi Jeong to stop worshipping him. Why does this look like a breakup to us?

My Liberation Notes episode 12

Gu tells Mi Jeong about his past. cr: JTBC

Gu starts drinking again, and that moment of respite was useless for us. Chang Hee comes to Gu’s place to use the restroom, and Gu is shocked to hear noises. He ventures out with a knife, expecting the worst, but he just finds Chang Hee there. In a flashback, Gu is shown to get off at Dangmi Station, and he helps a woman, and a man stuck on the side of the road. And according to the laws of Korean dramas, the woman turned out to be Mi Jeong. This choice seemed to be the better one since Sam Sik was waiting for Gu at Oido Station with thugs, waiting to beat him up.

My Liberation Notes episode 12

How does Gu end up in Sanpo? cr: JTBC

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My Liberation Notes Episode 12 Release Date

My Liberation Notes Episode 12 will release on 15 May 2022, which is a Sunday. Viewers are excited to know how Mi Jeong saved Gu’s life and how their relationship will develop further.

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Watch My Liberation Notes Ep 12 Online – Streaming Details

Episode 12 of My Liberation Notes will be available on one of the most popular OTT platforms – Netflix. Koreans can watch the latest Episode of My Liberation Notes on the JTBC channel at 10:30 pm KST. Americans and Canadians can watch the drama on Netflix at 9:30 pm, Australians can watch the drama at 11:30 pm, Indians can view the newest episode of the drama at 7 pm, and finally, people in the UK can watch the drama at 2:30 pm.

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