Radhe Shyam Shooting Locations: Where Is Prabhas’s New Movie Filmed?

Radhe Shyam Shooting locations
Where is Prabhas's new Movie Radhe Shyam Filmed? All the filming locations.

A high-intensity drama with an even higher budget! Radhe Shyam is T-series’s latest release starring Telegu superstar Prabhas with Pooja Hegde. It’s a Sci-Fi blend of romance, drama, and action. Although Covid protocols halted its shoot in 2020, the shoot finally ended in 2021. The shooting locations of Radhe Shyam are primarily international. So if you are wondering where the filming took place, keep reading!

The movie is a love story, and more than that, it’s about life’s uncertainties. On one hand, the hero predicts the future through his palmistry skills. And on the other, he is in dilemma about his own abilities. Basically, in the end, life triumphs over technology & superpower. No matter how good of a palmist one is, life is too uncertain to predict.

Although the concept is very unique, its blend with Sci-fi makes it a bit bizarre. It’s not been too long since the release of the film. And it’s safe to say it was not a blockbuster. However, it did create a lot of buzz and is appreciated for its unique premise, stellar star cast, and beautiful locations. So, on that note, let’s see where the movie locations are!

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Radhe Shyam Shooting Locations

Have you seen the trailer for this film? If you have, then the picaresque locations are hard to miss. The shooting for Radhe Shyam started in Hyderabad, at the Falaknuma Palace. Its royal and regal appearance suited the film’s galore. Apart from that, the shoot also took place in a 15th-century heritage temple in Andra Pradesh. It’s a beautiful temple at Gandikota in the Jammalamadgu region.

Radhe Shyam Shooting locations
Radhe Shyam Filming Location: A 15th Century temple in Andra Pradesh

As I mentioned before, the locations of this movie are international. So the main part of the filming took place in Turin, Italy, and Georgia. The team of the film spent lavishly as the majority of the scenes takes place abroad. However, the beautiful landscapes of Italy provide the perfect romantic vibe to the film.

Radhe Shyam Shooting locations
Radhe Shyam Filming Locations

What is the Story of Radhe Shyam?

It’s about a world-renowned Palmist, Vikramaditya. He is an avid supporter of science and doesn’t believe in Romances. He might be anti-romantic, but his palm reading skills are out of this world. So much so that he can really predict what’s going to happen, it’s some serious south Indian movie unrealness.

Radhe Shyam Shooting locations
A still from the movie Radhe Shyam (2022). In frame: Actor Prabhas

Vikramaditya predicts a politician’s fatal future, which leads to his defamation. The politician’s men chase after him, and he ends up in an accident. And that is when he meets Dr. Prerna and falls for her. Her equally rigid favor of science over emotion is what draws him towards her.

As the story progresses, people starts to question his palm reading abilities, including himself. Since he predicts Prerna to have a long and healthy life but she is diagnosed with a tumor. A heartbroken Vikramaditya decides to abandon Prerna for her own good. But she would rather die than live without him.

Radhe Shyam Shooting locations
Prabhas and Pooja Hegde from Radhe Shyam 2022

After a failed suicide, Prerna is seriously injured, and Vikram rushes to be with her. However, his trip from Italy to India turns out to be life-altering. When a curveball hits, Vikramaditya is forced to reevaluate his beliefs. On a side note, he once predicts an aspiring archer to be a failure in sports, but that girl proves Vikram wrong. After losing her arm in an accident, she still enters the Paralympics.

At the end, he realizes that not all predictions can be accurate since life is too precarious. He realizes it’s stupid to leave Prerna, whom he loves, and the two get back together. The movie ends with those two getting married.

The Cast of The Movie

The 2022 Sci-fi romance stars one of the biggest superstars, Bahubali fame Prabhas as Vikramaditya. Starring opposite him is another Telegu superstar, Pooja Hegde, as Dr. Prerna. Apart from them, Bhagyashree, Sathyaraj, and Jagapathi Babu essay the roles of Girija Rani, Paramhamsa, and Anand Rajput, respectively.

Actor Prabhas is the one who was passionate about this project. And it was not smooth sailing with the covid restrictions. He opens up about his experiences and difficulties while filming for the movie in Italy. Pooja Hegde also shares her experience with the film, saying “What I was happy about was that people were appreciating me in the film.”

If you love watching a high-voltage romantic film with the perfect happy ending. Radhe Shyam is just the one for you!

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