‘Sound of Magic’ Episode 1 Release Date: Do You Believe In Magic?

Sound of Magic ep 1 release date
Sound of Magic cr: Netflix

A show many have been waiting for, ‘Sound of Magic’, is a k-drama based on Webtoon. Ji Chang-Wook (Suspicious Partner), Choi Sung-Eun (Start-up), Hwang In-Youp (True Beauty), and Chi Hae-Won star as the main cast. This K-drama had many waiting since the announcement. This K-drama’s trailer definitely took ‘heartfelt’ to another level of emotion. Based on many other k-dramas inspired by Webtoon, many fans are ecstatic for the release of Sound of Magic Episode 1. The K-drama’s leading star, Ji Chang-Wook, already has the fans enraptured. A few months ago, it was officially announced that the production of this show had begun.

Sound of Magic is based on the webtoon ‘Annarasumanara’. This fantasy musical drama was directed by Kim Seong-yoon and written by Kim Min Jeong.

What To Expect In Episode 1?

Sound of Magic Episode 1 introduces what high school students go through daily. Many believe that youth is the time to live. However, this K-drama shows the reality of everything teenagers go through. All the tough times and stressful moments. Despite being put through such pressurizing moments, Sound of Magic Episode 1 reveals that, above all, hope is the fuel to perseverance. The cast picked for this k-drama perfectly fit the roles of their characters. The male protagonist, Ji Chang-Wook, explained why he chose to be in such a heartwrenching show.

According to an interview, the male lead reveals that he relates to the characters and plot of this K-drama. This show conveys just how much poverty plays an essential role in the life of high school students. The male lead character states that the script of this show portrayed genuine concerns many teenagers face. Ji Chang-Wook performed the character so beautifully and stated that these scenes felt close to home.

Ji Chang wook plays magician in 'Sound of Magic' ep 1
Sound of Magic episode 1

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‘Sound of Magic’ Episode 1 Release Date

Sound of Magic Episode 1 will release on May 6, 2022. The first Episode will be released this coming Friday. Additionally, many fans were jumping for joy after hearing the release date coming close. Just like the fans, the cast was just as delighted to be part of this show. Feeling enthusiastic and joyous, the male and female protagonists were so grateful to be part of such a heartwarming and sentimental show.

The appointed cast describes the show to be comforting for those who feel lost and alone. The show expresses hope is stronger than anything. The sole purpose of filming this K-drama was to uplift the spirits of the audience. To instill hope and assurance that you are never alone. What greater consolation than telling people they don’t have to face their darkest days on their own? This became the biggest reason why several fans stick around to watch this fantastic musical.

In an interview, it was disclosed that the protagonists tried their best to show the raw emotions of a teenager and how they react to harsh realities. The show conveys a message of what it means to grow up and if we have to do something great to feel living. This South Korean television series gives reassurance to just live as best as you can. Not by achieving something grand, but simply by following the path to your happiness. In more basic terms, to do what makes you happy.

'Sound of Magic' Episode 1- Release Date
Sound of Magic ep 1 cr: Netflix

Watch ‘Sound of Magic’ Episode 1 Online – Streaming Details

Fans have patiently waited, and finally, the show begins its production. Sound of Magic is an original web series that will be exclusively released on Netflix. The Sound of Magic Episode 1 will release on the same date all around the world. Since announcing the production of the show, it has received positive feedback from the audience and fans, who have kept follow-ups to any new messages from the director. Fans who are webtoon lovers have indefinitely waited for an actual series to be filmed. Hearing the making of the webtoon into a television series, viewers have made several posts on all socials about how thrilled they are. Publicity spread quite well, and at the moment, everyone is perched on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting to watch this K-drama.

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