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Where Is The Trial Filmed? All About The Shooting Locations

Where Was The Trial Filmed?
The Trial

Netflix’s wide variety of international programs has given cultural globetrotting a whole new meaning. Even if you’re not from the country where the show or film is set, there are plenty of others on its ever-expanding list of international dramas that you’ll like regardless of where you live. ‘The Trial,’ or ‘Il Processo,’ is an Italian courtroom drama about the assassination of a 17-year-old girl, has just been added to this list. As people start watching ‘The Trial’, one of the questions to come to their minds is, where is it filmed?

Elena Guerra (played by Vittoria Puccini) is a lawyer who uncovers that she is related to the victim of the murder in the First Episode of the series. Elena’s lawyer, Ruggero Barone, becomes involved in the case and begins working against her. Barone is a tenacious defense attorney who takes on the case of a wealthy woman accused of killing in an effort to clear her client’s name. All of this culminates in a ferocious legal battle that eventually reveals major weaknesses in the nation’s existing justice system.

Where Is The Trial Filmed?

This miniseries was filmed in the heartland of Italy, right in the northern part and central-most region. Mantua, Italy, is a city located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. It is situated on the Mincio River, about 25 miles southeast of Milan. The city is noted for its Renaissance architecture and art, as well as for its numerous canals and bridges.

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Founded by the Etruscans in the 4th century BCE, Mantua became a Roman colony in the 2nd century BCE. The city reached its height of power and influence during the Renaissance when it was ruled by the Gonzaga family. Mantua was an important artistic and literary center during this time and was home to such notable figures as the poet Virgil and the painter Andrea Mantegna.

In The Trial, many exterior shots were taken of the streets and exterior buildings, taking great advantage of the beautiful architecture that this Italian city has to offer. Many shots were taken all over the city’s several squares, palazzos, and other important landmarks, like the Pallazzo Te, Pallazzo d’Arco, and Pallazo Beccaguti, which served as those scenes where they shot the characters going up and down the staircases of the courthouse.

Where Was The Trial Filmed?

One of the many squares in Mantua where they shot The Trial

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One of the world’s most beautiful cities is Rome. Rome is an ideal filming site for both romantic comedies and suspenseful thrillers like “The Trial” because of the city’s wealth of historical and cultural treasures. Rome has served as the backdrop for a number of well-known films and television shows, including “Red Notice,” “Eat, Pray, Love,” “Spectre,” and “Angels and Demons.”

There is a difficult trial in the film, as the title suggests, in which the shortcomings of the Italian legal system and of our society as a whole are exposed. That’s why most of the series was shot inside. And the characters are all isolated from one another. There are no major landmarks to be seen in its filming locations.

Where was The Trial Filmed?

A street in Rome, Italy

So, how did you like Mantua and Rome? If you’re ever to Italy, these are beautiful destinations, each one with its own attractive landmarks and unique history. And that’s why Italian productions and cinema are so great. They take advantage of their rich culture and settings to create amazing and compelling stories!

The Trial Trailer:

Where To Watch The Trial?

If you wish to stream this Italian limited series, then Netflix is the place to go. After RTI and Lucky Red produced this show, it got picked up by the streaming giant for worldwide distribution. Also, Netflix is available everywhere. So, starting from US$ 9.99, you get unlimited access to their ever-expanding catalog full of original series as well as movies, documentaries, and shows from all over the world. With this, we conclude our coverage of The Trial’s filming locations here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our article, and please come back to our website for more daily updates on all your favorite series, movies, and shows. See you soon!

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