‘Sound of Magic’ Episode 2 Release Date: More Than Just Magic

The Sound Of Magic Ep 2, More Than Just Magic
Sound of Magic cr: Netflix

Influenced by the webtoon ‘Annarasumanara,’ the ‘Sound of Magic Episode 2’ has transpired into the only show anyone talks about. The k-drama’s cast is the number one reason why everyone is looking forward to the show. The male protagonist, Ji Chang-Wook, like always, leaves the fans eager to see him cast in a webtoon-inspired musical. The trailers and several comments from the cast about the drama raise the bar of expectations. ‘The Sound of Magic’ is a South Korean psychological series. Sound of Magic talks about the daily lives of high school students. Everything they go through, all the burdens and responsibilities they have to face.

The other lead roles include Choi Sung-Eun (Start-Up), Hwang In-youp (True Beauty), and Chi Hae-won. Fans can’t help but feel infatuated with Ji Chang-Wook’s get-up in the show. Furthermore, the genre of the show makes everyone secretly over the moon. Watching the trailers, seeing the posters, listening to the cast’s comments about the plot and the many turns of events, everyone is quite impatient. The publicity of the show has definitely taken a toll on everyone. Despite many viewers who dislike fantasy, they have very much declared to be the first viewing audience.

A Synopsis of ‘Sound of Magic’ Episode 2

Exclusively being aired on Netflix, the Sound of Magic K-Drama has a very spellbinding plot. In Episode 2 of Sound of Magic, Ji Chang-Wook plays Lee Eul, a mysterious magician living in an abandoned warehouse. However, he is only described as mysterious but has one pure heart of gold. The K-drama is set in the present time, describing the suffering two high school students experience. When the female protagonist, Choi Sung Eun, playing the role of Yoon Ah Yi, goes through challenging situations and is about to give up, she coincidentally encounters a strange magician.

The female lead is trying hard to meet the expectations set by the school and by her family. Seeing the female protagonist in such dire need of emotional support, this mysterious magician becomes a beacon of hope. Once fans realized the male lead is a hero to all, their want to watch, the K-drama increased. Moreover, it has been revealed in a specific interview that the male leading actor chose to play in ‘Sound of Magic’ because he could relate to the characters in the show. The hardships, the pain, and certain emotions the characters endure felt raw and genuine. In addition, the image depicted of this arcane magician had even the actor playing the role infatuated.

Sound of Magic Episode 2, More Than Just Magic
Sound of Magic cr: Netflix

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‘Sound of Magic’ Episode 2 Release Date

To pacify the impatience of all fans, it has finally been declared when this web series will be airing. Sound of Magic Episode 2 will be released on 6 May 2022. The release of Sound of Magic has become one very much anticipated series. Additionally, another very much loved actor, Hwang in-youp, who made himself known after the hit K-drama true beauty, plays the role of a teenage boy who is forced to dream. Compared to the female lead protagonist who loses visual of her dream, the irony is duly noted.

How Does ‘Sound of Magic’ Relate To The Real World?

The South Korean web series Sound of Magic explains many events that people in real life go through. Poverty being the number one issue in the lives of many, the show clearly visualizes how the characters deal with such situations. Especially by writing high school students as the main roles who undergo such critical situations, the show presents that even teenagers have a lot on their plate.

Despite the show envisioning the lead roles going into some magical fantasy where the sound of magic is heard, that world is but a contemporary fantasy meant to let the people visiting it forget their life’s problems for a while. The message portrayed is that giving up is never the answer, and where there is a will, there is a way. The mystic plot revealed has gotten fans filled with great anticipation. So, clear your schedules, everyone, because this drama requires your full attention.

Sound of Magic ep 2 synopsis
Sound of Magic

Watch Sound Of Magic Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch the K-Drama Sound of Magic Episode 2 on Netflix. The same Episode will be released on the same day all around the world.

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