How To Watch Itzy Cozy House – Girl Group ITZY’s Second Reality Show?

ITZY Cozy House

Fans of ITZY are looking forward to watching ITZY’s second reality show ITZY Cozy House! ITZY is quite an exceptional group and unsurprisingly, one of the most famous groups of the fourth generation of K-pop. There was much hype around ITZY as they were to be HYP’s next girl group after TWICE. Since TWICE is a really successful girl group, ITZY had to keep up with a lot of expectations from the netizens. It was after debuting with the single album It’z Different that they showed that their seniors would be really proud of them! Just a few days after their debut, ITZY had already started breaking records!

The girl group seemed to be gathering all of the Rookie Of the Year awards in 2019. Rookie of the Year at the 34th Golden Disc Awards, New Artist of the Year at the 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards and 2019 Melon Music Awards, Best New Female Artist at the 2019 Mnet Asain Music Awards, and the Best New Artist Award at the 29th Seoul Music Awards, becoming the only female rookies to do that up till date. These girls have proved that they are as fun as they are talented since they have already come back with a reality show, ‘ITZY COZY House’. Keep reading to find out where to watch ITZY COZY House and more!

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Where To Watch ITZY COZY House?

You can easily watch the episodes of ITZY COZY House on Youtube. M2 will be provided with the episodes of the variety show on their release date with subtitles on its channel. The episodes will have English as well as Korean and Japanese. New episodes of ITZY’s new variety show will be aired every Wednesday at 7 PM KST on M2’s official Youtube channel.

Itzy COZY House
Itzy cr: JYP Entertainment

Midzys, fans of the ITZY members, will be finally getting another variety show. The ITZY members- Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryoung, and Yuna, have very different personalities but get along with each other quite well. They do not fail to fill the room with giggles when they arrive together. This variety show will be a chance to see ITZY’s amazing teamwork and friendship up close as they form new bonds with their guests.

What Will The Group Be Up To In The Show?

Now, we are finally on to the purpose of the show! ITZY have not come to Jeju island with the intention of relaxing from their tiring life as a K-pop idol. Taking a break from their usual profession of singing, rapping, dancing, and creating songs, ITZY has now become guesthouse owners in the reality show. New guests will be coming in every day, and it will be up to the ITZY members to take care of their guest’s needs. From a clean room to a delicious meal,  the members of the girl group will have to take care of everything! We sure are jealous of the guests already!

Yuna cr: JYP Entertainment

Each guest will be checking in and out and creating new fun memories with the girls. The members seem already excited to meet new people and look after them on their trip. In the first episode, the moment they arrived, the members divided up the workload. Their main dancer Chaeriyug and leader Yeji will be looking after the guesthouses, looking out for refreshments for the guests, and more. Meanwhile, Ryujin, Yeji, and Yuna will be looking after the meals for the guests. Cooking up and setting up everything for the guest would be no deal for this team!

Yeji and Yuna cr: JYP Entertainment

Fans are already gearing up for all the fun and laughter the members will be bringing on the show. Not to mention the interactions they will be having with the guests! They were planning on playing the mafia game with the guests as well as eating dinner with them like one big family! Knowing how fun yet responsible the members of ITZY are, we know the guests will have a blast staying on Jeju island!

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