Penthouse 2 Cast: Here is The Talented Lineup of Netflix’s Hit Series

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The Penthouse 2 Cast did not fail to impress us yet again, just as they did in the last season! The penthouse series has effortlessly become one of the most popular as well as loved K-dramas to ever exist. It is quite rare for a K-drama to get a new season, but if it’s popular as Penthouse, it will be a breeze for it to continue its storyline. Penthouse 2 continues the story where it had left the audience in the first season of Penthouse when Shim So Ryun was murdered, and Oh Yoon Hee was framed for it. Celebrating Shim So Ryun’s death and Oh Yoon Hee’s imprisonment, the two villains, Cheon Seo Jin and Joo Dan Tae, decide to hold a magnificent wedding.

Little did they know, two recognizable figures, Oh Yoon Hee and Ha Yoon Cheol will be crashing their ‘lovely’ engagement party, and as a married couple at that. The people at Hera Palace get stuck into another saga of vengeful events and even meet a mysterious figure among them. As expected from them, the Penthouse 2 cast had done as exceptionally well as they did in the last season. So, without further ado, let us find out more about the Penthouse 2 cast!

1. Kim So Yeon

Kim So Yeon has left no room for doubt that she is a phenomenal actress as one of the talented actresses in the Penthouse 2 cast. When Kim So Yeon gets into her character, just by looking at her, you get the villain vibes. Plus, who could do justice to Ceon Seo Jin’s maniacal laugh better than Kim So Yeon? Apart from the Penthouse series, Kim So Yeon is also known for her roles in All About Eve, Iris, and Prosecutor Princess. The actress is also set to star as the lead actress in Tale of The Nine-Tailed second season!

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Penthouse 2 Cast
Kim So Yeon cr: J Wide Company

2. Eugene

Apart from gaining international fame after being a part of the Penthouse 2 cast, Eugene has been gaining attention for her visuals and talents way back before the K-drama. She was part of the OG girl group S.E.S which was a three-membered girl group that took the K-pop industry by storm! After starring in Penthouse, Eugene has not acted in many K-dramas. All we know for sure is that her next K-drama will be as perfect as Penthouse!

Penthouse 2 Cast
Eugene cr: INN Company

3. Lee Ji Ah

Here comes the K-drama’s leading lady, Lee Ji Ah! There is no denying that she is a fan favorite from the Penthouse 2 cast. Who can play two roles in the same K-drama better than her? The actress is also known for K-dramas like My Mister, Beethoven Virus, and Atena: Goddess of War. Lee Ji Ah has become so popular that she was placed at the 19th position on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity List! Lee Ji Ah is set to make her comeback this year with the K-drama My First Lady, we for sure are waiting on all fours for her new K-drama!

Penthouse 2 Cast
Lee Ji Ah cr: BH Entertainment

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